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  1. To all who own a ps4 plz read this article: http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Rise-Tomb-Raider-Petition-Demands-PS4-PC-Release-66707.html Scroll down and read the last part of this article. I say that this is what we all where waiting for.
  2. crunch

    Currently Playing...

    playing infamous first light on the ps4! YAY!! But i am already stuck at a ****** point and i cant get passed it. I have to shoot a guy up in the air and then shoot his weak point. ( 3 stasis + weak point kills) But no matter what i do it doesnt work! Been trying for a while now and it is getting on my nerves!!!! searched on youtube and i do the same thing as in the vids. What am i doing wrong???
  3. 30: The thomas crown affair. 54: Ransom.
  4. 28: The Conjuring. 29: The butterfly effect.
  5. 15: Lemony Snicket: A serie of unfortunate Events. 21: The Heat, 30: Superman Man of steel, 31: West side story. 62: Showgirls.
  6. crunch

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    I can't wait to see Maleficent! The song lana del rey sings made me verry happy. That dark side, i love it. I know it hits the movie theaters in May. Can't wait, can;t wait!!!
  7. There will be a next tomb raider game!! But this one was released in march so we are gonna have to wait a while!! So i dont think that the petition is necessary! You just have to be patient. And it is of course up to CD if the tomb raider franchise will continue.
  8. crunch

    Call me old fashioned...

    I agree with Tom!!
  9. I am going to get the Euro Survival edition!! Me very happy
  10. There were 2 thing of that popped in my head: 1: OMG Lara is going tru hell!! 2: I want this game!!!!! And then i saw the date for the release: March 5 and i was like WHAT!!!! But awsome trailer!! When that thing sticks into lara i was also like ouch!!!! This is going to be so much different than what we know of Tomb Raider.
  11. crunch

    Tomb Raider World Exclusive Reveal

    Woohoo!! Cant wait!! Looking forward to it!
  12. crunch

    Tomb Raider 9 Revealed

    The way she looks on the picture so weird!! And she has a necklase! Man i cannot wait to play this game. Now i am bouncing around like tigger Haha