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  1. I really enjoyed that! Did you make it? I don't get the game until tomorrow unfortunateley so I've limited myself to only watching reviews and trailers... UGH!
  2. @JD_ZEN: Thanks for the update as I've patiently waited for the GOLD levels to start being posted. I'm a PS player so I don't have that nice little accomody. @Mute2Conversations: I do think when you write your posts, it seems each new one makes it seem like you're with Lara on her adventure and it is SO funny. It's kinda like that voice in the back of your head that seems to argue with you sometimes, and you are the voice in the back of Lara's head. I love the posts and each new one is even more creative than the last! @CaityFM: Loved the vacation pic. It seems the woman in the black suit and the woman facing her (image's left side) are about to go at it; the black-suited woman has her hands on her hips and everything! And the woman laying down in the blue suit covering her eyes with her hands...I can see one of three things. One: she is saying to herself, "My oh my, it's hot out here...", Two: "My oh my it's hot out here, and it doesn't make it better with those two women arguing behind me. It's no wonder I had to turn my chair to face away from them!", and Three: "How's this pose!?" she shouts to a cameraman off stage. The whole hand voer the forehead thing makes it kind of pose-ish. Maybe a postcard shoot? Hope you had fun! @Rosinna: That darn YouTube seems to be harassing EVERYONE these days. Which brings me to... @Stella: How's the YouTube page coming along? I peeked at your YouTube page and watched your Announcement video (loved the classic TR music) Hope everything is going well for you! Well TR fans, keep me posted. My summer musical performances are over so I've spent the past week just lying around. Without you guys I wouldn't know what to do!!!
  3. Here's my first Tomb Raider fanfiction piece, original in every way. I also host it on my tomb raider site (link is in my signature and profile) if you want to check it out. So here's the story. The below piece is only the beginning of my tale, consider it a teaser. Here goes! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Is this it, Zip?” “Yeah, this is it.” Lara Croft and her tech-man Zip examined a tall wardrobe backed against the wall of the attic of Croft Manor. Just a week ago Lara had returned from Nepal after destroying the Midgard Serpent. Crews of builders were now re-building her mansion to its former glory and Zip had discovered something that was indeed worth taking a look at. He held a small gadget in his hands. He pressed a button and held it out to the wardrobe. Lara was surprised to hear a beep emitted from the gadget as she‟d been up in the attic at least a hundred times and never had seemed out of the ordinary. “What is it?” “There‟s something behind that thing. Wanna‟ move it for me?” “Oh, Zip…aren‟t you just chivalrous?” Lara walked across a plank she‟d placed just a moment before. The builders were working from the ground up since the blast had shaken the foundation. They‟d not yet reached the attic so a gaping hole resided in front of them and the wardrobe. Lara crossed the plank with no hardship and examined the wardrobe. It was oak, very common. Double-doors were attached to bronze hinges that clasped the side of the hand-crafted borders. She pulled the doors open by two little brass knockers and looked inside. It smelled, that was for sure. There was a chest in the bottom, same she‟d seen before. Hung on a pole at the top were some old jackets from her younger years. Obviously the wardrobe hadn‟t been opened in years for Winston always disposed of anything not worn. Donated, of course. “Same stuff, Zip. What should I be looking for?” “Well the scanner is saying a magnitude level of seven meaning something in there has an extreme wave of electromagnetic energy. In conclusion you‟re looking for an item of about size three because the dimensions of the wardrobe don‟t match with the…” “English, Zip?” “A switch Ms. Tomb Raider.” Lara smirked and then flicked on her LCD light. The wardrobe lit with bright illumination, and Lara began her search. She put her hands in the jackets and felt along the back of the wardrobe. Then she kneeled down and opened the chest. It was the same things in here she‟d seen years before when exploring the attic. She remembered she‟d wanted to tell Winston that it needed cleaning, but then forgot as she had been called moments later from the study. The wardrobe had been untouched since. Inside the chest were old books. They were children‟s stories…but none she‟d ever seen…Why would someone‟s stories be in this chest? Then, her eyes caught a glimpse of gold inlay. A book, at the very