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  1. Lol, @CaityFM, I love the Nyan-Lara pic.
  2. Hell yes I'm in!!! =D Haha, nice to see everyone again! I'm excited to do another one of these, they're super fun! =) I have to say though I'll probably be playing at a slower pace than before because, although I'm outta school, I'm kind of busy this summer. I'm (hopefully) going to be going on vacation sometime and I have other projects I'm working on, but I'll eventually get through the game. My dad and I did start playing TR 3 a few months ago and I think we only got to like level 5 so I might just start from there if that's ok with ya'll? That way I won't be too behind. =) I'll recount what I thought about the levels I already played, I'm pretty sure I'll remember!! I'll just look at Stella's walkthroughs to refresh my memory on what the levels are. Ok I'm rambling, like usually. Can't wait to read all your posts too!! =D
  3. Excited for the GOL groups play. ;D

  4. Hey guys!! It's me, I'm back! =D Haha. I'm totally in for the group play. I'm getting GOL tomorrow so I'll definitely post as soon as I get started! ;D Can't wait for another fun group play. =) BTW I'm under the same name on Steam, rosinna. I'll probably be playing mainly single player though. But if someone from here wants to do co-op I'd be happy to join. Haha. I'm not really sure how the whole co-op thing works on Steam yet (just got it a little while ago) but I'll probably figure it out soon enough.
  5. @CaityFM lol at "the one time lara DOESN'T shoot everything that moves" So this is just an update to everyone. I wanna play GOL but I can't yet. I just got a Steam account (under the same name, rosinna) because that's the only platform that I'll be able to play GOL on. But it doesn't come out for Steam until September 28th. =( *sigh* So I'll just have to wait until then. I did get "Real Myst" (which I can't figure out yet :/ ) and "Mission Runway" to occupy me. "Mission Runway" isn't working though. It keeps saying that it can't find some .dll file and Steam support hasn't gotten back to me about that yet. It's a fashion game that looks fun (I'm really into fashion, don't know if I've mentioned that before ) but all of the girls look like drag queens. Lol. ;D And I can't get my "Destroy All Humans!" game to work on the PS2. =( Well that's about it. Talk to ya' later! =D And if you have a Steam account let me know. =D
  6. Hi everybody!! =D So I finished the game!! Yay!! So let's get onto the game play shall we? Floating Islands: Stats: http://www.twitpic.com/2gxiv2 I liked this level! =D The whole time though I kept thinking that everything was covered in green screen sheets. I think that's the director side of me taking over. But doesn't it look like a bunch of green screens? I do not like the sparkelys though. That's what I call the statues that come alive and fly at you, 'cause they sparkle. I tried to blow up as many of the statues as I could before they came alive. If you shoot 4 grenades at them then they blow up and you don't have to deal with them. So yaddah yaddah, got to the zip line part. I love the zip lines so I was excited. I was kinda goofing off during this part so I died a bunch of times. See I was coming up with a parody of Miranda Cosgrove's "Kissing U" called "Hitting U" and thinking of how funny it would be to make a video of a guys singing "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry while playing TR. So I was kinda distracted. I didn't like the room on the other side of the zip line though. Well I was going about it all wrong. IN the room with the darts, slicers, and piss colored water, I was trying to jump over the slicers from the hallway. Where you're supposed to come out. I tried that for like half an hour. Fail. The rest of it was easy. I have to say I kinda cheated near the end. See in the room with the sliders and the two doors and the two statues, I only had 3 grenades left and I wanted to kill the statues before they came alive. So I used the all weapons cheat. Then I had 5000 grenades! =D That's the only cheat I used the whole game. Unless you count blowing her up 80,000 times during the game. Dragon's Lair: Stats: http://www.twitpic.com/2gxpmm So I was very cautious in the beginning. I was walking everywhere incase the dragon came out. Then I just ran right up to him (after saving). It only took me four tries to kill him!! =D I was a little disappointed though. I wanted to stab someone with the knife and I never got to do anything with it. =( Home Sweet Home: My first thought was, "Think your robe is short enough Lara?". But then I just ran around screaming die the whole time. After getting my items. I don't like the shotgun so I was sad that that's all they gave us to kill them. I was trying to corner jump up to the top of the gate but it didn't work. The ending was funny though. I love how she just laid her gun right next to the shower. Great way to end the game! And the song at the end was awesome. I jumped up and jammed out to the whole thing while my parents just laughed at me. Here's the end stats: http://www.twitpic.com/2gxsdn I was sad that it's over. =( I really enjoyed doing this and getting back into the swing of TR. And this was my first group play and I really enjoyed it! =D Now I wanna play GOL. I just hope it comes out for a platform that I can play. :/ @Stella I'm totally in for a TR3 group play later in the year! =D Just let me know when we start!! =D It may be a little harder cause I'll be in school but I get homework done fairly quickly so I think I'll be good. @Mute2Conversations Congrats on the contest! =D I thought yours was the best. @CaityFM I'm on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1212048512 my mom and I share one, I'm the daughter half, I'm on Twitter too ( @rosinna18 ) but I mainly use that for backstage iCarly info. Even though I'm done I'll still read everyone's posts and such. =D Happy raiding!
