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  1. Sparkle

    The Rant Thread

    *sigh* so ok where to start... I'm not much of a person to rant about stuff, but I'll just put off my "look at the bright side" attitude for now, 'cause something's been bothering me the whole freaking day! Dunno if you guys heard about the scandal in Spain recently (at least y'all in Europe lol), that some hundred driving instructors got their licenses taken from them because apparently they were not qualified to do the job, i.e. teach ppl how to drive and therefore not fully capable of telling who should pass and who shouldn't? Then thousands and thousands of ppl who failed and had those driving instructors could ask to redo their exams?... Ok, this to say... I wish that happened in Portugal too! A friend of mine is/was taking her driver's license and today was her driving exam. From what she told me her lessons were like I really had the feeling she wouldn't pass it (of course I never said this, I just offered to help her out and gave her support). So yeah, she failed. At first it made me sad but then really pissed off; her driving instructor SUCKS! She practically didn't do any parking in her lessons, barely worked the things she had most trouble with, like the point of clutch... *sigh* I mean, if the person teaching you is not there to actually try to make a good driver out of you, what's the point? If you are there to teach, why don't you TEACH?? On a different note... My PC blew up - almost literally - my motherboard burned! Got no pc at home, all because of a night of thunder and lightning. The weather's causing some much damage now, esp. up here in the North. Oh well... one can't control mother nature eh?
  2. Sparkle

    Members' Pics

    To make us all jealous, you mean? (I know I am! ) Was there still a dude pretending he was made of wax there in Madame Tussauds?? When you entered this room to take a pic with the prince, I *think*, there was a guy standing at the door that appeared to be made of wax, so ppl would stand next to him and take pics and then he'd move and say "This way, please" or sth like that. That happened to my friend, she took a pic next to him then suddenly he starts moving and indicates us the way - was so spooky and hilarious at the same time! I remember we kept looking back seeing if ppl would fall like we had and they would, every time!! (some chicks even screamed AHAH) (* stops typing * might have a pic somewhere...) Ah, here it is. Ehehe Anyway, I'm glad you had a good time, LM!! and now there's another thread mentioning teleportation??... London... this is torture I tell ya!!
  3. Sparkle

    Members' Pics

    Nice pics everyone! Good to see this thread more active =P Been a long time, it's good to see you again Blazo!! =)
  4. Welcome back everyone!! Innit! Good to see you around again, Mike
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