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  1. Same here. But not as much as i did before. Man i spend hours at my room playing Tomb raider!! Sigh those where the days.
  2. OMG i totally forgot this forum. A few weeks ago i was reading the book 20 years of tomb raider and saw this website. Just now i was thinking let's have a look if it still there. And omg it is!!! Tom, Shrensh en Gia you guys are still here! So how is everyone?? I also saw my profile pic. Man i was a kid back in those days! haha. And my profile name WHuhahaha. What was i thinking?! Anyway i am back, Cant promise i visit everyday but it is good to see you all back!!
  3. To all who own a ps4 plz read this article: http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Rise-Tomb-Raider-Petition-Demands-PS4-PC-Release-66707.html Scroll down and read the last part of this article. I say that this is what we all where waiting for.
  4. playing infamous first light on the ps4! YAY!! But i am already stuck at a ****** point and i cant get passed it. I have to shoot a guy up in the air and then shoot his weak point. ( 3 stasis + weak point kills) But no matter what i do it doesnt work! Been trying for a while now and it is getting on my nerves!!!! searched on youtube and i do the same thing as in the vids. What am i doing wrong???
  5. 15: Lemony Snicket: A serie of unfortunate Events. 21: The Heat, 30: Superman Man of steel, 31: West side story. 62: Showgirls.
  6. I can't wait to see Maleficent! The song lana del rey sings made me verry happy. That dark side, i love it. I know it hits the movie theaters in May. Can't wait, can;t wait!!!
  7. There will be a next tomb raider game!! But this one was released in march so we are gonna have to wait a while!! So i dont think that the petition is necessary! You just have to be patient. And it is of course up to CD if the tomb raider franchise will continue.
  8. I am going to get the Euro Survival edition!! Me very happy
  9. There were 2 thing of that popped in my head: 1: OMG Lara is going tru hell!! 2: I want this game!!!!! And then i saw the date for the release: March 5 and i was like WHAT!!!! But awsome trailer!! When that thing sticks into lara i was also like ouch!!!! This is going to be so much different than what we know of Tomb Raider.
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