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  1. One of the actresses I could actually see taking on this role is Michelle Rodriguez but she would have to fake the accent xD
  2. Uuuu Sleeping Dogs YESSS! That's actually one of my favorite PS3 games it was such an epic game for me and the story is great! I have to admit I got lost a few times while driving in that game but the radio stations (music) that plays while you drive is great!
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/movies/alicia-vikander-as-lara-croft-in-tomb-raider-205103445.html Thoughts?
  4. I have been currently playing EHRGEIZ for the PS1 and uploading some vids of it on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCnNjhoEnQUn_HLhwZMaVQQ I'm waiting for Dark Souls III this upcoming Tuesday!!! I'm a huge fan of the soul series and been playing them since Demon's Souls I have seen and heard great things of DS III and I have my copy reserved.
  5. I just posted this video on YoTube =) SOUL CALIBUR IV - All Critical Finish! METALHEAD EDITION http://youtu.be/1R3i3WRFISU
  6. I started playing the game last night it was pretty fun was playing with 2 other random people online. It reminds me of the game Gauntlet
  7. Awesome! I just downloaded it this morning but for PS4 going to play it later on tonight.
  8. I can't wait until this comes out! Looks super fun. I will be playing it for the PS4. http://www.ign.com/games/lara-croft-and-the-temple-of-osiris/xbox-one-20019731
  9. Assassins Creed: Black Flag I have to admit after AC: III (Connor) watching the ending (present day with Desmond) I had very little hope in future AC games but recently I decided to try AC:BF and I absolutely LOVED IT! It's probably my favorite AC game so far next to AC: Brotherhood which I loved. I haven't tried Unity or Rogue yet not sure if I will get around them any time soon. I also started The Walking Dead Season 2 and realized I need a new Memory Card for my PS VITA
  10. Yeah! I thought WET was a decently cool game and it would be nice to have Rubi Malone back BloodRayne = Wicked! xD
  11. Hi everyone just did 2 image slide show youtube vids, check them out if you like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKbgcI5iTmw Rubi Malone WET - Tribute http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEnCUd8ZOhg
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