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    Tomb Raider, Lara croft (specially, cuz she inpiring me)<br />Games<br />Something about solar system<br />---||--- about artifacts<br />Comics<br />listening music until slept..
  1. [here's the new one... attachment=1436:Lara_tak..._holiday.jpg]
  2. well it's true for PS2 is more easy, I play TRU with that console. is wii was more easy than Ps2...??
  3. Hey there! maybe you already heard this application XNALara by Dussan.. thats really cool application , after I know it from Tom, I already made some and I'm post it now post yours (if you already have the apps). Hope you like it I love lara pose in this one^^ i call it Hot Lara hehe..^^ post yours....
  4. how diffrent the croft manor in PS3 beetwen PS2 version...???
  5. the result is TRU PS2 was suck,, the grafik are not very good.. the levels was to easy ( I heard ) well I played it and I didn't satisfied with TRU PS2
  6. Hi Averybody! here! yeah right here come on upload Tomb Raider wallpaper, screen shot, or edit. thhee..he hope enjoy it!
  7. of course I dispoint for TRU PS2, it's not enjoy the grafik very much. but the adventre I want more duration..
  8. hmm...?? Jet plane, haha,, Bike ( she cool when she riding a bike ) that's all i can say..(maybe?)
  9. wieke croft


    yeah I agree with you
  10. please coment here, say something..

  11. I need 2 days to complete it ... for take a break hehe.. play another game cuzz if i stuck in a place that I try so many times and fail, that's make me crazy:wacko:
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