  7. Hiya! So I finished the Temple of Xian yesterday. Here's the stats: http://www.twitpic.com/2fpap9 And here's the game play run down. So I was half way through the main chamber when I left off last time. I actually really liked the main chamber. Lots of jumpy jumps. And the dragon slider thing was very cool. When I was at the top I swan dived into the lava a couple times for fun. I just couldn't resist! =) I thought the ladders with the slicers were going to be really hard but it turned out that I actually liked them. I felt all cool and spy-ish while doing all of the jumping to get up to the top. Then the cut scene. I thought the thugs were walking very strangely. That was my only observation though. Oh I did wonder about one other thing. Ok, I may be wrong but weren't they standing around the same place that you come to at the beginning of the level. You know with the DROP DOWN floors! If they are then they should've plummeted to their doom. Or they disabled them. Oh, well, that was the only other thing I noticed. I didn't do much AT ALL in the Floating Islands. I basically ran off and killed her like 30 times in a row. I lite a flair once because I heard her hit something at the bottom of the abyss but it didn't show anything. =( Well I'll be playing more tonight. See ya' later!! =D
  8. Hello everyone!!! =D Wow it's been a while. I've been busy so I haven't had a chance to post in a while. :/ First I want to say thank you for all of the nice feedback on my TR cell phone cover. =D I really appreciate it. But I've made a lot of progress. I finished like three levels I think. I'm just gonna put the stats of all the levels I finished right here at the beginning and then get to talking about them. So:....... Barkhang Monastery stats: http://www.twitpic.com/2fo0lj Catacombs of the Talion stats: http://www.twitpic.com/2f348l Ice Palace stats: http://www.twitpic.com/2f3qf9 Now onto game play, Barkhang Monastery: So last time I left off I was right near the beginning. Right after the hawk came out and I killed it. So right away I didn't like the monks. They kept trying to help and then getting killed themselves. Plus I couldn't run around with my guns out because then she would point at the monks and I would automatically shoot. Grr!! I also didn't like those little awning type things on the ceilings in most of the hallways. They prevented me from running and jumping most of the way. But the main hallway. I ran around in circles for a little while trying to figure out which room to go into first. Didn't appreciate the boulders very much either. The pool was....... interesting. It wasn't too difficult but it wasn't too easy either. But the rest of the level wasn't bad. I was pretty bored with the scenery by the end. And the monks were officially on my nerves by the end also. =) And it's not fair that they can walk through tables, fire, slicers, windows, etc. and I can't ! Besides the monks were pretty use less the entire level. They died pretty much every time they tired to fight. I think they need to learn that ammo wins over pointy stick about 95% of the time. Onto the Catacombs of the Talion: I tried to swan dive and kill her right away down that gap there but she just hit a slider and landed safely. Then I let the Yeti smack her around and then throw her against a wall. =D Aren't I just so nice to Lara. In the next room with the pool I got killed like three times in a row by those bad guys that come out when you reach the bottom of the staircase. I killed myself a couple times on the spikes below the ladder too. I just couldn't get up there!! Some days I'm really good at TR and some days I just epically fail a few times at most things. The masks kind of look like this art project I had to do in 3rd grade. I thought it was very vicious to make SIX leopards attack you when you go into the room with the frozen pond and the fire pot. And then two thugs once you get the other mask. I wanna know where they came from. The dark room with Yeti's. I basically ran through the whole area lighting flares and screaming until I found the light switch which prompted me to blow up the released Yeti's while screaming. Safe to say that I didn't NOT like that room. It was creepy. I was very glad to get out of there. Onto the place with the boulders and then the door puzzle thing. It took me a couple times but I finally got it. I took the route of running on the right pressure pad and jumping over the spikes. I'm not sure at what part of the level this was in (which is why it's at the end here) but I killed her many times when you get up top right above the fire pot that you pour on the frozen lake later. I was trying to jump in, set her on fire, and then jump down to the pond and see if it would melt. It didn't work . =( Well I never got her to land on the frozen pond so I don't know if it would of melted it or not. Oh well. Ice Palace: First of all I have to say that this level felt very short to me. I'm no sure if it was shorter than the others or not but it seemed like it was. I love the