bottom had thin pages lined in gold, like an expensive bible or something. “Hello.” She picked it up and looked at it. Roughly three-hundred pages thick, leather cover and dusty beyond compare. “Well open it already!” Lara opened the book to find something she hadn‟t expected. A remote control! “Is that a controller?” Lara asked him. “Yeah, let me see it.” She tossed it over the gap with a light overhand throw. Zip caught it with worried hands and then laughed. “Wow! This is cool. You say nobody has been in that thing for years, how many exactly?” “Well I was only a girl when I had…” “Fifteen years ago, this stuff didn‟t exist. Controllers like this were experimental. This is a special controller designed to send signals halfway around the country. Bad if it serves as a garage-opener” Zip joked. “There's a button on the front. Press it.” He pressed the button, the smile fading from his face. “Battery's are dead.” “Can you switch them with that gadget of yours?” “Maybe…” Five minutes later, they were in business. Zip pressed the button and a loud THUNK sounded across the attic. Lara turned. It had come from the wardrobe. The wardrobe, as she hadn‟t noticed before was pressed very tightly against the wall. Now it was shifted, the scratches on the floor around it proved that easily. “Looks like Croft Manor is full of surprises,” said Zip. Lara pulled the wardrobe out, it opened like a door. Then she pushed it into a new passage and it easily fit right into place along the side wall. “Now we‟re talking. Are you coming?” “Do you find pleasure in pulling me into dark crypts, Lara?” “Only when we have dark crypts to go into. I‟m afraid this is an attic. You‟re not afraid of a cob-webbed attic, now are you Zip?” “Alright, alright. Keep your eyes peeled.” They entered the passage, dust covering the wooden planks of the floor. It was dark, but Lara‟s light kept it quite bright. Several spiders scurried along the way, obviously running from these unknown predators. Then, the passage stopped. The light revealed a metal door. No hinges. No handles. “What now?” Lara pushed her hair back behind her ears as she examined the door. Then, she stood up straight and said over her shoulder, “Press that button again.” Zip, controller in hand pressed the button softly. A low hiss sounded from the metal door, and then it opened inward revealing a small broom-cupboard-sized room. In it was a wooden stand with on it a rolled up parchment. “I‟m confused. Why is this here?” “I have no idea,” she said as she closed her hands around the parchment. “Father spent his whole life dedicated to finding Avalon. In his earlier years he‟d spent a few years doing digs alongside my grandfather. But…this couldn‟t be his work. Maybe grandfather? Or maybe…mother.” “What did your mom do anyway?” “It‟s a long story.” Lara unwrapped the parchment. On it was a map. Of course. Then a hard object rolled off the map and onto the floor stopping by Zip‟s foot. He picked it up. An orb, glowing blue. “It looks like we‟re off on another adventure, Lara.” “Indeed. It looks as if we are.”
  4. @Mute2Conversations- I quite enjoyed Barkhang Monastery also. It was probably one of my favorite levels in the game, but also my least favorite. Tell me, just how many flares did you exhaust during the level? Well, mine were pretty much shot in Tibetan Foothills, and I ended up using my pistols to light the way (which doesn't even help when you are climbing a ladder and trying to find where to get off). In the end, I wound up using an unlimited flare cheat which made me upset...but I wanted to enjoy the level! And I hated how even if you shot ONE MONK BY ACCIDENT, they'd all go Jackie Chan on you and you'd have to reload. That was annoying even though I liked playing with NPC's in the area.
  5. Hey guys! Looks like you're all still having LOADS of fun as I look forward to reading your posts each day @Shrensh- I do believe the boss in CATACOMBS OF THE TALION was MUCH more intimidating than how easy he was to beat (that make sense???) I can remember when I played Tomb Raider II as a kid (as I'm only fifteen now) and being deathly afraid of those levels. I HATED the sounds those yeti guys make and they absolutely scared me even though I had always applied the Unlimited Ammo Cheat and had a basically INFINITE supply of health...but they were still scary. And the springboards were quite enjoyable too! I liked figuring out that you needed to shoot the bells (of course after FINDING them) just because it was cool. ALthough for those familiar with the first Tomb Raider movie (Triangle of Light) did she not have to ring a bell to enter an icy tomb also?!?!? Looks like Hollywood had run out of ideas. Keep up the good work everyone! Cannot wait to see posts from Tomb Raider II GOLD!!!
