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  1. Ah! It's so much fun reading about everyone's progress! I am waaay too useless to even consider not using medipacks but maybe I should challenge myself. I have finished Venice and have just embarked on a hide and seek for Signore Bartoli... Had a major heartattack moment going into "the villa". I killed the thug on the balcony and then completely forgot there was another thug hiding among the pillars... I almost threw my laptop on the floor! Happy raiding everyone!
  2. Hey Shrensh, thanx a million! It solved the problem just like you said :-) Now for some tomb raiding!
  3. Hi all! I'm 100% on! Maybe this isn't a topic for this forum but I've just started replaying TRII actually and have a problem that maybe someone here can help me solve. As soon as I finish a level, the game crashes. I've tried unintstalling it and reinstalling but to no avail. Known problem? Thanx
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