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  1. http://www.gamersyde.com/stream_8336_en.html Here's a much better version Since it's up at an official gaming website I doubt it's illegaly done. Underworld would be shown at the Leipzig GC so I guess this is the bit they were announcing.
  2. It's indeed an interesting thing to know who makes the games you are playing. The manual that comes with the games usually lists people like scriptwriters, lead designers, voice actors, and such in the credits. You can try entering those names in Google, or www.imdb.com
  3. He might be shooting at Lara's doppelganger/impostor, that's why Lara looks so freaked out.
  4. I like the detail in vegetation. It looks like they created a whole lot of different plants and trees and stuff good job. The Lara model still needs some brushing up though. In some screens she looks a bit off with the enviroment.
  5. Aw, why nobody else is replying in this thread? Doesn't have LCO any other Star Wars fans? I'm very much looking forward to this game as well. Apart from being a blast to play I also think the characters and the story are going to be very interesting. It feels almost like it has the inpact of a new SW movie!
  6. I like the TR comics. They are a bit more mature in tone, and comic books in general have a bit of a nice campy feel. I don't own many issues though, should go and buy a few more once Raiderman, can't you purchase them online?
  7. Didn't you know who Toby Gard is, or didn't you know he's working for Crystal Dynamics now?
  8. I think it's one of the best Tomb Raider boxart designs so far. Because her face is not shown your attention is focused to her belt and pistols. Which gives the whole thing a kind of gritty action feel. You could say it looks like she's about to grab her guns, as in a Wild West style stand off
  9. Hm. I think it's kind of strange to be angry at Eidos/Crystal about this. Don't you think Playstation2 owners must be happy that Underworld will actually have a PS2 version in the first place? The majority of new game titles only come out for X-Box 360 and Playstation 3. So I think you must be very happy that they decided to make a PS2 version too. The next Tomb Raider will be only for nextgen consoles I'm 99% sure about that.
  10. I really hope because Vice City was my favourite place to be in the GTA universe. They did a great job of setting the atmosphere.
  11. There's also a new PSP game in the docks, GTA Vice City Stories
  12. I was also of that age ^^ I remember buying TR1 plus Unfinished Business for a fair price because TR2 was already in the shops.
  13. Oh nostalgia! I did exactly like you Raekwon. We were taught basic computer skills in 1st year of secondary school. But me and some of my mates kept playing that silly gorilla game. Thanks for the link!
  14. Really? Sorry to hear that. My friend had it once when we were playing some fps. He kept getting all woozy and sick. Maybe it also has to do with the intense violence of CoD?
  15. You have problems with the framerate? Odd.. I never experienced anything like that. Are you playing on PC or X360? I hope it doesnt spoil all your enjoyment of the game.
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