  6. Hiya all! Well, firstly I've beaten the game. WHOOHOO! This was the first classic Tomb Raider I played the whole way through. But... As I posted during the dawn of this incredible thread, I had a bad copy of the PS1 version (no thanks to my younger brother who thinks games can just LAY FACE DOWN ON THE FLOOR!) For awhile I had been having startup issues, but got those fixed and everything was running smoothly until the FLOATING ISLANDS level. The room where you have walls of fire on parallel sides of the room and the gap in the floor between each side, I got to the part where you have to jump to the upper room and do your best NOT to fall in the spike pit. Well, everytime I went into that room, my game started going all haywire. At some points invisible blocks would be in my way and at others the game would freeze upon pressing the LOOK button. (L1 for anyone interested ) So I was forced to use level skip which I wasn't very proud of. But according to Stella's Walkthrough, I was already pretty far in the level and nearing the end! Also, another thing I wasn't proud of and a ntoe to those who are still in the Maria Doria levels: SAVE THOSE STINKIN' FLARES! Tibet was ncie because there were not many places I needed to use flares. but guess what, once I got to TEMPLE OF XIAN, I had to use yet another cheat as, let me tell you this, THIS LEVEL IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CONQUER WITHOUT FLARES! SO I used the flare cheat and, thank goodness made it out alright. The Dragon was difficult as any time I shot him down (Uzis are nice but grenade launchers are better) I always seemed to be on his wrong side and by the time I got over to the other side...well, CHOMP CHOMP...I am dead. I wanted to comment about the game creators on this level. It seems that throughout the game, and this is how I look at it, the creators have set you and Lara "impossible" obstacles and laugh at you every time you are incapable of solving one of these said obstacles. But when it comes to fighting the Dragon, it seems the creators, Lara and yourself are all in it together. They just THREW all the health packs down in the water and THREW down there all of those Uzi clips. Also, silly Helion555 forgot to take a picture of his ending statistics (didn't feel up to watching the credits roll). So I'll redo HOME SWEET HOME again and get those for ya'! @STELLA- So sorry about your Youtube Channel. I know how it feels to have technology backfire into your face (you know what I'm talking about ) So you have my understanding. I smiled upon your comment about saving when possible because my mother tells me the same thing all the time. Well, I won't be playing GOLD (stupid PlayStation). But I'll definitely be here to post. I'd love to see some images so UPLOAD UPLOAD UPLOAD! Speaking of images, my results for FLOATING ISLANDS (not 100% accurate) and DRAGON'S LAIR are below. And one more note, I played a bit of Tomb Raider 3 today. I never noticed the SECRET at the very beginning of the game (JUNGLE) which holds the SHOTGUN and shells! I was like, HEEEEEEYYYY when I found it by accident (or was it my Tomb Raiding Instinct...?????) I was thinking about it, and this is just a thought, but it seems that with Guardian of Light just around the corner, we might not have much time to do Group Play. So maybe we could do a Guardian fo Light Group Play before Tomb Raider 3? Just a thought. I know I'll be playing both regardless, but I just wanted to deliver a suggestion. Read up and RAID ON!!!! I posted this without the image links...WHOOPS! FLOATING ISLANDS: http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1355.jpg DRAGON'S LAIR: http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1356.jpg Also, I took a picture of the Bartoli Goon's license plate. Anyway else notice something easter egg-ish? (CULT1 maybe?) Here's the pic below: http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1358.jpg And again... READ UP AND RAID ON!!!!
