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  1. playing Last Revelations and loving the nostalgic feelings it brings :D

  2. I would love to be in this RPG. I was just thinking back on that one year when I was in like a million lolz and then I just kept forgetting about them, but now I'm back! lol I've got work this summer, but I'll try and check as often as possible. Character: Alexandra Hassan Age: 27 Gender: Female Current Location: On her way to visit the fam in good ol' Raccoon City (OOC: Raccon City acctually exists, and it's pretty close to New York lol) Hometown: NYC Occupation: Budding Fashion Designer Skills: Lock Picking - it's a amazing what you can learn to do with pins and needles Bio: Alexandra and her parents immigrated to the US from Egypt when she was 13 years old. He parents decided to move back to Egypt after all the chaos of 911 but Alexandra decided to stay inorder to achieve her dream of becoming a world renowned fashion designer. She's only just getting her foot into the door the of the fashion industry, but she aspires to global success. For all of her love of fashion, Alexandra is fairly down to earth and preferes to dress casually and practically. She's easy going and generally doesn't complain or fuss. *forgot to post the picture lolz (completely random turkish actress I found called Tuba Büyüküstün, she's so pretty!) Well, that's all I can think of so far . I'll keep checking in to see when the RPG starts.
  3. yea, I've kind of been disappointed with all of these new tr games. The graphics and controls and everything are ten times better than the old games, but they lack ... charm? lolz I don't know how else to put it haha. All of the old games has this feel to them that was essentially Tomb Raider and now its just like any other game; it's easier, shorter, and barely focuses on Tomb Raiding.
  4. I could see this! I think it would be amazing, especially if Alphonso Cuaron is going to be directing cuz Children of Men was really good!
  5. haha this is so cool. I have to download it on my desktop. And it looks so easy to use, much easier than rhino. I tried drawing Lara on that, and it did not work out well at all lolz.
  6. I want the mansion!!! i was so sad when it exploded and there was no mansion level to play. that is one of my favorite parts of the game.
  7. haha these are pretty awesome, especially that backflip one that keeps you from dieing lolz. I didn't get too many. In thailand I had a few. first of all at the first temple, when I was going for the secret, I somehow got her to stand on a sloped edge lolz. Also in the shiva level, she can't walk on top of the broken platform (that fell from the top), she just walks right through it. And i also got the swimming with her head in the sand thing too lolz.
  8. lolz I think the harry potter type glasses might be a little dangerous. What if they fall off while she is tightroping across a bottomless pit! :0 haha they could make the screen go all blury until you can find some randomly strewn pair of glasses with the exact perscription lolz.
  9. I think she should have a mountain bike! lolz and a helicopter would be so awesome.
  10. Rika_Croft


    lolz the biggest thing I want them to add is a bigger mansion!! I was very sad when the mansion exploded lolz. I love exploring her house. I'd like to see some more levels in England, I thought that was very interesting in Legend. And I'd also love to see somewhere in Africa that's not really well populated so they can explore ruins and stuff. And I think Russia would be cool for like a city level
  11. would you recommend this player over VLC?
  12. okies thanks I think I'll try it on my other computer it has VLC and it sort of worked when I tried it, but I'll try playing the VOBs seperately and see if that does anything.
  13. okies, I tried that but the dvd just kinda goes crazy for a sec and then it stops and can't play it.
  14. thank-you. okies but I followed you up until opening the vob files. where do i find those? are they on the dvd?
  15. fortunatly, or rather unfortunately, I am an expertish in this area, so I understand your pain . i hate it when windows doesn't autosave properly. Did you try formating undelete or any other program so that it would search for autosave files? It could be that the computer did autosave, but the autosave file was deleted automatically after a period of time. Some of the undelete programs just seach for documents rather than all of those files like .wbk or .asd and such. edit: haha I so did not realize that this thread was started last year lolz. but if this helps anyone else, at least it wasn't such a waste lolz
  16. Hello all! My friend recently came back from England and bought me the super awesome movie "Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging". Unfortunately I live in Canada so we use region 1 DVD's, while in the UK and i'm assuming most of Europe, they use region 2 DVD's. I was able to change my DVD player on my laptop to region two, but you only have a limited number of times to change it to different regions; after that it automatically chooses the region that it is on. I've heard of multi-region DVD players and about something you can do to your DVD player to make it able to play both regions, but I have no idea how to do this. Does anyone have any useful info?
  17. hmmm well I'm not really into RPG (I know it's extremely shocking lolz). I just don't really like the game play - don't mind action RPG's though. anyway I think my two favorite game series - other than TR - are Silent Hill and Resident Evil. I just love the story lines. I liked resident evil better when it was more of a horror game, and Silent Hill is just so psychologically creepy, it's the one game that has ever scared the crap out of me lolz!
  18. The only reason I would condone them replacing Angie would be if she didn't want to play the role anymore. Meagan Fox wouldn't be a horrible Lara, but I think that Angie as Lara Croft is just too classic. I would compare it to a remake of the first tomb raider game in which Lara has blonde hair and a pink outfit lolz. I hope this doesn't happen, but if it does, Meagan Fox isn't a bad choice.
  19. thank you, its awesome
  20. yeah i had issues with my drivers and had to update them before the game would work, but it usually just cut off at the loading screen. When you removed the game, did you go to control panel? cuz sometimes if you don't, the game doesn't completely remove.
  21. just a guess, but you may possibly be at the wrong puzzle. there are two. you have to do one of them first I think. One needs a jaguar head on the center lever thing and I don't think the other one needs anything, but I think that you need to do one to unlock the other. but I honestly and not sure lolz. I hope this helps somewhat. Oh and if you are at the first puzzle and you're having issues with putting the jaguar head on the lever, just keep moving her around, cuz there is one spot where she will put it on, and everywhere else she just grabs on to the lever. lolz hope that kinda helps.
  22. I'm not completely sure about the wii version, but when you are on the main menu during game play there should be an option that says load game and save game (they are right beside each other and look like peices of paper with folded tips). If you go to the save game one, and click on one of the empty files it should save the game at the last checkpoint. I hope that helps, like I said, I'm not sure about the wii, this is what I did on the computer and I figure it should be the same.
  23. I got tr 3 when I was 12 or so, I think. I still haven't finished it 5 years later lolz! I guess I just gave up on it after a while, I think I was in the london underground last. Its the first game i've played and the only one I haven't finished lolz.
  24. that would be great sudi thanx your sigs are awesome
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