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  1. WOW That looked painfull. Is it coming out this year??
  2. I dont think that they were in love. I mean would you fall in love whit a guy who trew youre guns away? Maybe they had a friends feeling and nothing more.
  3. I see it like this: First shoot THAN ask questions. That's the way i like it haha
  4. I like that you can choose the outfit in the begin of the levels and also the weapons. What i really miss is that you can watch the cut scene's again. And some extra's like in legend. I would also like to see that you could walk around in Croft manor after the fire went out.
  5. I already finished the game. To bad !! But i already started again for the 3th time
  6. In my opinion i am not satisfid whit the ending. I had still some questions like: Where was Allister if he went to Avalon. I didnt see him. About Amanda, Is she going to be good again or still bad? And her mother was that really her mother?? And what happend to her?? Amanda said that she was not dead (in the end of legend) but to me she looked more like a zombie than alive. Well i hope that there will be more lara to come. Whit longer levels and a complete new story line.
  7. So...Allister is really really in a afterlife place?
  8. The treasure hunt mode is just to find all the secrets and relics. You `revisit`the location. So all the puzzels are already done by you and all the enemy´s are already dead. Only if you select new game then all the enemy´s, cut scene´s, and puzzels will be there agiant to kill , watch and fugure out.
  9. Wauw i love the witer skin!!! I love the winter. haha yesterday i already put up the christmas tree. it looks so beatiful!!!!!!! Cant wait until its christmas time again.
  10. Haha the pic you have in juse is already a older one. At the moment i have longer hair and i am growing a beard. I will take a pictue so that you can juse it in the gallery. Btw i am so sorry i dindt came by all this time. The reason was school, other forums and personal things. So to tell the truth i really forgotten about you guy´s. Sorry sorry sorry. I hope you can forgive me.
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