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    Playing Tomb Raider of course but besides that i like to play BloodRayne 2, Resident Evil 4, and any Need For Speed I can get my hands on.I like to sing and write songs and rind my Motorcycle <br />(a Ninja) and besides that i like to read and watch tv and the occasional trip to go on a rock-climbing bender(I guess i'm a little like Lara).<br />I have long light brown/blond hair and brown hair 125 lbs and i'm just your average 16 year old.
  1. Yeah i miss the old Lara too but the new Lara is really cool and the environment is way better that AOD or the other TR games but im quiet fond of AOD it was the first TR game I played.
  2. Thanks it's just after i got up on the ruins i get stuck and can't find were to go.
  3. I hope Kurtis is in TRU but i don't think it should take a big part in it but i do think Amanda will be in TRU.
  4. Ok no one laugh I can't beat the first level of Tomb Raider Anniversary i've got where the T-Rex is and beat that but i can't get any farther i know where to go i just can't get there i got up on the ruins but then i get stuck.Help
  5. LARA DOES NOT LOOK LIKE SHE'S 50 .She looks like a real person instead of some of the older games,in legend she looked like she was 15 17 at the most don't get me wrong legend is my favorite Tomb Raider but she did look quiet young to young.
  6. I would be angry to after what happend at the end of legend.Lara does look a lot more real in Underworld I didn't like the way she looked in Anniversary.
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