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  1. I must admit I feel slow too: I'm just starting Offshore Rig. Apparently those guys don't want me shooting them, since they took my guns away And my computer played few tricks on me, the whole screen went black and I couldn't play TR for a little while! Today I'll however go after those guys to get my guns back! I can't wait to play this game!! And I didn't remember write down statistics... But I do remember that I found all the treasures, however I must give some credit to you, Stella: I got stuck (again) and went to read your walkthrough, read it and it mentioned also about the Gold treasure. So I'm not sure would I have found it without your help.. Want to know where I was stuck? In Opera House I tried to put the Relay Box in place of circuit board! I never noticed that the Relay box was missing from the circuity, I actually thought it was just a weird painting (ha ha I'm such a genious) Anyway congratulations you who are moving to the Gold levels! And Stella, you've got all my sympathy. Nice picture of Lara however
  2. Hello guys! @Caity: I feel so sorry for you... I had similar situation when I was playing Legend, bunch of mercenaries and lots of explosive barrels around, no health packs and only little health left... And during level 3 (Bartoli's Hideout) whenever I got a health pack (large or little, usually little) I had to use it to survive - but I made it through okay and actually in a weird way enjoyed it! One of my best raiding experiences ever Btw about that your video which you have sent some posts ago - I just watched it - it was hilarious! Talk about bad luck! Anyway hope you make through that annoying spot in Opera House level! Right now I have played three levels (The Great Wall - found Silver dragon, Venice - found all dragons yay! and Bartoli's Hideout - found Silver dragon). Didn't list kills or anything, simply forgot... this game is so addicting! Only one thing to complain: during battles or swimming up the motions get slower, as do reactions and everything that happens. (That's not very clear way to say it, sorry guys...) But still I love this game, and now I go playing Opera House - I heard it's tough one, so wish me luck!
  3. I'm sorry that I haven't really commented your posts, but you see, I haven't played TR2 before and just started now so I didn't want to get spoilers Anyway I just started the real playing after being in Manor (where I found my way through the maze and to the secret room! ) and I'm in the beginning of the first level when I hear that my family is visiting one anonymous relative today... grrhh... But no matter: I'll just play more tonight! Mm, yeah: on the Great Wall. And this is btw my first "update" of playing TR2, yay! Good luck raiding, I'll check back tomorrow!
  4. Yay I'm finally through TR1 (and what a great game it was!)! I'll go install TR2 now and start playing either tonight or tomorrow... and start to catch up you, guys! Well, at least I'll try. Anyway I fell in love with TRs again What the first game lacks(? meaning if it lacks!) in graphics it totally makes up in story!
  5. Oh you've already started playing!! Well, I just need to catch up you guys later. Good luck everyone, and I just hope I don't get immediatly stuck when I start playing!
  6. I agree with Jolie752. Specially those enemy-sketch seen around web make me feel bit uncomfortable. I don't want just one of those cheap horror stories (too many of them already), Tomb Raider must look and feel like Tomb Raider. But ahh, we'll see what comes. After all, those are just sketches. Hopefully they know what they are doing!
  7. Hi everybody! It's Dogg here. I'm from Finland and crazy about TR - well, I guess that's obvious since I joined this forum Playing first time ever through all lovely Core Design's Tomb Raiders. My earlier TR-experience starts from my childhood, when I only deared to play Lara's Home from TR3 and a little bit of first level. However few years ago I re-finded TR when I played through Underworld and I was hooked immediatly. I got lucky and found TR: Legend with pretty low price and just couldn't pass my opportunity! I quickly started looking for Core Design's TRs since almost everybody prefered them to Crystal Dynamics' and ordered my bbeloved The Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Collection. I haven't been disappointed My latest TR is Anniversary which my brother gave me as a birthday present. Now I'm going to play TR1 first so I can compare it to Anniversary. Or at least that was my plan until I found out about Stella's group playing! Love that idea and I'm going to participate... Oh, that's pretty long message... Just quickly one more thing: I found this forum thanks to Stella, so thank you Stella! I've earlier been only to Finnish TR-forums but I'm looking forward hanging around this forum
  8. You can count me in I'll just have to finish TR1 and I'm ready to go! Oh, and this is my very first time playing TR2! Just to let you know, guys I can't wait, this is so good idea! Stella, you are genious! Finally I can share my opinions and ups and downs of playing TRs - my brother was already kind of irritated that he had to listen all my TR-talk!
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