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  1. Are you really 102 years old? :o :O

  2. LOL!! Its seems that your wish was not granted

    Miss you buddy its been (YEEAAARRSSS) LOL!! Add me on facebook

    Khalid El-Kaaki

  3. I am sooo sorry for my absence as I hope all of you could remember me, I have been in the Silent Hill forum and I can't believe how much the members from there are ridicules, but I like something there that may REALLY interests you and Tom could do it on this forum. I will discuss it in the off-topic called "Shop" Anyway I am back and I am not going to leave her again
  4. A very nice idea Glory! I think it will be a more realistic though, well, everytime they say that TR is going to be something new, but nothing is going to change but I do love her as well :D
  5. I would probibly say that Silent Hill is the most amazing, fascinating game I've ever seen, and pushes me to like it more than TR but it will never do
  6. Hellow guys, I am back, I just come post one time and then leave the forum, and I am really happy to be back, I dont know if you'll believe this or not, but I do actually miss you alot guys. and hi for everybody who are new.
  7. Tomb Raider and the golden sea horse, where my our lovely hero Lara Croft discovers behind the mestyrious artifact and getting along with seas, but like always, in each game there are bad guys, but not any guys around, these guys actually have some plans to do with Lara Croft, can she deal with them? Made by the company R {Raider Man} Dont forget to get it, its available very soon only on PS2 for all PS2 lovers!
  8. Of course I do, I really got disappointed on that game, nothing much to discover, easy puzzles, and the FMVs looks well I really like to see the AoD FMVs rather than TRU ones on PS2, will what I have to do, there are no other choice, what I really want to ask is that, are the graphics the same as for the PC and PS3 or Xbox 360?! Anyway when I played and beat it, I felt like I am not playing TR, it was really boring! and I've got very dissapointed with it, unfortunately new PS will never stop, so why do I have to bother myself buying the new PS3 since it will be an old machine in the future, PC is the best selling actually, thats what I choose to play SHV on my PC, its very intersting, like I have the PS3 or Xbox 360 or you can say both, but I didn't find the PC version thats why I've got it for PS2, I don't have any other choice in addition that it was very expensive, and I didn't know how I get it. LOL!
  9. Of course we can, and thanks by the way. TR_Girl and Rikscroft, can we be in contact?! I found many people fan of SH want to help me about this project, how about if you joined with us and I will be very happy to.
  10. I still have 10 hours to be completely download, it still 13% here!! Please, for those who already saw one of the level of TRU, please tell me or tell us, how it lookslike, is it good, what about the graphics, her walking, he custome, her hair, her pistols, what about her moves, please tell me everything and be honest, is it really good? I am sure its good but I am talking about the graphics.
  11. Did you beat it?!! My friend downloaded and he told me that the level is very hard but it's amazing. What about you?
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