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  1. hey everyone :] I have really enjoyed everyone's posts! It's nice being in the company of fellow tomb raider fans. I am currently just started the Ice Palace. The yetis do freak me out quite a bit at the beginning of the level =/. I do have a question for everyone though. As I have been really troubled with some of the levels in Tomb Raider 2. I was just curious, in all the tomb raider games which one is your favorite? Which one is your least favorite? For me I absolutely love The Lost Valley in Tomb Raider 1. My least favorite is Lud's Gate in Tomb Raider 3. I just can not stand that place. >:[ So I would love to hear some feedback! Back to Raiding!
  2. Hey Raiders! I have been out of town for a few days (went to warped tour ). So I haven't touched my playstation in a while unfortunately. I'm now in the foothills, gah I'm so slowww. I think I shall pull an all nighter to catch up considering some people have already finished. I shall raid as fast as I can! :]
  3. Hello Raiders! I haven't played in a couple of days. =/ I've been constantly working. The Wreck of The Maria Doria made me so mad. I died on jumping or falling on those stupid glass shards like five times! I'm still on the Living Quarters but hopefully I'll play soon. :]
  4. Hey everybody. :] Everyone seems to be doing really well. I just started on The Wreck Of The Maria Doria. I absolutely hate these levels especially this one. > I'm ready for Tibet! XD
  5. I loved this! The video was great. And I agree with you with number 6. Who does put boulders in an Opera House.
  6. Hiii! I'm currently in the middle of The Opera House! WOO! :] And I have to sat I'm very proud of myself because I have gotten all the secrets for each level (thanks to Stella's walkthrough of course. I couldn't do it all on my own ;]) Here are some pictures from my Tomb Raiderin'! T-Rex in the Great Wall. I had no idea that there were two of them in the Great Wall! Boom! :] Those guys used to scare me when I was little. xD I just saw this the other night. I didn't realize this poster was here and I've had the game for over ten years! Sorry the pictures are poor quality. I was playing really late at night and the lighting wasn't the greatest. I played for like 4-5 hours straight and finally went to bed around 1 I think. I'm really enjoying this! :] Hope you guys are having fun!
  7. That sucks majorly. xD I'm just not getting started on the Great Wall level. There is a lost valley inside the great wall?!?! What?!
  8. I'm going to have to hurry up and get home and start playing! I didn't know we already started! XD
  9. I'm sooo excited. I hope we start this soon.
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