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  1. Nice, I would love to share the TR3 gaming with you But, I already started and finished the India and Nevada levels. But I am always taking lots of screens to share later I am playing TR3 and all the rest of the games because it's now like a tradition. You can check it here: Gratz Mute2Conversations, I read your haiku and it was really good ;D
  2. Well, Tomb Raider had its ups and downs: from the first positive shock, to the downfall in AoD (which I consider, although being buggy and glitchy, a very good game, but that's another topic), the reborn in Legend, and the critical state that it is now: critical, because either the franchise loses a lot of impact, or it reborns gloriously. But, since the begginig of the franchise, gamers are always expecting something new, something cool, or just something. So, what do you expect? Better graphics, sound, presentation, longevity? You can answer using the polls, or if you wish, write a reply Happy Raiding
  3. Opera house See, it has a pool Well, we all see everyday a T-Rex behind a building. Don't we? Be careful, or Lara will CUT OF YOUR NECK Lara just couldn't resist Statistics. I now have plenty of experience in killing these enemies. Since I mostly used the shotgun, it was easy Well, TR3 is next, and man, what a BIG challenge. Had lots of fun. Thank you everyone
  4. Well, it is over. Tomb Raider 2 , and the Golden Mask are done. It was a very enjoying ride and next year i'll probably do it again. There is one and a half month left untill LCGOL is released (for my console, PS3), and I intend to finish all the tomb raider games. Hope I can do it As for TR1, it's already done, TR2 was a co-op ride, which I enjoyed a lot, and I'm up to TR3 now. I don't know if I can post the screens and all the things like TR2, so the question is being leff right here right now: Is the TR co-op gaming going to be extent to the other games? Since I have lots of free time now, I went pretty quickly through TR2 and Golden Mask, and I wanna go foward. For now, my final report on Golden Mask is on the last level, Nightmare in Vegas, a pretty nice level to finish our adventure: it's an adventure through an hotel, ta daaaa. It's a pretty easy, relaxing level, with plenty similarities to the manor. Except for the two T-rexes. And the third guardian. And the sculpture. And the parking lot. And the cages. But hey, there is, like, a piano in both the hotel and the manor Lara's bathroom. With an aquariaum, pretty original Leopard bedroom: Nice view, eihn? Yay, Lara likes to jump in bed Well, feel free to suicide, since there are no fences or barriers Oh, but I wanted to climb I would love to play in that piano Keep reading the next post... | | | V
  5. Hi again. I have been working on finishing TR2 Gold, and I am halfway through the Nightmare in Vegas level. So, now I am here to post about the previous level Kingdom. It's hard. It's REALLY hard. This is the definite TR level. It is very hard, imaginative, you have plenty of environments, from forests, to rocky areas, pseudo-temples and of course, golden rivers. You have to work your way through the forest to get to the "Guardian's Lair" a then, you guessed it, kill him. One think that I'd like to point out, is the fact that secrets in this level are for experts only. Especially the third secret. You have to go to a completely new area, and traverse it, and it is very well hidden: the core of the gold. That's the most rich room in TR history !! Some rocks, trees, and wall paintings. The cages Entrance to the forest with a romaing sasquatch The beautiful sky. It is refreshing to come back to an outdoor environment. Btw, this is the first level in TR games to feature a forest/jungle. Ok, this is a glitchy pick, infraview is kinda crazy, but since the sky was so beautiful, here it is The gold core The entrance of the Guardian's lair He's coming for you, déjà vu Final statistics:
  6. Well, glad you all solved the problems Hi everyone! As you know I am playing the gold levels of TR2, and I am here to "report" on the third level Furnace of the Gods. There is a more than clear difference between the first two levels and the next two: While the first two sets are the inflitration in that base, with the outdoor snowy environment, and all the surrounding buildings with lots of enemies, the last two are the search through the catacombs or ruins, whatever, but it is a more closed tomby environment and with fewer enemies. Mostly wildlife now. When I first played the Furnace of the Gods level I didn't like it that much. I thought it was too hard, unrealistic and dull. Now that I have meticulously gone through it again, I realized it is not that boring, if