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  1. Hey guys! Haven't played too much with school starting and all, but I'm sick this weekend, so I thought I'd take a stroll through the underground tubes of Aldwych. The level is great, but just a tad bit long. There are a ton of things to hunt down in this level. Coins, keys, etc. I think there's a ticket - if I remember correctly - but I'll have to keep searching for that... haha @Mute2Conversations - I like how you played during the storm. Back during the Winter, we had one snowfall in our area, and my favorite part about the whole thing was playing Skyrim on my TV which is set on a desk in front of a big window. So as snow was falling in Skyrim, snow was falling in the real world and it was really cool. I thought this guy holding a torch was friendly - he wasn't moving or shouting strange sounds at me. Then when I touched the ground he charged me with his flaming club. Yikes. I pulled out my shotgun for this one, knowing I can't really use that weapon on the final boss. Does anybody else do that? Conserve their ammo with the Willard fight in mind? I just discovered LCO's chat room tonight. I was on for like an hour instant messaging other TR fans! It was actually, really cool. Interesting to read their thoughts on voice actresses and the new TR game midst conversations on the Hunger Games and Uncharted. lol
  2. As for my favorite Tomb Raider, it's hard to pick. I grew up with the classics, so I feel a sense of nostalgia for the Core games. The Atlantis levels of Tomb Raider 1 were great. And I loved the gnarly acrobatics Lara pulled off in some of those rooms filled with lava. In Tomb Raider 2, there was one standout moment in the Temple of Xian level that I'll always remember; on my first attempt I ran the length of a bridge that was suspended over a pit of lava. Behind me tumbled a titanic boulder. I could have jumped for a platform embedded in the dragon statue a leap away from the bridge's end, but instead, Lara rolled and clung to the edge of the bridge as the boulder rolled over her head and into the lava. In reality, her fingers would've been crushed, but Lara's too cool for reality. ;D Really I love all the games for different reasons: Angel of Darkness had an amazing story and soundtrack, Underworld was graphically amazing, etc. But honestly, I think I'll say that Guardian of Light tops my list. Some of my best memories come from playing co-op with my friend. There was an excellent balance between platforming, puzzle-solving, and combat. The story was simple, yet garnered an epic flare. The only downside, in my opinion, was that the music was recycled from other games, but that's merely a small gripe at the bottom of a long list of things I love about the game. I really hope they do more GoL-esque games in the future.
  3. I just finished Thames Wharf. It took me two sittings to get through; I finished at 1:30 I think. I really didn't like this level. Unlike a lot of this game's previous levels, this one has poor level design. I feel like this was a crazier jungle than India or the South Pacific. I can't say I'm a fan of dark levels, either. I like being able to see everything around me. But I was constantly using my flares in this level. (Remind anyone of Barkhang Monastery in TR2? ;D ) Also, what the heck is a Flue Room? It looks more like an incineration chamber than anything used for medicinal purposes. And just to clarify, you will most likely no see doors composing the walls in London. The use of textures in this level was just bad. A lot of them were stretched or didn't make sense for the area. I just didn't like this level. I know - I'm hating. But there were a few things that I really liked. The puzzle with the bladed machine underground was really interesting. I'm proud to say I solved it without perishing by its fans at all. *Cheers!* The second thing I liked was the building that had a row of windows and light coming through. That was a cool sight. The third sight I enjoyed was the hallway where you kill the mercenary with the Flue Room Key. You could see out the windows; transparent walls are used really well in these games and make for some cool scenery. The final thing I enjoyed was, naturally, the cathedral. Being able to see between the pillars from inside and see (an abnormally large) moon was awesome. I was glad this level was over. Aldwych comes next, I believe. Here's hoping that I can make that ledge at the start of the level. ;D
  4. And Temple of Puna is done. I actually played through this level once before (using the fan-favorite level-skip cheat), so I was already familiar with how to take down Puna. I killed him on my second try, because just as I fired the final shot on him the first time (cue explosion) I side-flipped off the platform and into the pit below. :/ London is next. Antarctica afterwards!