spring boards though!!! =D I had fun jumping and killing her a few times before using them for what they were meant. =) It was a little disappointing to see that she stopped be bounced after she died. Her dead body should've still bounced on those spring boards when she hit them. I kind of want one. They look fun. I think we should've been able to shoot the Yeti's through the bars of their cage. They were definitely wide enough. I also thought that the Yeti's kind of looked like the green dude that lives in a trash can on Sesame Street. Just white and with a lot, bigger, taller, buffer body. More dark rooms!!!! Grr!! In the avalanche area I think the snowballs screwed up. :# The first one rolled when I ran in but the other ones didn't come down until I was already half way to the doorway. I killed Lara around 12 times in the chasms by swan diving. =D I couldn't help it! So the gong area. I pretty much screwed up in every way possible in this area. First of all, when dropping down, I hit X so she used the gong immediately. Then I got the thingy that looks like a lantern and jumped down. And the I saved. So I saved right before the bird dude thing came around to kill me. I didn't think he was gonna come out yet since I hadn't heard him yet! I did manage to run around and jump back up but it took a couple tries. Temple of Xian: I think I'm about half way through this level so far. So far I have realized that it is very treacherous. You can really tell that Bartoli welcomes visitors though. You really get a homey feel from the lava, spikes, boulders, and slicers. So I got lucky at the beginning there because she slide right past the slicer. And then I had to deal with those mutant goldfish. But I don't have much to say about this level. Just really complicated. And a lot of vibrant red. And nasty booby traps. The room with all of the Chinese warrior statues, or whatever they are (you know what I'm talking about?), kind of reminded me of the King Arthur level in Legend. I'm not sure why though. They just kinda reminded me of the little scene exhibits. The really big spiders freaked me out. They like made me itch. And she kept standing right in them too. I was really glad that that nest didn't hatch. I also think that this was a lot of work for a couple keys. I stopped in the main chamber. I didn't do much though. That's pretty much it! =D One thing that doesn't have to do with the game. This morning I was checking backstage iCarly stuff (I've mentioned that I'm obsessed with that show before right?) which involves checking all the stars Twitter accounts. I realize you probably don't care but I am going some where with this. So I looked over at the "Trending Topics" box and Tomb Raider was on the list!!! =D I was happy. So congrats TR!! I figured that it had something to do with the fact that Guardian of Light came out recently (didn't it?). Ok that's all!! =D See ya' next time! Hopefully it won't be this long next time. <div><br></div><div>@Mute2Conversations: I'm glad some one else heard whispers!! I'm like "Ok I'm 95% sure I'm not crazy. You hear those whispers right dad?" and he kept saying no. Also I loved your little song from the last post. It was hilarious!! I was rofl!!! =D<br></div>
  9. Hello guys!! I haven't posted in a while so I decided I should. Lets get on to it! So I stopped right before going into the room with the drawbridge last time. I didn't really like the drawbridge room. Well I did until that guy on the snowmobile came out. He killed me like eight times. I had fun going back and blowing the snowmobile up in the big gap though. It was really fun because my mom was on the phone with the bank or something and her phone was on speaker and I turned up the volume and blew up the snowmobile. I did that like four times but the bank lady didn't say anything. =( I was hoping to get a reaction out of her. I got a little bummed out when I had to go back though. I was all excited to get the snowmobile with guns and then I realized that I can't accelerate enough to jump back across in that snowmobile. So the hut. I got killed 11 times!! Yay!!! Yeah, not really. Those bums just wouldn't die. I tried just blowing 'em up with the grenade launcher but they didn't blow! Grrr. After I killed the snowmobile guy in the next room he landed very strangely. http://www.twitpic.com/2c7sur If you can't tell from the pic he was literally floating in mid air. It wasn't like where part of their body is on the platform. No, he was straight up floating. It was crazy. Ok, onto the place with the pool, near the end of the level. I just had to do it! I couldn't miss that opportunity. =D Sorry Lara but you come back. Here's the stats: http://www.twitpic.com/2cxd41 Then I started the Barkhang Monastery. It glitched the first time I ran into the big room (space?) so I had to reload. =( Both of the monks got killed though. I didn't kill so they still like me. Well I did go and kill them once just for fun but I reloaded. =) Although the monks are very ungrateful. The bird was attacking his head