you know what to do. It has two main areas: the golden mask area, with the giant blue hall, and the rivers of gold (yup, still don't think it is that realistic. But it is TR). The first one is pretty simple, nothing much to look at. The second one takes you to the upper part of the rivers, where you can exit to a forest (that's the fourth level, Kingdom). I just ask myself: after Lara gets the golden mask, why doesn't she come back through the base?? She killed everyone, knows the way, and it is a much saffer way to go. But well, Lara likes to explore, so she went going. Oh, well. I am a mouse, I am deadly, and I am coming to get you No spikes get Lara The big blue hallway The golden mask Yellow water. Pretty expensive, gotta tell you. Lara has just become even more rich. The rivers of gold. Lara should take her jacket. The temperature for liquid gold is pretty high. Ice, and gold, and water, and bones, and rock, but mostly, Lara This is definilty my favourite are in the level This pic makes me hungry... Because I once did a cake named "marble cake" that looked just like that xD Big decrease of med packs usage. It has clearly fewer enemies. Well, I have alredy gone through part of the Kingdom level, and I am about to have fun in a hotel, if you know what I mean Happy raiding
  7. Uhuh, skelleton I don't know why but this one remebers me the end of the Angkor Wat level in Last Revelation Definitly Lara is better in here The final stats. As the previous level, I retraced a bit and played most areas twice, since it is the 2nd time I play the golden mask, I want to know better the levels. Now, I am gonna enter in a very hard and somewhat odd level, Furnace of the Gods. Happy Raiding! P.S.: I sent already a mail to Stella, but I would like to say it in here, although is not the more appropriate place. I was checking the Guardian of Light videos in IGN. So I searched for the game, and this came: http://uk.search.ign.com/product?query=lara+croft+and+the+guardian Yup, you are seeing it right? Episode 1, 2 and 3. Are there like, going to be three games? Three DLC? I wanna find some more answers. If anyone has them, please transmit them.
  8. @Helion555: Ok, since you don't have access to the gold edition, I am trying to take screens that show the main environments of each level. So, after going through the delicious Cold War level, now we are led to a similar level, with the military kind of enrivonment. In the end of the level we find ourselves in a big excavation, and then it translates to an ancient civilization environment, just the one Lara likes This level is one of the most strategic ones I ever played in TR. You have to think how to kill the enemies, since there are a lot. You need to confuse them and get in certain positions of which you can kill them. Other than that, it is a pretty easy level, fun, but not THAT fun as the previous one. Here are some pics The flame guys are SCARY Staline decorated wars. Very... huumm... original A big snowy area A warehouse More buildings The entrance to the digging Well, there are more screens, but I haven't got enough space. I'll post them separately
  9. Hi everyone! Well, as I had already finished TR2 I am currently playing the gold edition, TR2: golden mask. I have already gone through the first level, Cold War. As I had only played these bonus levels once, I had some trouble finding the right place to go. Of course, no trouble I had in searching for Stella's help Then, I decided to restart the level, just to check it again since I completely loved the level. It is hard, yes, not good for new TR gamers, but it is wonderful: you have to jump, shoot, and use the snowmobile. What I found very nice about the level is the fact that it is pretty realistic (except those invisible man, or whatever) since you have to go through the whole ice thing and the "compound". It was a challenging level and it had almost everything a real TR should have. I totally fell in love with it. Here are some screens: You start the level the way we all like: FALLING Well, the white suit is, kinda of, a strange fashion choice xD And if Lara were a man, she was doomed: Invisible sliiiiiiiiideeeee: Mr. and Mrs. Eagle Spider Lara: Flying dead guy. Bug? Hum, dunno if it is a bug Definitly not a bug Wonder view: Final stats. Lots of big strong enemies, really hard, lots of healing needed. On my first run I took almost double the time xD I'm rockin through Fool's Gold, and as always, HAPPY RAIDING
  10. Hi everyone! I am back from the beach! The sun was really shiny and it felt good to relax. But now it's time to go through TR2 Gold, in a much snowy cold environment. I am not going to start just now, but after some sleep, since I am tired. Hope to post soon.
