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  1. Very nice wallpapers! On TombRaiderINC are also working, and available in 4 sizes. They are indeed not official, this is they wallpaper factory, they makes hun own wallpapers. Selfmade but also very professional looking. You can take look at the beautiful mainmage here: http://www.tombraiderinc.com/content/view/521/257/ And download here the amazing Anniversary wallpapers (37!): http://www.tombraiderinc.com/content/view/434/228/ (look at that T-Rex!)
  2. You are right when you say Lara looks by every new Tomb Raider game different. It is indeed a little bit scary, but a game can't stand still: graphics needs to change. Final, when we see this beautiful pictures, we needs to be happy that Crystal makes every time a nicer Lara. I added the second wallpaper as my background.
  3. I was searching on the web and found 3 new amazing Underworld wallpapers! Check and download them here: HERE and HERE Enjoy! I really love the second one! What's your opinion? BTW, I'm new on this forum.
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