  7. Hey raiders! It seems like everyone is having a blast (and even some are finishing up!!!) I went through my first Tomb Raider Withdrawl, a time frame covering two days where I couldn't play or read the forum. YIKES! I, as the FACEBOOK group says, "jumped out of my bed like a ninja" when I could to play some Tomb Raider as soon as it was possible this morning...sorry for that. I performed this summer in a local theatre company's musical production of the Wizard of Oz. The past three days were our first three performances which last about seven hours each (from getting there to waiting an hour for the show to start and then driving another hour home). To put it bluntly: I've been pooped. So this morning I got up and began to play TR2. I'm on Barkhang Monastary, an impossible level for me. Or, an impossible level for those of you who exhausted your flare stock in the previous Maria Doria levels...Yes. I was stuck in an indoor Tomb Raider level with no light source in some rooms. I was almost half-tempted to pull out the unlimited flare cheat. But no...I WILL finish this game fairly (in the state of mind that walkthroughs don't count). So I'd also like to start talking about the Tibet levels. @STELLA- I get pretty claustrophobic in levels like THE WRECK OF THE MARIA DORIA. I feel I am mroe of an open area Tomb Raider player. I understand Lara likes the tight spaces, but that's one area in which we disagree...especially in the classics. So when I got to TIBETAN FOOTHILLS, I had one of those "breaths of fresh air". And oh what a feeling. This level didn't even require the snowmobile to complete it. I found all of the secrets and I liked a lot of the different rooms in it. Excuse me for calling these rooms as that is how each area is referred to in the Tomb Raider Level Editor. I have some pics below for you of different rooms I saw and simply fell in love with: IN TIBETAN HOOTHILLS: http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1329.jpg http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1330.jpg http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1332.jpg This one was my first FLOATING MAN! http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1335.jpg http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1336.jpg (ABOVE ONE MY FAVORITE) IN BARKHANG MONASTARY: http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1343.jpg http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1347.jpg I loved these images a lot...each one had a ton of character and thought put into them...props Eidos! So Tibetan Foothills. I agree the snowmobile was difficult to drive. I used one of the firearms snowmobiles at the end where you have to battle two vehicles against yourself. I died more times in this level than in any other level...whoops. I'd have to say there were several men with guns that dropped your health bar a lot. The guys were extremely strong and it made me think...were we getting it off easy? I'd imagine if somebody gets shot with ANY gun, they've already got enough damage to prevent them from shooting back at you (assuming you're NOT Lara Croft). So I wonder, maybe the health dropping low with the stronger enemies is mroe realistic being that Lara isn't wearing a bulletproof vest! Anyone else agree? So here are my stats for that level and THE DECK which I forgot to post: THE DECK STATS: http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1328.jpg TIBETAN FOOTHILLS STATS: http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1337.jpg All in all, I loved this level and was somewhat sad to leave it at the end. Although challenging, it was FUN and had some awesome techno music to boot. QUESTION: I have the PLAYSTATION version of the game. When starting up the game, it goes to a blue screen where you can select to play the game or watch trailers for TIMESPLITTERS and the Dreamworks movie CHICKEN RUN. Just out of curiosity, do you PC players get this screen??? (I find it slightly annoying. I have a Tomb Raider game to play Tomb Raider...not watch trailers for a movie about claustrophobic chickens...) And onto Barkhang Monastary. Upon my return home from our matinee showing this afternoon, I ate (because I hadn't eaten lunch) and then sat down on our big screen and played the new level. Just a side note, playing a classic Tomb Raider on a big screen has its ups and downs. It's good because...well, Lara's on the big screen! But on the down side the textures get pretty stretched and etchy at some points and I wonder if I wouldn't have more luck playing on my bedroom tv. The level itself is the most challenging in the game so far (for me at least). I read about others who are fizzing out over Maria Doria levels and I think to myself, "You're complaining!". Well I have some news for you, prepare yourselves...save frequently and stock up on ammo, flares and health packs!!! You really need it in this level. I had to pull out the walkthrough relatively early in Barkhang. Honestly, the first room. I didn't recognize the black texture opposite the monastary entrance to be a ladder. Oh well. The birds caused me to fall down several times which was quite annoying. And I hated how I would sometimes misfire and shoot one of the monks. Automatically, they're all going T-REX on me and hunting me down with their spears. Like I tried to shoot them... They proposed another tactical problem. So I have been forced to let them fight it out until they all drop dead, and then I have to finish them off which is hard since they're like those rats everbody assumes are on steroids. They come at you with machine guns and realy tackle your health meter. Although I did have one awesome Tomb Raider moment. I had climbed a tower to recieve a Prayer Wheel. When I got to the bottom, three goons were waiting for me. I died the first time dropping down to them, bit I had luckily save moments before (still inside the tower). This time I was ready. I pulled out my uzis and dropps through the hole. The camera angle was in such a position that I could see Lara grit her teeth as she fired rapidly while dropping many feet to the ground. It was amazing. Well. I'm off to continue working on Barkhang. I simply HAD to post tonight! Haha. Well, goodnight all! And raid on!!!
