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    Lara Croft <br />Pizza<br />Teen Titans<br />Sleep<br />School<br />VIDEOGAMES O_O
  1. LOL!! Its seems that your wish was not granted

    Miss you buddy its been (YEEAAARRSSS) LOL!! Add me on facebook

    Khalid El-Kaaki

  2. Hello Everyone =P. Wow. it has been ages. According to LCO, I havent been on since march of '09. Thats A LONG TIME O_O. College is in fact very time consuming as well as persuing a career. :3 Just saying hello and remembering all the friendly faces that still seem to roam about LCO =P. I've been playing a lot of third person shooters lately. I am currently playing Left 4 Dead 2, Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, BioShock, F.E.A.R2, and new consoles. I'm very fortunate to have these luxuries but most important of all is my little interent homepage Lara Croft Online.com. :3. I missed everyone and
  3. Yes I am upset that she won't be in the next movie. I think she did an excellent job portraying Lara.

    Have a good day :)

  4. Hi AJ. Nice to meet you. Im glad to know you are an angie film. Im sure u are upset that she won't be in the next movie lol. I am upset too. T_T

  5. Hey Infected Gamers! I personally feel that Legend caused more excitement for me because Lara had a new look, style and voice lol. I still say i love Shelly Blond the Best! (Tomb Raider 1 Voice Actress) The whole point is Legend had more of a happy warm and then suprised feel of misery to it. My second point is that Underworld had a miserable feeling throught it entirely. I contemplated whether jumping off a cliff or not. LOLOL Im just kidding. Please feel free to post your thoughts and support your answers for fun. BTW- I am a big gamer!. I am not biast when it comes to video games.
  6. Hi Everyone, its me Tombraiderguy. I just wanted to point out a wonderful game that i have been playing almost non-stop on weekends lol. This game is called Left 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead doesn't really have a story but it is simply straight foward. It is the Zombie Apocalpyse and there are 4 surviors. These four survivors(Zoey, Bill, Louis and Francis) are a team of survivors that are not infected. They are immune to an infection which caused the apocalypse. There is no reason as to why there is an infection. There are the common infected Zombies and the Super Boss Zombies that are tougher to k
  7. Hi Omegatron. You can either wait for the chain to take you all the way to the back and glitch to the front Or simply climb the chain and balance yourself to the end. Just make sure u do it at a fast rate. By the way for those of you that like to game and like gaming reviews, please check out Sadies Gaming Infection on Youtube. I reccomend watching everything till now. Sadie updates her videos once a week. She is always willing to give any game a chance. She is very funny and she has her own website blog. In the U.S she updates her videos every Friday. Which is today. I reccomend watching t
  8. Blue? I remember seeing red at the end. Why did they change the dais glow color and why does amanda look incredoubly different? Amanda looks like a junkee. Please don't take my comment too serious, for those of you that admire Ms. Evertt. Did I spell her last name right?
  9. OMG. Lara Man I agree 100%. That was absolutely great. I am so jealous of those that will be playing Xbox 360 because there will be sequels. DAMN! Oh well. Id better get all the treasures. You always have to be careful what u wish for. My god. i cant wait till everyone finishes the game.
  10. Thanks you very much! LOL I just found a european commercial for TR: Underworld. It is on tombraiderchronicles.com's youtube channel. Follow the link! PLEASE!!!! http://uk.youtube.com/user/tombraiderchronicles PLEASE WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO IT IS NOT THE SAME!
  11. Thanks for the heads up TOM! Like always you rock! WE CANNOT POST TORRENT LINKS!!!!!!!!!
  12. Well i just checked tombraiderchronicles.com and they say that the PC demo of Tomb Raider Underworld will be released on October 31.(Friday) I can almost taste the Underworld...... I think. That would taste nasty though...
  13. Does it say that the demo will appear on the 27th of October? LOL. Patience. LOL>LOL i can't believe it says they are holding it. looks like we have 3 Days till demo time! It looks like you have to click to the download link for yourself. http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/underworld/demo.html LOL!. Priceless I wonder who's cute dog is that?
  14. WoW. You could always Ebay things. I got a cell phone from there and it's still working 3 years later,just fine. I suggest Newegg.com and Ebay. Im just wondering how will it look on PS2? I hope it wont be some sort of cheezy attempt to recreate "stunning graphics". I did read that there is a way to try to emulate hi-rez for "outdated computers or entertainment systems. I would be grateful anyway though. Well it looks like it's time to shut my running mouth.
  15. THREE WORDS> AMD ATHLON PROCESSOR OR YOU CAN ALWAYS GET A DUAL CORE PROCESSOR. MY SUGGEstion is to simply go to NEWEGG.com You can buy and poke through some techy things. I know this is really off topic but i wonder where Lara gets her grapple fro m
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