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  1. They didn't reboot with Underworld but they rebooted with Legend. It seems more than anything they want a completely fresh start with the entire brand. Her biography has been changed but it's more or less the original biography except for a Himalayan plan crash, it's a ship crash in Japan. Apart from using that as a bio. template it seems they want to start the entire brand again with no baggage from previous eras. No, as I said previously to J7, this is a new continuity. They could have easily made this after Underworld with Lara on an island needing to survive but with so many people disli
  2. Tomb Raider Revealed Game Informer That is all.
  3. *From memory so won't be completely accurate* Move the giant pillar with Thor's Belt and Gauntlets. There's a ledge that you can jump up to on the left pillar (when standing in front of Thor's statue) so you can climb up onto the top of that pillar. Then ummm... errr... *thinks* grapple the ring, and quickly swing and jump to the ledge before the blue evil water rises and you should be able to work you're way back up using nearby ledges from where you are . I don't think you actually need to move the giant pillar but I do it anyway lol.
  4. No cheats, no extra outfits, no time trials. Just some concept art. There's no option to replay cutscenes from the menu nor to replay levels in full. Once you complete the game, the "Treasure Hunt" mode lets you replay the game "after" Lara's finished the adventure so some areas aren't accessible due to whatever reason. They had some really good extras in Legend and Anni. so it's a real shame that the extras are lacking in Underworld .
  5. I mean the only review site that seems to have gotten the memo about "Don't post a score less than 8" is Gamespot. The review embargo was lifted on Thursday when Eurogamer and IGN revealed their reviews (7/10, 7.5/10, IGN UK gave it 8.5/10). Gamespot would have done it the same day, yet they didn't and they're apparently putting it down to "Eidos told us". But... no other site with a lower score didn't not post their review. They all posted them. I usually wouldn't give a second thought to saying something bad about Eidos but to me, this fiasco just seems someone has an agenda. Look at me,
  6. It doesn't make sense considering Eurogamer gave it a 7/10 days before the Gamespot one was to be issued. Me just thinks it's a case of putting people off Eidos titles rather than any genuine complaint or concern. PSU also gave it a 6/10 and the Oz Official PS Magazine gave it a 5, again, all days/weeks before Gamespot.
  7. Completed the game a few hours ago on the PS3. Absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed the ending. I thought it'd be a bit longer with a bit more finality but I enjoyed it all the same. Quite tense at one point. Wish I could sya more but I don't want to spoil nor even put it in spoiler code because no doubt some of you will just WANT to read it .
  8. I'd have posted this earlier but dinner got in the way From the official Tomb Raider site: Source One chapter will add six hours of gameplay set after the game has finished while the other will be set around a new playable character.
  9. This feature sounds brilliant. Wonder how many fans will select the hardest options (like me, yay!)? It'll be fun fiddling about the options and see how much it truly affects the game =).
  10. 20 June 2008 - Eidos Interactive today have updated the official Tomb Raider website - www.tombraider.com - with a bundle of Tomb Raider Underworld delights. The Tomb Raider Underworld theme tune is available for download which contains music that will be well-known to the fans while bringing something new to the music. Also available are 2 new screenshots from Underworld; a new blog from Eric Lindstrom detailing the story; a poll asking which weapon you love most and also a new podcast with Troels Follman. Head out now to grab these juicy delights Tomb Raider fans!
  11. Some good stuff there . Epic, isolation, twice as long as Legend - what more could one want (other than 4 times as long as Legend)?
  12. Merry Christmas all, hope you all had - or are having - a great time .
  13. Don't be surprised if you find things that look exactly the same or similar, Crystal Dynamics went on location to Mayan places and photographed the areas so the Mayan surroundings in-game look authentic =).
  14. Tomb Raider: Underworld F.A.Q. Name: Tomb Raider: Underworld Developer: Crystal Dynamics, Nixxes Software, Santa Cruz Games, Buzz Monkey Software, EA Mobile Publisher: Eidos Interactive Formats: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, P.C., Nintendo DS, Wii and PlayStation 2 (which will be released some time in the New Year). Release Date: November 18th 2008 (US), November 21st (EU), Januarary ? (PS2 only) Length: ~12 - 20 hours. Trailers and Gameplay Vignettes: Teaser Trailer Plot: Lara discovers from a family friend that her father discovered what could possibly be the location of T
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