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  1. sources http://z6.invisionfree.com/Reenactor/index.php?showtopic=754 http://s1.zetaboards.com/Ezri/topic/2308319/
  2. I got Space Siege yesterday (Friday, September 11, 2009) in the mail, because I purchased it new on Amazon. Well, I didn't actually play the game until today (Saturday, September 12, 2009), and it runs fine (other than it being extremely laggy, even on the lowest graphics settings and in the smallest window), except for this one error I just got. I was playing it on single player and was entering "Medical Center Delta" and it crashed the game. Here is a screenshot of the error:
  3. Do you need disk two of Descent FreeSpace: The Great War to play it on multiplayer?
  4. What will you do (or for those people who don't have plans on playing the game, would you do) first when you play Sole Survivor? Will you play the single player campaign, tutorial, multiplayer (coop campaign), multiplayer (coop mission), multiplayer (deathmatch), multiplayer (other), skirmish, map editor, or other?
  5. Today (August 14, 2009) Reenactor Entertainment announced it is making a new video game, the new game is called Sole Survivor and is a survival horror game similar to Resident Evil. Sole Survivor will actually have zombies and will revive the survival horror genre. You can read Reenactor Entertainment press annoncements by clicking here. So far all of Reenactor Entertainment's games have been of spectacular quality (they are Blizzard's only equal). Is anyone else here interested in Sole Survivor?
  6. I'm new here, I saw a link at: http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/downloads/TR6files.html
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