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  1. I'll be very grateful if you do find the thing to do and tell me. Good luck!
  2. Same here. That really is annoying. I waited for almost an hour for it to download and I can't play!!!
  3. How and where should I become a golden member to get it?
  4. Thanks for the compliment,Purple!

  5. Alison is really awesome! She's very pretty too. I wonder what happens to previous Lara impersonators.
  6. I don't believe that person either. The demo won't spoil the whole game. Plus how can she/he get it when we haven't even heard that it's released? ●Dark
  7. That's a LOT of ledges again. Yeah and like you guys said quite obvious where you have to jump. She looks stunning tough! I like how she puts her hands in front of her face when leaves get in the way. I'm still overexcited tough! Can't wait for the demo. ●Dark
  8. erm I interested but I've never been in an RPG. how does it work? do I have to create my own character?
  9. Demo soon I hope. Well they said October... er... can they release it sooner? I want to see what they're all talking about!!! ●Dark
  10. Amazing screenshots! ●Dark
  11. Lara would be awesome no matter how old she was. And it's cool she doesn't age. She doesn't need to. Aging is for normal people.
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