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    computer, video games, medicine, martial arts, drawing/painting, designing, the TRLE, anime, making graphic images & videos, websites, chatting on Tomb Raider forums etc....
  1. Nicely done! I also remember the 3D Laras on your website once... they were awesome as well
  2. Heyyy BP. I don't know if you remember, but you helped me out with the Custom Level - TR1 Revised. You sent me the script files so I could use the DOZY cheat
  3. I...ummm got it November the 16th Just got it before it came out just like Anniversary And after I finished it for 2 days, but that's because it was slow in some moments
  4. I thought about that too, but the problem is that e.g. for the classic outfit, the top is latex and you can't make latex in the game with texmod or any other program.
  5. So, if I understand correctly this... there would be exclusive content for PC/PS3, but not levels or outfits ?
  6. That's a good looking screenshot But I have a question... why are they giving a bonus level/s/ only for XBox 360 ?! I mean can't they give the levels for the other consoles as well? Like for PC - can't they publish it on the i-net the TR4 Times Exclusive level? The same goes for the classic and Legend outfits which would be available only for XBox360 To sum up - I don't understand why they are making a bonus level ONLY for XBox360
  7. Hey ppl! What's up? I'm not so new, but I have made a new registration because I have forgotten the password and everything on my last account. Some of you may remember me as Miss_Croft(if I have recalled correctly I also wanna say is that I'm happy to be back and see some of you which I remember again on the forum!
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