  8. Okay Stella and my fellow raiders, I think I fixed the problem with viewing my images uploaded to my Photobucket album. The album in question was default set in Private Mode. I changed it to Public so you should all be able to see the images. Do remember, I am a PlayStation player, so my images are not comparable to the sleek PC images...
  9. Hey guys! Well, I finally beat the last of the water levels (THANK GOODNESS!!!). As much fun as some parts were, others were not so much and it seemed that these levels dragged on quite a bit. Three, maybe four levels is fine by me for one location... @Stella- I don't know what it is, but it seems when I try something on the computer, it doesn't work out correctly the first time. Thanks for letting me know though. The sequence of pictures I had were pretty cool, in the respect that they're useful for speedrunners. I will have to see what I did wrong and try to fix it. Thanks! @Mute2Conversations- Your posts always make me smile at such an early time in the morning as this! They seem to be very thought out and comical all the same. Haha...keep it up! I did beat THE DECK this morning, which drug on forever as I've been underwater for the past four days...ugh...I only found two secrets (GOLD and JADE) and completed it in 58 Minutes. Silly me, I forgot to snap a pic when I was done and berated myself for the lack of focus. I think it was all that Tomb Raiding I did yesterday morning. Well, now I am on to the Tibetan Foothills. Although now would be a good time to start speedrunning the levels, so maybe my posts will escalade into a mixture of both. Again, thanks Stella for making me aware of the picture problem and for starting this incredible group-play forum! I myself might eventually have to take a break as well for Guardian of Light, I have microsfot points sitting on my desk in preparation for the 360 release...so excited! @EldinSuper- How is it you upload your images in such a big size? I wouldn't image mine are that big! But when I try to attach them to my posts I get the error message that says FILE TOO BIG. What do you do to put them on there? Good job everyone!
  10. Okay my forum amigos, I had a great gameplay session this morning and discovered a ton of new things I cannot wait to share with you. I also have some images (links below) of different places and a sequence that will help any Speedrunners out there! SO first, let us talk about the first level I completed this morning: The Wreck of the Maria Doria. I didn't like this level as much as others, but the feel of it was pretty cool. @Shrensh- The creepy air was the only reason I really enjoyed the Wreck of the Maria Doria. It was cool and everything, but it didn't seem as fun and exciting as some of the other levels. And a note-the windows that reveal water outside, and sharks is really cool. I died once and it was completely not my fault. When you are in the Captain's Room, whatever it's called, with the upside down wheel and stuff, there was a ramp somewhere around there which held a trapdoor you would use to get the key outside the ship in the water. Well, upon my primary exploration of the area, I stood down on the trapdoor, and I didn't know until later I had been stepping on one, and my health bar was down. The next thing I know, a shark's mouth pops through the trapdoor-WHILE IT'S CLOSED!-and bites me and I died. A glitch... Speaking of glitches, my brother was playing the Great Wall last night, and he fell down into the second spike pit during the intense trap-run and didn't die. He had landed in the spikes and was able to walk around. Just another cool glitch. Also @Shrensh- I felt the same with with those two baddies that came through the closed door and attacked me. I had to resort to the use of a large medipack, one I was battling to save. Well, you can say I was happy when the Wreck of the Maria Doria was over as it wasn't me favorite level in the game. EVerybody is saying they enjoyed Venice and Tibet the most. I LOVED Venice, so I'll probably love Tibet as well. @Stella- I don't remember if this was Maria Doria or Living Quarters, but I agree that the fact that switches are located in a ridiculous place being they are far away from the doors they open. I think the sailors on the Maria Doria should sue the ship's architects. In the room where you have the burners and the ledge you have to shimmy across to reach a switch that turns them off, the lever to open the door to the next room couldn't be reached! I mean, what if the ship sank or something (what a slim chance this is). The sailors would have to be half drowning before they could use the lever to open the exit door!!! I haven't put on any stats