and I went and killed it for him and he just walked away from me. I was like "Yeah, you're welcome. You better be glad I just did that for you! I could've just left you to die but no I killed that bird for you and I don't even get a thank you! I didn't have to aim that well! Jeez! And you're still not responding! Fine then be like that! See if I care! But the next time you're being attacked don't expect me to come and save you!" And yes I did say all of that out loud. =D But that's mainly where I stopped. I'm gonna play a lot more today. Side not though. It's kinda about TR but not the game. A while ago I said that I got a phone cover and I wanted a TR one and that I might make one in Photoshop. Well I finally did! =D Here's the original picture of my real phone cover: http://www.twitpic.com/26w0tl And here's my TR phone cover: http://www.twitpic.com/2by0q1 You guys like it? I think it came out pretty well. I just wish it was a real phone cover. Oh well, see ya' later!
  10. 'Ello mates!! I don't know I just felt like acting Australian for a minute. Anyways, let's get to the run down. I made it to the top deck when I last left off. I explored that whole area and just jumped around for a while. Not very productive but fun. =D I couldn't figure out how to get over to the overturned hull thingy majigger. I finally got over there and died a few times. I kept dropping down in the wrong place. After doing everything in the little drop down space at the top top deck thing it took me a little while to figure out where I was. After you pull out the block, flip the switch, go out the door. Not until I went around the corner did I realize where I was. When I got up to the very top, before you drop down and get the key, I saw a wonderful opportunity to kill her! Well my calculations were a little off. I swan dived but she just hit the orange thing and slid and only got a little hurt. I swan dived from there and killed her but it wasn't as fun. So onto the storage room. I ran across to the overturned hull and took out the two flame thrower dudes with my M16 before dropping down. I wouldn't have known they were there if I didn't see a flame coming towards me when I jumped across. So then I went and got the seraph. I thought it was a really huge fork for the gods or something but I was proved wrong. Looks like a fork Sam would use though... Sorry my iCarly obsessed mind is taking over. Haha. So that was the end of The Deck!!! Yay!!! Here's my stats: http://twitpic.com/2bmis1 Now onto the snowy levels!! =D I was anxious to get my snowmobile. I believe it was Mute2Conversations that mentioned something about Lara's wardrobe choice for the cold Tibetan Foothills (correct me if I'm wrong on the person, I'm too lazy to go search for it ). But yes I noticed her very un-practical choice of clothing. I also noticed, besides wearing shorts, that her coast is unzipped too. Doesn't make since! But about the level. I love how at the beginning she just lands from the sky so gracefully. And how you get attacked by an eagle after you take a couple steps. I was trying to take him out with the pistols (why do we always reset to pistols at the beginning of levels) but it was taking to long so I said screw it and pulled out my riffle and shot the bum. Take that stupid bird, yeah!!! So I made it passed the first set of boulders and was celebrating. Then she got squished by the second wave of boulders. Then I was sad. =( I didn't know there was a second set! Second try, got killed right away. Third time I didn't even get touched! In your face cold spheres of danger! Yeah!! I did feel compelled to jump behind them though. See! : http://twitpic.com/2bmkpz When I came to the ice wall i tried to shoot it out but it didn't work. I just ended up running and jumping trough it. I came to some more luck with the birds on the cliff. Remember back in The Wreck Of Maria Doria when i said that the scuba diver got stuck in a rock? Well a similar thing happed to one of the birds. http://twitpic.com/2bmm42 MWAHAHAAHAHA!!! I have like a magical talent for getting enemies stuck in walls or rocks!! =D So a bunch of jumpy jumps, which I was happy about. I could do without the icicles though. Then I made it to the big thing. THE SNOWMOBILE!!! I blew the two dudes up real quick with my grenade launcher then walked over to the snowmobile. A cool start up kind of title sequence montage that they do for races and things immediately started in my head. I must say I was jamming out to the track that was playing when you get on the vehicle. When I got to the place with all of the ramps I was having a lot of fun just speeding around and killing her a few times. And blowing the leopards up. Where do the body chunks go after you blow 'em up? On to the bridge with the really big gap. WHERE THE HECK DO THOSE LEOPARDS AT THE BOTTOM COME FROM!! I dropped down on the opposite side and then when I ran across the magically appeared. Freaky. But that's where I stopped. On the other side of the bridge thing. =D Wow that was long. See ya' later!!
