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  1. I bought my copy for £6.99 in a Steam sale! I have played with the keyboard and controller and can say it's MUCH easier with controller!
  2. Hi Tom! I own a Mac....Although I have duel booted it and I have Tombe Raider on the Windows half...D'oh! Kratos is quite right though, it's all about timing with this guy. I also found it 100 times better once I got an Xbox 360 controller connected rather than using the keyboard! Hope you're well!
  3. Thanks Tom! Hope you're well mate! I did think that was probably the idea, after finding the memos, rather than an oversight (her radio is far too modern too !). I just wasn't expecting it!
  4. Hi all, been a while since I've posted, but I've been lurking nonetheless! Maybe somebody can shed some light for me as I'm a tad on the rusty side, lol. I recently bought TR 2013 on the PC as it was heavily discounted on Steam (Not that I wouldn't have ever bought it if it wasn't, but you know how it is!). Now I was under the impression that this took Lara back to her roots, and she was a fresh-faced, never held a gun or grappled a mountain, Lara? That being the case, and given Lara's younger age (not in her 40's!) I was kind of expecting the game to be set in the early to mid-nineties? I wa
  5. Wow, blast from the past this topic, thought Allybear had come back home! Thanks J7, and thanks for the congrats once more....This one is a special one for me! Happy Birthday to all other LCO'ers celebrating theirs this week, too!
  6. Hi all! Firstly, apologies that I've not been around much for some time now! I've had a lot on my plate....There's names I've never even heard of here who are probably thing "who the hell is this guy?" lol. So for my announcement. I recently divorced my now wife and am in another, very strong relationship with somebody else. In fact, we're engaged and hop to marry in 2014 sometime. Now for the other bit of news! I'm going to be a daddy! Yup, my beautiful Fiancee is about 20-weeks pregnant! All this has happened over about a year or so the way, lol!
  7. Thanks for the advice, M2C, much appreciated. I might download it anyway, just so I can say I've played them all!
  8. That's another thing I like...the boxes for games....especially shiny new ones!
  9. Thanks for the advice guys! I downloaded the playable demo yesterday and it's the same size as the full game (just over 2GB on Xbox 360....which has been said I believe). On the surface it doesn't look too bad, but I just loved the 3rd person style of previous TRs. This one just seems like a game add-on almost. It juyst seems extreamly small in comparison to other TR games, and in my opinion the camera angles make it look like it's old before its time. The price also reflects its longevity, at 1200MS points that's the equivalent of like £10. I'm used to seeing new games at like £40! Final ran
  10. Happy Birthday, Gia! Sorry I missed it! xx
  11. Many happy, albeit belated, returns bossman!
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