since Opera House, so here they are below: (Note- I pretty much have given up on finding all three secrets in each level. I'll go back for them when I start speedrunning the levels) Offshore Rig:http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1288.jpg Diving Area:http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1289.jpg 40 Fathoms:http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1290.jpg The Wreck of the Maria Doria: http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1312.jpg But wait...there's more! I played and completed (in a sense) Living Quarters as well this morning in about 39 Minutes. This is simply because I found a cool glitch that would be good for any speedrunner. And, oh my goodness, I am forgetting something big. Let's jump back to Maria Doria for a second. At one point, you will be in a room that looks like this... http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1315.jpg In this picture, the platform you need lowered to get to the higher area is already lowered. After completing a backroom with a spike pit trap and two switches with two ledges, this platform lowers. But I found a way to skip this area and continue on without lowering the platform. By following the series of images below, you will be able to continue without the risk of death in the spike-pit room. Click on the link and then, whilst in my Photobucket Album, find the four images labeled Parts 1-4 to discover how to easily bypass this area. http://s1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/ Okay, now back to Living Quarters. Here's a cool pic I wanted to share because it looks incredible with Lara in it: http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1324.jpg After a a bit in Living Quarters. You'll come to a room with tall, thin pillars. It's the room where you can jump up on the crate and then over the railings to backtrack, the room where a big gap separates you from THE DECK (the next level). Well I discvoered a way to, once you get here, skip the rest of the level and continue straight to THE DECK. Sorry I don't have pictures as once I discoverd this, I was automatically taken to the next level without a seconds' thought. WHat you do is find the gap that separates you from the doorway to THE DECK, which sits on the other side of the gap. Find the edge of your side of the gap that stretches farther out than any other ledge on your side. Arrange Lara so that she is in the top right corner of the ledge, direct her towards the leftmost side of the doorway's ledge, then jump while holding the ACTION button. Lara should grab the ledge and either the level ends when you grab it, or when you pull yourself up. Sorry, everyone, for taking up so much space with this post. I had a great time with TR2 this morning and love being able to record the experience so that others see it. I'll get to posting images of THE DECK tip soon, so until then...keep up the GOOD WORK!
  11. Morning guys! Well...I must say that this morning was not nearly as productive as other mornings have been as I worked on the Wreck of the Maria Doria for an hour only to find I had missed a circuit breaker. That was very annoying as then I used Stella's Walkthrough to backtrack through the level until I found it. I haven't gotten there yet...but I want to take a short break. So, so far I have the Jade and Stone dragons and am loving the level. It's so cool being in a capsized underwater ship with Lara! Also, for those of you who died at the beginning of 40 Fathoms, a tip I found is to look for the trail of boxes when you first start out. If you find them (laying on the seabed) simply swim in their path towards the ship. This will prevent you from drowning Ms. Croft. I do not like some of the unrealistic points in this level, and others. For instance in Maria Doria, you have to pull that switch in the room with the boat and the door with the circular twist-thing. The lever is not next to the door, but a few clicks ABOVE the door which is quite annoying as I would think the switches would be right next to the doors in real life. Oh well, this is still an incredible game! Also I found that there was a collapsable floor tile that doesn't collapse in the place where the barrels roll past. Running towards the floor space, ould be the top right tile that didn't seem to trigger for me...I love the little bugs in the game as they are fun to work with! Corner bug for example. Also, I forget who mentioned it, but I love the Venice music as well. While playing through the level, I enjoyed listening to those violins... Keep up the good work everyone! I love this group-play and it's lots of fun to read others' posts! Good job all!