  11. Hiya! I'm back! And I have somewhat exciting news. If you read my other posts you know that I filmed my dad and I playing and couldn't get it to upload to any site. Well I FINALLY got it up! Not the whole thing yet (because it's only going up in like 2-3 minute chunks) but I'll get those up later. I know it's long due since we're starting the Opera House in the vids but blame YouTube for the delay. Grrr!!! So here's the links: Part 1: http://www.twitvid.com/9V4UF Part 2: http://www.twitvid.com/QVR4O Part 3: http://www.twitvid.com/Z8VIN I know it's gonna seem like a lot but it would all be in one or two parts if it wouldn't fail if I tried to upload a video loner then like 3 minutes! Again, Grr!!!!! On to present day playing though. @Mute2Conversations Yes I was talking about the M16. And I half to say that I love your posts. They're all really funny. =) So anyways. While in the theater I noticed something. How unrealistic the theater seats are! Look! : http://twitpic.com/2asftz First of all they're very big and second of all they are very 2D. I mean they're completely flat! Haha. So I did everything in there without any trouble. And then went back and finished the Living Quarters. Here's the stats: http://twitpic.com/2asi2x Yay, I got all the secrets! *does cute victory dance* Did anyone else realize that hardly any of the baddies left items in this level? There were like 3 people I got something from. I was like "What the heck! You don't have anything either! Well fine then! Screw you with your gravel driveway looking arms, freak!" That's where I stopped for that day. Then yesterday I got started on the deck. I used the little corner trick to get the emerald secret. Thanks EldinSuper for that tip! =D And I have my grenade launcher now!!!!! Yay!!! I was really excited. I wanted to blow some people up. Once I got through swimming and made it to land and blew that first sucker up! It was very fulfilling watching his body chunks flying every which way. Wow that's really morbid...... Anyways. I killed the second guy with my M16 and guess how he landed. http://twitpic.com/2b22sj Yep. OFF THE EDGE! What's with these weirdos? Almost everyone has been landing like this so far. It took me a little while to figure out the block puzzle thing but I finally got it. I did record a video of the new dance sweeping the nation! The Tomb Raider Slide!!! Enjoy! I just found that little bug and thought it was fun. The rest went pretty smooth. I stopped at the top deck. Killed her a couple times for fun. I'll be back later! =D
  12. Hello everyone!! So it's been a little while since I've posted. I've finished 40 Fathoms (stats: http://twitpic.com/29k0y6 ) and The Wreck of Maria Doria (stats: http://twitpic.com/2a573x ) and I'm like half way through the Living Quarters. So far it's been a level a day lately! =D So The Wreck of Maria Doria I thought was a fun level. I liked the all the furniture. I was wondering why the tables were still stuck to the floor/ceiling yet the chairs fell down. Gravity should've pulled the tables with it also but whatever. I also think it was a lot harder to get the silver secret then it needed to. Oh well. I came across some luck near the end of the level. When you half to swim under the boat and into that hole. I didn't half to deal with the scuba diver because he got himself stuck in a rock!! See: http://twitpic.com/2a4hcw He's that little yellow dot in the rock that Lara's by. Idiot. It helped me out though! It took me like 20 minutes to find the hole but I finally finished. I don't like those eels that come out of the wall. That's pretty much it from Maria Doria. The rest went pretty quickly. In the Living Quarters I have a couple things. First of all I was using the riffle a lot in this level to kill most of the men, and I realized that I really don't like much. You can't jump and shoot with it. You have to be stationary for her to use it. Also that eel that's right near the one switch after you fill the room up with water is in a very evil place. And it's kinda creepy. To get the secret at the beginning of the passenger area I walked to the edge, jumped back and then did a stand jump instead of going all the way around and dropping in from the hole. I think that when you kill guys and they land like this http://twitpic.com/2agzzi you should be able to use them like a spring board instead of just going right through them when you jump. I stopped right before I was about to put the key into the key hole in the next room. Off to play now! =D
