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  1. In the ice level---I forget the name but there are snowmobiles----I discovered something new! If I ride the bad guy's bike, I get new music!
  2. Finally got to the opera house 2 nights ago. I'm at the early part of the level. I remember figuring out how to get inside stumped me, but it all came back! Show of hands: Who has tried to chimney jump or use their grappling hook in TR2?
  3. What I've learned replaying TR2: 1. I've been spoiled by my PS3 and newer games: I forgot TR2 had no auto save points. Yikes! I had to start all over. Plus, I can't remember how to properly shut off my PS2---except to first remove the memory card (MEMORY CARD?!?). 2. Going back to d-pad for movement was a challenge: I've adjusted better than I thought to the joysticks. My left thumb is sore! 3. All my fancy moves are coming back: It's like zen, one moment I'm confused; then I relax, my fingers move on their own and Laura is making quick trips down ladders and backflipping while shooting! WOOHOO! 4. I've missed the TRAPS: The Great Wall section has a number of traps one right after the other where you have to time it just right to get a secret. You all know the one I mean. The newer TR just don't have as many traps. 5. The music....ah, the music...... 6. The annoying "No" when you try to open a lock she doesn't have the key for.......Irksome. It has not been missed. 7. I remember when the sight of her braid floating in the breeze got me all excited about the progress in game programming and design. Still, I contend that the rich colors of Chinese tapestry we see early and late in the game remain beautiful. 8. POLYGONS! 9. Husband asking yet again: "What are the dinosaurs and tigers EATING down there? How do they live?" THIS IS FUN!
  4. I'm in! Just have to fire up the PS2 (once I find it!). Been an avid Tomb Raider from the beginning. Found Stella's sight early on and it is amazing. Here's to the game!
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