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  1. in one of the articals i read on the internet it said natla (TR1,TRA)might be in it i dont belive it what do you know
  2. it's better with out the backround music the only time music should come on is when your fighting a boss or an enemy or somthink like that plus with out music you might not die as often
  3. the only one beliveable is amanda because she was in legend and this is ment to continue from that : :huh:
  4. on play.com on the coming soon bit it said TR underworld will be relesed on 31/10/08
  5. that the best info i have heard scince finding out TR8 was coming out
  6. does any one else think that in tr underworld lara looks to much diffrent and should of keept her the way she was in anirversary
  7. is tomb raider underworld coming out on PS2
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