  5. Alright - I started in the middle of a rapid on Madubu Gorge. It took me a few minutes to reacquaint myself with the controls. Once I did, me and my kayak were off. You know what I realized for the first time ever? The ropes trigger the traps lining the rapids! It's no wonder I never finished these levels! I probably kept dying over and over again! I think the further you progress down the river, the more treacherous the traps get. I feel sorry for anyone who has to play on the PlayStation and, as a result, ration out their save crystals. Because I have to save every minute or so in this level! Finally, I got to the "plug room". Of all my memories of Tomb Raider as a kid, this is one of the most prominent in my mind. For some reason I thought there would be alligators in the chamber... There weren't. (But they came much later!) Bazooka! To ration... or not to ration... I'm being careful with my ammo because I know that I'll have to fight *SPOILER* Puna at the end of these levels. And the Willard fight is pretty hard on my inventory as well.... Hmmm... The waterfall cave is beautiful. I just love the South Pacific levels because of the water and the caves and the gorgeousness of them all. I would like to know how a well-preserved Lara Medipack wound up sitting on the corner of a ledge with water flowing underneath it. This would be a #TombRaiderNuances moment on Twitter. Lara hardly ever has the luxury of saying her enemy is the light at the end of the tunnel, because her true enemy is the boulder at the end of the tunnel. Yikes! There's always two boulders. I should have known that. I was priding myself that I remembered the right button for crouching and dodged the boulder at just the last moment... and then I ran into the second one. THREE BOULDERS?!?!?! I just got past the second one! ASKHNSKFSKD!!! Beat the level! Time: 1:15:37 Kills: 16 Health Packs Used: 4.5 Secrets: 2/3
  6. Hi everyone! I wanted to join in some weeks ago, but I got caught up in two other RPG's that I just couldn't put down. So what's it been? A year since I stopped playing? Jeez... I'm old. From the looks of it I stopped in one of the South Pacific levels. I beat India and Nevada - (and omg, did I really write those crazy alien theories? Ha!) so I'll just jump right in and let you know what's going down! ...South.
  7. Well I'm ticked. I went through the whole Mediterranean level and had about an hour's worth of writing on here. When I went to add my pictures, LCO freaked out on me and became unresponsive. I refreshed...and then *BAM*...no more post. Here's a recap: I found all artifacts and the one relic. The Kraken has a very long arm that scares me every single time. I dominated some sharks. I loved sprinting through the ruined halls of Niflheim. I love how when balancing on a beam, Lara can somersault. It was something new I discovered. I only died three/four times. Two were stupid camera issues. One was intentional. One was...by a shark. :/ It's getting late - so I'll add my cool pics tomorrow in a separate post (that way my current post doesn't get deleted). As Lara would say, "Ta!"