  12. What if I get the error message saying FILE TOO BIG? Should I resize it somehow? Thanks for all the help
  13. Hey Raiders! So I had a productive morning having beaten Offshore Rig, Dive Area and 40 Fathoms. I found all three secrets in the first and third levels, but only two in the second. I guess the Gold Dragon was at the very end of the level and I went straight to the cutscene before I managed to get it... By I found some useful stuff along the way for you guys, including another useful glitch I found on the PlayStation version on Offshore Rig. Whilst there, the part where you must coax the goons into shooting the windows, stand upright against the center of a glass window, facing it, and roll. If done right, you'll find yourself on the other side of the window without it having to be smashed. And the only time I had to use a walkthrough for this level was to find the switch that opens the bottom of the seaplane. In Diving Area, the flamethrowers were quite annoying and I found myself doing a lot of back and forth work having to run from one of the doors in the square hallway to the other. That was a bugger. Also, I find myself incorrectly shooting the harpoon gun as it takes six shots to kill one frogman. Anyone else got that problem? A part where I died constantly was the room with the pillars and the swinging hooks over the water where you have to get from one side to the other. Another useful tip I found was that you can stand on the sides of the blocks/ pillars as the hook swings by you without taking damage. This will save you some health. If you stand on the first block and shoot the goons without being in their target range, that's a good technique as well. Also, the next room with the slope and toxic pool killed me four times before I got the jump right. I stayed away from the center of the ramp because I thought the small landing with the Silver Dragon was another ramp that took you indefinitely into the toxic pool. Then I tried it and discovered that's where the secret was! Also, the M16 was a nice addition to Lara's ever-epanding arsenal of weapons. Does anybody still get startled by those stupid dogs?!?!?!? 40 Fathoms was a nice break from combat, although when getting the Jade Dragon and dealing with those barricudas, I found myself holding my breath trying to swim away as fast as possible. I'm not made of medipacks ya' know! I also used a walkthrough to find the Jade Dragon as it was kinda' difficult to track down. And figuring out how to fill the one chamber with water near the end AND how to open that chambers' door was quite the time-spender. Stella's site was loading when I finally found the switches and proceeded towards the level's end. I am pretty excited to start The Wreck of the Maria Doria. I'll prbably do that tonight. This is so much fun everyone! Also, I feel kinda dumb for asking this so late. But how do you upload the pics directly to the post. It's too much work putting them on Photobucket and then linking them to the post...anyone? I'll put up my Stats images when I can put the pictures directly on so I don't have to keep going to Photobucket...
  14. Morning guys! I'm having an awesome success streak with getting my game to work correctly. It didn't freeze at all while playing and I manageds to get through two and a half levels. Good times. During Venice, I found all secrets which surprised me as I didn't think I could do that AND complete a level without a walkthrough twice. I forgot to post my stats last night so they are below. In Bartoli's Hideout, I felt about as bad as everybody else still adjusting to the D-Pad controls. I would smile when reading someone's post about falling off an edge and think...seriously? It's that hard? But don't worry, I know the struggle now as I had my own share of untimely falls whilst playing the game. And then I got to Opera House. A whopper. It seemed I couldn't go five minutes without running into a baddie of some sort. It took forever to kill the boss-baddie at the end of the level as I'd already exhausted my supply of medipacks. Haha! I liked the whole stage thing going on in the level and, once again, was able to collect all three secrets without the use of a walkthrough. Actually, I did have to use it once when trying to find out where to go in the first room, the big canal with the Opera House on the other side. I didn't know that you could shatter the windows with a few well-placed bullets...but that was the only time I needed one...only to figure out that the windows were breakable! It seemed a bit like TR5, you could do all of these new abilities and you didn't know it until you look it up in a walkthrough...like those circular doors you can pull open or jump and yank down from the ceiling. And I found something quite useful in Opera House. The canal is a formidable oppenent as it will annoy you to death when you make an incorrectly-placed jump and fall all the way down, then having to climb back up so you can fall down again. So the tip I have for you is the CORNER-BUG. If you make a nasty fall and need to get back up, swim to the platform in the water where the goon shot at you and use the corner bug on the wall facing the area with the breakable windows. If you use the corner-bug correctly, you'll find yourself on the ledge above in about three or fours jumps. This can come in handy! Well, off to Offshore Rig now! Stats for Venice, Bartoli's Hideout and Opera House below: Venice Stats: http://s1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/?action=view&current=100_1280.jpg Bartoli's Hideout Stats: http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1281.jpg Opera House Stats: http://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/100_1285.jpg
