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  1. Yeah it is truly creative and well made. I'm kinda "stuck" at the moment in one of them wildernis levels, just can't get passed those spinning things. lately i started to figure out how to create my own levels. Its so much fun and seriously addicting. I'm starting to get the hang of that and you can really make some cool things... love the way how you can create your own little world. Oh yeah costumize sackboy/girl. Love that too.... i really liked that Japanese level where you can put m in this cute red kimono or make m a ninja Right now i'm trying to make this fruity jungle, and after that maby a graveyard level. I also need to replay some levels to collect some stuff i forgot. and to play some of them extra levels.
  2. O.o there will be another Just Cause? Looking forward to Prototype... looks like a cool game. RE 5 looks nice aswell.
  3. YAY! I just LLUUUUUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV this game... ITS BRILLIANT! Love the music... and them sacky puppets looks SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I wanted to buy this game earlier... but i wasn't sure it would be great. But last week i was sick staying home all week, and got SO bored. And after finishing TR U i just had to buy a new game so that i wouldn't have died of boredom. So i just bought the game and loved it. The game is cute and funny... but sometimes frustrating XP.
  4. EEK! Looks great... gotta have it when it'll be released! I loved the first one aswell, it was great and YEAH the graphics looked really good.
  5. Yeah same here, i played just a little bit over an hour a day and i completed the game in 6 days so its about 7 hours for me too. Ohwell... atleast 6 days of fun, though i hoped it would have taken me a month atleast. Didn't know the game was so short.
  6. got a PS3... so the PS3 version ofcourse XD.
  7. Wel i don't know how i should feel about the ending. Everytime i keep on thinking that this could be the final TR of which i hope it isn't... and JEEZ this game was short... even shorter than TR Legend. I did thought it was to bad she didn't found her mother alive, i have heard her mother was supossed to be a half thrall or something... but it seemed to me her mother was just a zombie. But ohwell it was to be expected. I do hope Natla is REALLY dead this time. So Lara and Amanda are left... but they still will never be friends again. And i thought it was kinda funny Lara got the excalibur sword back. Oh you said no tags needed... but i will use them, just in case.
  8. To bad the fan art thread is kinda... dead XD Its always my fav thread Ohwell... i should have done homework, but instead i just decided to do my fav thing....... Some links from my DeviantArt profile http://fc10.deviantart.com/fs36/f/2008/280..._by_SlamBoy.jpg http://fc26.deviantart.com/fs34/f/2008/291..._by_SlamBoy.jpg
  9. Exactly! When TR AOD got released i didn't had a PS2 yet... and my PC got older back then and my parents didn't wanted to buy a new PC just yet. So i got a PS2 for my birthday and enjoyed TR AOD aswell as all the other PS2 games i own. But about a month ago i got sick of the PS2 cause there weren't any cool games (for me) released and the PS3 was getting good titels. SSOOO i got a PS3 as a graduation gift. And now i can enjoy all the new games. And just like Ms.C.... i also didn't got a PS3 to play TR U with crappy graphics. As it matters for all the games.
  10. HELLO! pls listen to yourself... what you are saying doesn't make sence. I mean TR U will also be realeased only for XBOX360 and not for the XBOX, if they would stop making games for the new consoles and only for the older consoles the graphics will never be better. That wouldn't be fair at all, and would be really bad for business. If you would have a PS3... would you even have made this thread? I think its rather selfish to say ppl with a PS3 shouldn't play TRU only cause you can't play it with todays graphics. And if PS2 graphics would be as great as PS3 are... there wouldn't even be a PS3 in the first place. And just like Shrensh said... thats just life. PS: if they wat to give everyone the same chance.... they must also make a TRU version for the XBOX and older PC's.... wich will cause a delay in the release date!
  11. hmmz yeah maby.... ohwell still love the pics anyways!
  12. LOVE them! like the pics from Nariko of Heavenly Sword specially the last one. And i see Taki and Sophitia, haven't ever played any other game of them games from the series besides Soul Blade from PS1 lol. Nina in there too??
  13. Okey some guesses, not sure but ohwell... 1. We own the night 11. 300 20. Beowulf 21. 30 days of night 35. The Messengers 38. Pirates of the Caribbean: at world's end 39. Perfect stranger 47. Mr Magorium's wonder emporium
  14. I like both your drawings Jedd... specialy the first one looks great! And i like the wallpaper you made too BPanther. I just finished this, hope you like it. Maby i'll change it... a little more detailed in colors and stuff, but for now imo it's okey.
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