  8. I know. I know. It's about time I joined in the fun! I have to first start by saying: @Alice - your "just keep swimming" picture had me ROFL at 2AM! HILARIOUS! @Stella - Excellent boat pun. ;D I watched the cinematic trailer before I started playing. It makes me really nostalgic. Underworld was what got me back into Tomb Raider. I played most of the games as a kid (god I hated 40 Fathoms) - but didn't realize the series had moved on with Anniversary, Legend, etc. I still remember thinking when I saw the cinematic trailer - what the *beep* just happened? Lara's mansion is like the limbo of Tomb Raider. You go there while you're playing the game, but before you start the adventure. It's every raider's "happy place". Why would she blow it up? But that question was resolved after awhile. Enough rambling. Time to pull out the big guns and play some Underworld. I'm playing on Master Survivalist and plan on utilizing melee more. I was always afraid of getting too close to the baddies. I also want to max out my achievements (*ehem* Xbox reigns supreme *ehem*) This also means I need to find ALL of the treasures. Good thing we have a walkthrough writer handy. So Croft Manor is burning to the ground. I sang a verse of "London's Burning" while playing. I've decided that the next time I come across one of those briefcase-health packs, I'm going to pull out my binoculars and check them out for anything that might distinguish them as a health pack. Otherwise Lara's getting healed by a briefcase...and that's just weird. @Mute2Conversations - I see what you mean about the water. While I'm not getting nauseous from looking at it, it does make me feel slightly dizzy. While exploring the ocean floor, I had to turn my light on. My one friend bought Underworld, and he always called it the "boob light". For clarification, I will share with you guys what I shared with him: It's a clip-on. Does anyone else feel tension when they swim near the jellyfish? I got stung by a jellyfish once. That might be a contributing factor. The developers could have tortured us with hiding artifacts on the ocean floor. Instead they gave us nice little rooms to look around. <3 Well here I am! I'm going to progress a little tomorrow and pull out the old camera for some pictures. *thumbs up*
  9. Hey guys! How's it going? I've been playing through the South Pacific levels of TR3, and so far I've beaten Coastal Ruins and Crash Site. These levels are by far my favorite. Coastal Ruins had some gorgeous locations. I loved the temple, the smugglers' cave, the village. Just an awesome level. I loved hearing the beating of drums and chanting of the native hostiles. Such a cool level. Crash site was fun too. In the end you get this rocket-turret-like-thing and you have to kill several waves of velociraptors. I accidentally killed some of my teammates, but hey - free ammo! I'll post more, hopefully tomorrow. Hope all is well with your playthroughs!
  10. Wait...Willard dies? I've never played this before, so I didn't know he was bad. Just joking
  11. Oooooo...Area 51 is about to allow me to go theory-crazy. I beat it and found 1 secret, even though I'm sure I've gotten the other secrets before. IDK. I just wanted to get to the South Pacific Islands. So first, note that inside the UFO there are four seats. One ET is in a chamber in the room with the whales, the other is on the table in the room near the UFO, and two are inside sealed chambers in the UFO seating room. I'm thinking that these chambers are like cryo-chambers. Once the aliens crashed they must've sealed themselves in the chambers so that they could be reawakened some day. Perhaps they sent out a distress call, and that's the cause of all future UFO sightings. The other aliens are looking for the crashed UFO with Element 115. Anyways, two of the aliens didn't make it into the sealed chambers. While the other two sealed themselves up, the other ET's were probably trying to protect the ship. One got killed, and that's why he's (it's) on the dissection table in the room outside the UFO. Now the big question. Why was Element 115 in the possession of aliens in the first place? As we know, a meteor crashed on prehistoric Antarctica which was worshiped by ancient Polynesians who then crafted five shards from it. Four of the shards (we're un-including the Lost Artifact for now) were found by Darwin and his team, and then sold off upon their return to civilization. So how on Earth (pun intended) did the aliens come across the meteorite shard if they were already crashed on Earth and sealed in Area 51? Unless...unless the aliens were seeking the meteorite shard. Their people sent four ET's out on a journey to track down and obtain the shard for its untold power. They traveled to Earth where they found the piece in Area 51. They zapped it aboard their ship, but before they could takeoff, the shard's power became uncontrollable. Their ship wouldn't takeoff again. Instead, it crashed back down into Area 51. Two of the aliens fled to the cryo-chambers, but the other two knew they had to do something to protect what they'd traveled so far to obtain! They exited the ship. One got killed. The other captured. But they had succeeded. They'd sealed their ship with Element 115 inside. And it would stay their for generations until Lara, oh Lara, would come by and take it back. That's my theory!
