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  1. That's the thing, I can't remember where I read it (I'll look some more), but the fact that they were talking about gift returns makes me suspicious.
  2. I would link you, but I'll just tell you: The exact date was not specified in the article, however they did say Christmas, talked about returning gifts, and mentioned a rebate (rebate is not confirmed, may be store coupon). If you read between the lines (which one blogger did) the date is set for Christmas day (why they don't have it on Chanukah I don't know). To my knowledge the PS2/Nintendo Wii version, the PSP/Nintendo DS version, the X-Box/PS2/PC version, and the Xbox 360/PS3 version will not be in the same bundle.
  3. I still say they might change their minds about PS2, so I'm not taking it as confirmed yet. As for the reason why, it was a financial decision shipping to stores, not a move directed towards gamers. The December 26 (Christmas day) release was also a financial decision. The time when unwanted gifts are exchanged. Say your girlfriend gets you a neck tie and your sister buys you a sweater, Eidos is hoping you will exchange these items for Tomb Raider Underworld, as it will have a limited Christmas mail-in rebate.
  4. If you don't feel like getting a player, I suggest you use a converter. Any Video Converter (free version) is a very good converter for Flash and many other formats. It includes a Youtube/Google Video grabber as well. Caution: Read EULA carefully before installation, includes open source products which may become pay at a later date. Save download on harddrive, but not over previous download, if a downgrade is wanted at some point.
  5. Sometimes dumb applications (no wizard) are pretty good, 'cause the user can program it manually and targets can be specified. I just flashed on Luke Skywalker switching off his targeting computer in the Death Star trenches.
  6. Tools/Options/Privacy There should be a checkbox marked that says: "Accept cookies from sites." Across from that is a button that says Exceptions. Type laracroftonline.com and laracroftonline.net in this box to block those cookies. Tom should be able to specify them as session cookies (inactive at browser shutdown) anyway.
  7. You know what I thought would be good for every character (in other games as well), a clothing editor bonus disk. This would be wallpaper swatches in a tabbed popup interface. You can mix and match patterns with a framed closet space. Each piece of the pattern and surrounding area has a color fill (no need for paint can, only multiple undo/redo), for an easier color picker (see "KiSS Dolls"). Leave it on "Custom Clone" (automatic default) for newbies. Namco had the right idea with Soul Calibur 3 (combined with EA's The Sims 2), but there should be more to it. Idea taken from teen girl programs. Patterns and shapes can be entered individually or in groups. PS2 disk has many textures, patterns, and colors. More patterns can be downloaded onto PS3.
  8. I'm not linking because this is common sense that the Tomb Raider community has overlooked. The intro in the original Tomb Raider disk was from an atom bomb in New Mexico. In Anniversary the intro was reworked for better graphics. The subtitle "New Mexico" was shortened to "Mexico". The mushroom cloud indicating nuclear testing, was no longer a part of the graphics, for it had nothing to do with the Natala Technologies storyline. An earthquake with accompanied lava was what let the Atlantian fire demon out of her prison. I did not say Incas (lived in Florida Keys, see Megelon), I said Mians. The Mians are Indians who migrated to the Colorodo area from Mexico. Yes, I know all deserts aren't the same, but don't deny the existence of Mexican deserts. I am doing the courtesy of answering you. If you do not like what you hear, then just drop the subject. Nobody will think anything less of you unless you continue to go down a road where you don't want to go in the first place.
  9. Sony to sell chip facility to Toshiba for $835 mln I.B.M. and Hitachi Team Up to Advance Chip Research Toshiba's new Cell that IBM is working on, is non PS3 and may even be used in products as early as next month. Sony will also be working on this processor. There's no question Hollywood is embracing Blu-ray over HD DVD, so will there still be a second format? PhysX to become a CUDA extension, PS4 developers rejoice You can take the PhysX in PS4 rumor as pure speculation, but it is confirmed for new PC applications and the next Nintendo console. Microsoft is also looking into it, using their own technology to capitalize on their own brand, like they did with DirectX.
  10. Peru was the location where Natala Technologies discovered the scyon. Coincidentally the Atlantian escaped from a Mexican volcanic explosion. Anyway, Peru didn't look like that. It looked more like Greenland. Amanda and her dad explored Mayan Ruins long ago, and where did the Mayans come from? Lara started the level in a Mexican village across a vast desert, riding by numerous cacti on her motorcycle. The level ends with her getting a piece of the sword like the one she saw in Peru (part of a giant sundial). This concludes the Peru idea, not the Peru location. Right now, I'm stuck in Japan (can tilt bulletin board, but can't pull it down). Here they all are: http://www.laracroftonline.com/goodies/index.php?c=21 I'll go through them tomorrow.
  11. I may be wrong about everything else, but this is one thing I know I'm right about. By the way, her name is Ania (I didn't think she was Russian). In the FMV, we see the dessert oasis with the word Mexico underneath. It's strange that it looks like the old west. The people locking themselves in wear sombreros. I didn't say Egypt was in Mesopotamia. I said she went to the city of Kahmoon which was there. I have played the games by the way. TR2 and TRLA on store machines, but I have all the others. Tomb Raider Gold (didn't like the UB levels), TRLR, and TRC (with level editor). On PS2: AOD, TR:L, and TR:A. If TR:U is on PS2, I'll get that as well (I'm taking it as rumors and speculation).
  12. After an FMV of the people of a Mexican village quickly getting inside, locking themselves in their homes, Lara meets Nadia who is later kidnapped. She fights in an old western town in the middle of Mexico. She then rides her motorcycle through the Mexican desert, and finds the oasis where her friend Amanda drowned. I'll have to play TRLR again, but I'm pretty sure Rome was in there somewhere. In the first Tomb Raider she went to Mesopotamia in the mythical city of Kamhoon to find the magic scyon. Easter Island was a non linear option the player takes in TRLA. Furthermore I think (I'm not positive) AOD also had Easter Island. I don't know the actual geographic location of Vatican City, but I think she was in Rome in TR2 which I thought the Vatican was in. And yes, the 16 year old Lara was in Australia in TRC (helped by a pet koala and sloth).
  13. I think PS2 did this with Rumble Roses, as well as X-Box with DOAX, so it's possible on last generation consoles. Nintendo DS also did something with time synch. Although it would look cool, I don't see any purpose it would serve. I'm reminded of Core Design's PS2 flop TR: AOD. The interaction with each character depended on the PS2 registration date and time zone. Here's where the automatic daylight savings function comes in handy as well as a leap year reminder.
  14. ahh yes i remember that that would be pretty cool it would be cool in TR 8 if we could combine other weapons or items together and things we find in the environment to add to the guns. for example say you combine gasoline with something and you get fire!!!!! oooooooo what you think I think Core Design made Lara Croft too hardened over the years. Toby Gard wanted her more womanly, but instead of womanly they should make her more of a pacifist, the way she originally was 1n 1996. If her life is threatened, she will kill, but not before. This makes not only a better story, but more realistic objects/weapons can be used. I really do think the mansion should be incorporated in the game as part of the plot. Lara's father had a secret passage he could go through in the library. In the pool tunnel leading to the gym is an underwater passage leading to a hidden basement. Each chamber can have a weapon upgrade in it, like a bayonet on a rifle that actually acts as a crossbow and trigger (includes dart lock).
  15. I never thought about it, but it would work if they released a bonus disk with it like Final Fantasy XII. That way we can have an editor with less of a learning curve right on the PS3, and they could release one for Legend/Anniversary for PS2 as well (includes clothing editor the PC version has).
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