  13. Hello everyone!! I haven't posted in a while but I just haven't gotten around to it. I'm just gonna combine my playing from yesterday and the day before though because I didn't play much yesterday since my mother guilt tripped me into going to the laundromat with her and then we tried on clothes in Khol's for like 2 hours. But I finished the Diving Area! Here's the stats: http://twitpic.com/28zkte I found all of the secrets again yay! Haha. Ok on with it..... So first of all (I've been noticing this a lot lately), has anyone noticed that when Lara gets killed in a battle, she stands up/still and then dies. It's like she forgets that her life is gone then remembers that she's supposed to be dead. It's kinda funny actually. But the Diving Area. I didn't mind it too much. I liked all of the bright colors in that level. All the blues and yellows were very pretty. But I'll starts where I left off last time. So I actually tried doing the fire pit thing the right way this time. It was funny because my dad was saying how hard it was and that it took him like a million tries to get it. Then I tried it and got it the first time. Haha The scuba divers were really making me mad. I got 'em but it took a while. They're persistent little boogers. At the end there I accidentally jumped down so I got to the movie scene too quickly. But I reloaded and got the secret. Then onto 40 Fathoms. The very first part took me a couple tries but I got it finally. Then more swimming and jumping. I like these bright blue and orange colors even better.! =D And it's nice to see Lara in a change in wardrobe. I'm one of those people who would rather change her outfit every level but you can't do that. Side Note: I really want that thing where you can design outfits for Lara. It's only for Legend and Anniversary on the computer, neither of which I have. Anyways, It took me like 20 minutes to find the switch by the door in the area with the burners and the timed doors and stuff. I must have been acting very slow yesterday. Oh well. I stopped in the room after that. I Had to swan dive and kill Lara a couple times in that one area that's really high that I think I'll have to fill with water later. Be back later.!! =D
  14. Doing nothing.....

  15. Hello everyone!! So I finished the Offshore Rig yesterday. Here's the stats: http://twitpic.com/28nmky First time actually getting all of the secrets in a level! Yay!! Ok on to the playing. So first of all I have a question about this area right here. And this is the video of what I'm talking about: There was sound with it put I guess my phone didn't pick up the sound. And sorry for the bad quality. Ok so as the title says, wth?!?!?!! There was obviously NO guys standing on that platform and then when you pick up the secret they just magically appear out of thin air?! I guess it's just another mystery of TR. Or this is something that only happened to me in the game. Did anyone else notice that? Crazy. Anywho...So I think I'm about half way through the Diving Area now. That's what it's called isn't? Anyways. So I killed my self many times from the top of that huge ladder..... on purpose. And my dad and I tried for about 20 minutes to back flip into that little hole in the wall behind the ladder to find out that you're supposed to come out of there later. Great. So that was a huge waste of time. Then I had my dad kill the flamethrower dude and the 4 (4 really?!?!) dogs after the door because I could not get them for the life of me. The slider that goes into the vat of toxic waste or whatever it is gave me a lot of trouble. I finally got it but it took a while. Plus did anyone else notice that when you land in the toxic waste, a fire ignites real quick. There's just like a little filt of flame when she hits the waste. I stopped where there's the 3 guys and the helicopter. I tried just running all the way through to get the card without doing anything, just for the heck of it, and I almost made it. I caught on fire on the second fire thing though. And the dudes were coming after me and FLOATING over the hole in the middle. Not fair. They didn't catch on fire either! Maybe they're super human or something. That's about it. I'll be back later or tomorrow.
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