  12. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the game PAST India. I think India was cool for the first level, but after that...when I wasn't on my quad bike I was pretty darn bored. Nevada has been fun though! I played through Nevada Desert and am on High Security Compound now. I absolutely LOVE the levels where Lara doesn't have his weapons, but must survive on wits alone. LOVE LOVE LOVE <3
  13. Nevada Desert is down. The last area in the level, where you use the quad bike, was kind of fun, and didn't pose much of a challenge. That's what I like. I like the puzzles and the kill-this-guy-to-grab-this-key-to-open-this-door stunts you have to do. Not the take-forever-to-climb-a-dam-that-you'll-probably-fall-off-of stunts. Lara's been captured by the guys in Area 51, and her arsenal has been stolen from her. Time to break out some inmates and call a JAILBREAK! I've beaten this level before. Kinda like it!
  14. What happened to our crew from TR2? This game must not have been well received. I think it gets better after India though. I played through the level with the ruins and and the quad. I did that level twice, once just speeding through and once for secrets (which I found all 5 of 5). It was a cool level, and I liked running over the monkeys. Then I did Caves of Kaliya. Know that Kaliya was, if I remember right, a Hindu snake god that lived the the River Ganges. Think of it as the Midgard Serpent for the Hindus. Anyways, at one point in time it poisoned the River Ganges, which is why the water becomes toxic at the end - because Tony is infused with the power of Kaliya. Or, in other words, the ancient Hindus based that myth off of somebody who, thousands of years ago, poisoned the River Ganges with the Infada Stone. It's all up to interpretation, I suppose. If anything, I'm again going to state the best part about India is how representative of the country it is. That's one of the only comments I have for that. o_o @Caity - I love your little "emoticons" (like the one just above). I hope you don't mind me copying you. Also, I would love to do the talk-while-play thingy. I'm free all summer! LOL ALso, if TR3 is frustrating you, just use level skip. Or follow a walkthrough like I think Mute2Conversations is doing. I think I'm nearing the end of Nevada Desert. Yes, I'm going in the order everyone else does. I just arrived in the area with the electrical fences and guards inside their perimeter. I think this level should be over by now, honestly. Traversing the dam, the gulch, the rapids, etc., was a big job! And now I have to find a quad bike, I think. IDK. I haven't played yet today, so maybe I'll do that. Keep postin' guys! I love reading yours, and Lara's thoughts!
  15. I am agreeing with everyone who doesn't like Temple Ruins. It is actually, very annoying. I think the level should have ended after the the room with Randy and Rory, in my opinion. If anything, though, these levels are very representative of India. I'm doing research for my next fanfiction adventure, Unraveling Harappa, and it brings Lara back to India, so I did a TON of research on the place, and observed different ruins and buildings online. Some rooms in the level seemed FILLED with textures of statues, and in real life, temples actually look very similar, filled from top to bottom with, literally, hundreds of statures. So my bad review for this level is that the layout was poor, and puzzles were lacking. My good review is that the level actually felt like the inside of an ancient, Indian temple. @Caity - I think talking while playing would be fun! Set it up and I'll join in. The level took me somewhere around 1:48 (hours and minutes) and I only found 2 secrets. I've decided that I'm not even going to bother trying too hard to find secrets in this game. But I will admit that secrets were much easier in TR1 and TR2. Poor Randy and Rory. I'll make a notice here. Awhile back a friend got me Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact which are the bonus levels for this game. During the last level, you stick the secret 5th meteorite shard inside a floating body with a hole in it. I think that these guys are becoming mutated because the artifacts try to bond with the body...or something like that. Anyways, during Lara's and Tony's first meeting, Tony hadn't found the artifact yet. So it appears that Tony met up with Randy and Rory inside and found the Infada Stone in the same chamber where we saw Randy and Rory. He may have even fought them for it, because notice that during the cutscene, when Tony is on the raft, he has the artifact stuck in his chest. That brings up another question. Why did Lara become so hostile with him? Did she know that he had been mutated like Randy and Rory, which she witnessed the effects of inside? Or was she just trying to get the artifact from him. What are you guys' thoughts on all that? More to come!
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