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  1. TRA: Level 5 St. Francis Folly So we start out putting lions on the endangered species list. Did you all notice that all the lions are female? My hand hurts in sympathy with all this jumping and grabbing. It sucks to play TR games when you are old. I often make the same mistakes every time I play. One that I always make at the beginning of this level is never finding the end pillar which is the best one to climb on. It is a pretty view on top of the pillars. I often take a few second breather to admire the view. Funny, but I don't tend to do that often in TR games. Mistake I always mak
  2. TRA Level 4 Tomb of Qualopec I felt woozy again going across the pit. So we go up the ramp, where we see a large suspended ball. It falls down and tries to crush us. Oh, yeah...who didn't see that coming? Adjusting pillars are a pain. I did the wolf room first. I remember the first time I played I had such a hard time finding that cage. Is it just me, or do TRA velicoraptors seem almost domesticated? That other room should be called the FAIL room. I failed to grapple. I failed to grab the pole. Then I got dizzy. Thank god for medipacks. Return trips--oh goody, all the dart traps (and s
  3. Yes, Caity, I am at least....very, very slowly. Very. Besides, it is the holidays. 'Tis the season to shop, eat turkey, and listen to your relatives fight over who granny loved best and get groped by Uncle Gromer. Who has time for Tombraider? Anyway.... TRA Level 3 Lost Valley What can I say? Things are easier to kill when you are out of reach. I guess it isn't very sporting...like shooting fish in the barrel. However, if you have ever been fishing--sober--you know how frustrating it is trying to do it the hard way. So yay, shooting fish in a barrel! Those big a** cogs! Lara must hav
  4. TR1: Level 2 continued Ayyy! I didn't realize I hadn't finished Level 2 when I posted the above. The question you always wonder when you stop in the middle of a level...where did I leave off (this is important when going with a walkthrough). I took damage from the dart trap and 5 wolves that I forgot about, even though I had just read about it in the walkthrough. When I opened the right door of that temple, the pretty music abruptly ended, and I was like, "Hey!" I remember the first time I played that part with the temple that has three doors. I fell into the pool so many times, particularly
  5. First it was the ear infection. Then I discovered Knight Rider on Netflix, and I reacquainted myself with the show I loved so much from my childhood. I still love it. I don't drool over David Hasselhoff as I once did, but I still like KITT...even if he is a fussy pants. Then again, if I hung around Michael Knight that much, I'd probably become a fussy pants too. I used to want to marry Michael Knight. Not anymore. Then I got to the episodes where he started to sing, and that pretty much cured me. I liked him as an actor, but as a singer...well....I'm spiraling into a totally non-Tombra
  6. Guys, I just want to assure everyone that I am still going to play this. I have an ear infection now, and I have dizzy spells...and Lara isn't the type of game to play when you have dizzy spells. I just didn't want you to think I started this and then bailed.
  7. I think I'll pass on doing the TRLE level too. It is difficult enough to play the two games, particularly as Anniversary tends to stress me out a little. I think it overstimulates me. So first, TR1 impressions. I played the first level. Do you know that I didn't realize until the third time I played Anniversary that it was Natla at the beginning flying away after that atomic bomb in Mexico? I was always trying to figure out what that was about. It wasn't until I saw that green light on her back that I realized it was Natla freed from her prison. I definitely like Larson and Natla better in
  8. Myself, I'm going to do both--doing it the way Stella suggested. However, whichever way you guys want to do it for yourselves, that is fine. @CaityFM--it has been a while! Nice to have some new blood too!
  9. I decided to do something a little different...or I think it is different anyway. My friend Eldin wanted to do a group play, and I've been in the mood to play Tombraider 1 or Anniversary. Then I got the idea...why not do both? It might be neat to discuss the comparisons between the two. It is a unique opportunity, for Tombraider 1 is the only game--as far as I know--that was remade. Now, I don't want anyone to be excluded. If you don't have one of the games, or you don't want to play both...that is fine. You can still play with us and give your views about the game. I just thought this
  10. I'm out. I'm sorry, folks, but this game--at least on Playstation--is more challenge than I really want in a video game. Maybe if I ever get the PC version...er, you know what, not even then.
  11. LONDON PART 1: THAMES WHARF As I said before, I found this level refreshing after all the others. I could relax a little more. Everything was do-able. That isn't to say I never died. I died plenty of times. However, I didn't mind so much because usually I knew what my mistake was. It wasn't because the task seemed impossible. I really liked the scenery. It is more primitive, but it reminds me of the Japan level in TR: Legend. I often like these night-time outdoor levels. It never fails. In levels that aren't that hard, save crystals are plentiful. Eight save crystals in this level! Oh
  12. Yeah, if I remember correctly--when you slide down the ramp, it is on the left. You pull out the box, and it stops the ceiling from crushing you. Stella has it written in her walkthrough. I usually use the walkthrough when I play.
  13. I think that room in Francis Folly was Atlas. He was the Titan that had to hold the earth on his shoulders. With the spike trap--are you talking about the ceiling? I found pulling out that box worked very well.
  14. Madubu Gorge is a tough level, no doubt. A lot of people complain about the kayaking. I hated the kayaking and all those monkey swings. I figured out how to the get save crystal after the first dive you take with the kayak--but I could never get that one that was mid-way down the waterfall. I swore I passed through it, and I still didn't get it! Then I usually died from the impact. In the end, I usually chose to just go through the spikes rather than avoid them. I did use more medipacks this way. Later I wished I had went through the green rope, though, since this apparently produced a s
  15. @Hunter--nice to see you! Did you see my notification about closing my Facebook account? So far, I like the first London level. Know why? I was able actually to walk around for a little while and enjoy the scenery. So far, everything is manageable. I did have a bit of deja vu. Is it my imagination, or was some of TR3's London level re-used much later in Angel of Darkness? I have never gotten this far in TR3, and it just feels so familiar.
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