  11. Results: Home Sweet Home: the perfect name for a perfect epilogue. Basically, another only killing level I'm Lara Croft. This is my room. If you get in, you'll die. Theres an aerial entrance Final statistics: FINAL COMENTS ON GAME: Well, I always loved TR2. It's my favourite classic tomb raider game. And probably my favourite from all of them. One concept that I find very well adapted in the game is variety: there are many outfits (main, scuba, snow, gown), many guns (pistols, machine guns, harpoons, grenades)and many environments (venice, snow, wall of China, underwater). This makes the game not repetitive and indeed staggering. The music: it is great great great, all sound effects, every single piece of audio existing in the game fits perfectly every situation. The duration: in my 6th or 7th gameplay it took me 7.30h. Imagine on your first!. I believe it is a very very very good game, not perfect (it is impossible), but very very near perfect. OK, now, this is for Stella. When I was installing the game on my PC, I found some audio problems. Soon after some research, I found some links that would help me: the problem is that the music doesn't play (sound effects do) in some of the "sold out" versions of the game (which is mine). So, I searched through your site and didn't find anything. I also googled it and found some pretty good informations in a website. It envolved burning CD's and things like that. As I am not much of a techie, I got confuse and couldn't do anything. But, I was lucky enough to find a very very good audio fix in another website that was very very simple and effective. Also, the site contained both the "burning CD's" solution featured in the previous website and the easier one. Here is the link http://www.tombraiderhub.com/faq/traudio.html (the easy solution is featured in the bottom of the page, and is offered PaulD) Hope to help Loved to replay the game while sharing my opinions and screens with you. Thank you so much. Now, let's go to get tanned to the beach and I'll be back ready for another dose of the most beautiful, entertaining, defying, enjoyable, joyfull and completely outstanding game: TOMB RAIDER (PS: hope I don't get too behind if we're going to keep on playing )
  12. Hi and goodbye everyone! This is my last post until Thursday, since I am going for a much needed mini-vacation. I was able to complete the game, and I hope to start TR2 Gold soon, due to the fact that each summer I play all TR games. If you want it, I'll post screens and my opinion as usual. But for now, stay with the three final levels: Floating Islands, The Dragon's Lair and Home Sweet Home. Floating Islands: it is so refreshing to see so much green! I just think it is a color that completely suits the design. About the level, here you find for the first time the toughest enemies: the guardians (if they came back in guardian of light I would LOVE IT) . These are very difficult to kill. GRAR doors The most deadly traps ever (the blades) This is the most risky move Lara has ever made (of which she comes out alive) He caught dinner Results: this level has the record of most ammo used The Dragon's Lair: basically you just kill. And this time I had no problem in killing the dragon. Did it the first try. Marco Bartoli (a.k.a.: crazy italian) Just love the colour One hand uzi Nice glitch Results: (next post, need more space)
  13. Oops, got you Déjà vu Another déjà vu GRRRARRR Beautiful temple Final results. Took me not too long compared to other gameplays and healing was almost unnecessary HAPPY RAIDING
  14. Oh Shrensh, you're videos and screens are just too funny I am happy. Just went through the Catacombs of the Talion, the Ice Palace and the Temple of Xian, and I'm about to begin the Floating Islands. As I am close to my vacation, I'm trying to finish the game today. The final two ice levels are pretty easy and straighy forward, but on what comes to enemies there are a lot. Yes, these are two of the most enemy filled levels. The Temple of Xian is very very long, it has lots of traps, but that's it. I smell a swim: What can be below?? Results. Quick level. Lots of enemies. I also want that golden thingy BAM SLAM Lara's dead The inside glows Small level. Not many packs needed. Used the harpoon gun to kill those fish and I was happy ^^ The post will continue down, since I have no more space for screens
  15. WHY ARE SNOW LEVELS SO HARD??? All snow levels from all TRs are so hard: Tibet in TR2, Antartica in TR3, Base in TR5 (I'll explain further), Kazakhstan and Nepal in TRL and Jan Mayen in TRU, all so hard hard hard hard. I'll explain why I think (or at least thought) the Base levels in TR5 are so hard: when I was 6 or 7 years old, I was playing TR5 for the first time. Once I reached the part where Lara, after going through some vents in the submarine, arrives to a kitchen, and there is a cook there (she hasn't got guns). I just couldn't figure what was I supposed to do. At the time, I didn't have internet so I didn't know about Stella's walkthroughs, or else it would be easy. I tried and tried and tried so many times... Every afternoon after school, I arrived at home and played like crazy. As I am truly obssessed with TR, I just coudn't stop. So, one lazy afternoon I just thought "Let's see Lara going down the runway" and I started to walk through the kitchen. Then, as I saw the cook didn't spot me, I was just like "Ahah, I'm going to make fun of you", so I just started walking around behind him. Then I thought "Well, maybe, as he didn't spot me, I can do something with the pots and pans" so I pressed like crazy the action button. Suddenly, the inventory opened, and the crowbar was selected and I was amazed! Then "BAM" to the cook. I was so much excited that I ran to my neighbour just to tell him about that. And THAT'S why the levels are so hard. Well, Tibetian Foothills and Barkang Monastry were truly difficult. I had a hard time, died often, and those enemies were so strong I was mad at them. The beautiful sky: Well, this is a begginer jump: I told you it was a begginer jump Strange Lara death And my final results. I needed lots of packs, and I took some time since I used the snowmobiler. This hallway scared me Poor little monks: And the final results. God, it took lots of time and packs, even though I had the help of the monks. Now I intend to finish the game today. 6 more levels to come. HAPPY RAIDING
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