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  1. The whole point of this game, though, is that it's showing how she became the hardened adventurer Lara Croft. She moans and screams like a little girl because what she's going through is absolutely horrific. She just got tied upside down, burnt herself and got impaled by a rusty spike. Anyone, and I mean absolutely anyone going through that for the first time (especially at 21) would be moaning and whining out of sheer fright and pain. The point is, she's going to evolve throughout the game. She'll start off scared, frightened, and then become the girl we all know. Also, it's the intro, it really doesn't represent the entire game. Wait for them to showcase the actual adventuring/tomb side of it before you judge the entire thing.
  2. Yeah, I just saw the gameplay trailer. Loving the direction they're going in. Looking interesting. I hope they slow down her animations a little, though. She climbs up some of those ledges like a monkey, though that may be because of it being a live conference and they have strict time. Bit less convinced of the VA now, though I'll wait until we get some raw footage from Crystal D themselves to judge her better.
  3. I knew what your post would be before I even saw it. But I can't say I agree with you. The problem with Lara's old backstory is that it's too 'superhero' for someone who isn't a superhero. She's a woman who, while extraordinary, is no different to anyone else in the world other than she has a will to discover, explore, all whilst using great intellect and survival. Her old backstory had her surviving by herself as a child, or in the wild, seemingly getting these survival skills from no where. She also became far too murderous towards the end, especially Core's Lara. Artefacts, while still important to her, almost seemed to rival her love of murdering mercenaries. She wasn't relatable. They're telling the story of how she became a survivor that's culturally relevant, and for once, she's actually someone people can relate to. The old Lara was invincible, she shrugged off injuries and bullets like they were nothing, and came over some insurmountable challenges in ridiculous ways. The new Lara's vulnerable, and she's got the will to survive, but she's not invincible. It's easy to see that CD have got their influences from the new Bond/Batman movies, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. This isn't a carbon copy of their stories, and for once, this is a Lara I enjoy. The old TRs I enjoyed more for their gameplay. Lara's personality was fine, but it had no depth. Crystal's Legend Lara had some, but she was still too wrapped up in her mother for me to truly enjoy her as a person. I actually found Anniversary my favourite game out of the three for that reason. At least this time they're combining her personality with gameplay. So long as they mix the mystery of the island and Lara's survival, this may become my favourite Tomb Raider game yet.
  4. Damn,that was good. I quite like the VA. She has a level of vulnerability in her voice that adds to Lara's. We'll see how she does in dialogue, but it's got me interested. Somewhat disappointed we have to wait a year and a half now after that was released, but if they show us a nice stream of goodies over the next year and a half and they're making the game perfect, I can wait.
  5. Happy BDay Lara Croft and LCO. I wish I had Lara's magic powers, though. Getting younger every year, as opposed to getting older.
  6. Microsoft paid money for exclusive DLC for the 360. They're legally bound to not give that DLC to any other platform unfortunately. Still, this is better than nothing. All 3 games on one disc. The 360 won't get that.
  7. What happened to XIII-Versus?! Did it just disappear into the abyss?
  8. Some nice screenshots from gameinformer. Concept Art 1 Concept Art 2 Concept Art 3 Concept Art 4 Concept Art 5 Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 (Yes, that's in-game) Screenshot 3 (Pretty sure this is the opening of the game) Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 (poor Lara) Screenshot 6 Screenshot 7 (New enemy) Screenshot 8 Screenshot 9 Screenshot 10 Screenshot 11 Screenshot 12 Screenshot 13 Source: Gameinformer (http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2010/12/30/tomb-raider-bonus-gallery.aspx) Overall, I think it's looking very good. They need to sort her hair out a bit, as it's looking a bit...unruly at the moment, but I'm very excited for this!
  9. I've heard only bad things about FFXIV so far. I agree with Morph, though, I don't agree with subscriptions on video games. It causes pressure to play it so you don't feel like you're wasting money, and generally there are alternative to charging people that much money to play. Look at Guild Wars 2 for instance. It's going to be an open persistent world like WoW and FF14, yet is charging no monthly fees. I'd wait for that.
  10. Just in-case you've not checked them out, there's a lot of new links to articles on the new Tomb Raider, including a new character HERE (Click Me)
  11. I'll probably get this despite having an old-style PS3 that can play PS2 games. Just easier having 'em all on one disc, plus trophy support, so win! I wonder if they'll use the 360/PC next-gen Legend with this?
  12. Yeah, I agree. Much prefer this more mature direction. She raids Tombs, it would be messy and bloody. She faces death every second and the game needs to be a bit more mature to reflect that. Also, better get prepared for making me a new signature with the new Lara, Morph, when it's released!
  13. According to a preview I've read (which I now can't find), she has to burn herself to free herself from a trap, too...so yeah, it's looking to be a lot more mature this time around. And now for a little pic of the girl herself: Source: http://www.xbox360achievements.org
  14. I dunno, I'm quite excited for this. A reboot wasn't necessarily what this series needed, but it definitely needed some changes in its game-play considering it hardly changed from Legend to Underworld. It seems now that while there is still a story involved, CD are more focused on getting some awesome game-play into the series, and creating a Lara that literally survives. She felt a bit too indestructible at times. Also, there was an 18+ banner that was removed from the main website. Whether that means Tomb Raider is becoming a bit more adult, I don't know, but I wouldn't mind seeing it a bit more mature....plus I miss plunging Lara into spikes and seeing her become impaled rather gorily. Rubber death Lara isn't as fun.
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