  15. Okay...with a bit of "patience and persistence" I was able to play through the Great all and Venice today with my half-broken copy of the game...haha! I discovered that after an hour or so, the game will freeze and then won't work for awhile...but on the bright side, I found out Tomb Raider 2 Gold for the PC is only .99 on Ebay and Amazon! So I'll work on convincing my mom to buy it for me...maybe do some of those extra chores. But on to the forum. I love the whole thing. Some of the comments make me laugh. @Stella...And I quite enjoyed the video, Stella. When I saw the corner bug two months ago or so, I tried it and was surprised it worked! It seemed to goopd to be true at the time because it was so darn cool! I noticed the color-changing block on the roof wasn't in TR2 so I must've been playing TR3. I'm sure the corner bug helped you while redoing the maze walkthrough map! Also, I am pretty beast now at Venice. I found two treasures with my own exploration tactics! YES! I finally beat a level with all secrets in the TR games WITHOUT a walkthrough (I'm sure I'll need to use one eventually, though...haha!) I liked finding the gold one at the bottom of the pool in one of the first underground waterways. You should have seen the expression on my face! I think I'll get up tomorrow morning and start on Bartoli's Hideout next. Also, I think I want to start speed running the levels. Let's see how fast I can manuver those traps in The Great Wall... Until tomorrow...Good raiding everyone! What an interesting weekend! (Not to mention this was my first time discovering what a forum was...haha!!) P.S. Here are my Great Wall stats. Stats: http://s1042.photobucket.com/albums/b421/Helion555/?action=view&current=100_1279.jpg
  16. Loved that...haha...that's gonna happen to me now
  17. I felt the same way! This is like playing a new Tomb Raider game because I've never actually played through the whole original games without the use of cheats. And just today, I finished Venice with all three secrets found by myself! I was so proud when my stats came up...
  18. That's okay, I'm in the same predicament. I started this morning and discovered the game was poorly taken care of my my younger siblings. (WHY DID THEY HAVE IT!?!?!?) So now, when I am lucky enough to get it started, it freezes at some points so I'm playing through the game VERY slowly. HAHA! I did manage to save at the end of the first level and beat the tutorial level at Lara's Mansion. I never found all the secrets in the tomb raider games...so when everyone was talking about the t-rex's, I wondered what the heck they were talking about. Now I realize there's a LOST VALLEY inside the Great Wall! Haha! Well, once I get a chance to get back on, I'll take a longer period to play it and further myself.
  19. I suppose. My computer supports the TR Gold levels just perfectly, I'd say even better than the PlayStation. But I don't have the PC version, only PlayStation. It's a good thing my copy of TR3 still works!
  20. Well raiders, I must say that I hate to say this, but my PS2 version has completely stopped. I was able to play through the tutorial level at her humble abode, but when I started the actual game, it froze during the cutscene and then I tried starting up anything at all for thirty minutes and nothing happened! It's a tomb raider nightmare. I just need to wait, now, until you do TR3 because I know my copy of that is working well. Though, I was fortunate enough to get the TR Gold levels on my PC, so if you guys do them, I'll post what happens there. I did manage to complete Lara's Mansion. So here is what I found! While watching the opening cutscene, I was reminded of how cool the story is for TR2. It really does have some of the series coolest environments, even if they are not up to date. I began with Lara's Mansion as it deserves attention as much as any of the other levels. My timed run stopped on 1:40.2 which made me very proud. It seems like I just sped right through it! Next I traversed the hedge maze. My first two times of trying to open that door were unsuccessful, the door shutting while I could see it in sight. But on the third time, I zoomed right in, WITH A FEW SECONDS TO SPARE!!! Here's a pic that proves Hunter W. has made it into Lara's Secret Room on TR2. And then, because no tutorial level is really complete without this, I locked Winston in the freezer for good measure. Here are two pics of that. One of preparing for it, another of the final product. Well guys, I'll be reading and posting for you. Stinks I can't play TR2, but I'll join in again for TR3! Wishing you all fun, Hunter (helion555) ---EDIT--- Sorry guys, it seems the links I made to the pictures have to be copied and pasted into the search bar, too much work. SO here's a link to my album with the same pics if you are interested. Cheers! TR2MansionPics
  21. is excited for the Tomb Raider Co-Play!!!

  22. I am totally in on this. Never endeavored something like it before and am totally excited! I myself will have to unplug my 360 for a bit to go back to the roots of my gaming career. It seems like so long ago I was speeding through the canals of Venice! This is going to bean incredibly good time!
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