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Love the pics everyone!! Two more of Rafa! lol

Nº 1 Caption: "S****! Now what?"

Nº 2 Caption: "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"




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:lol: Only she can answer to you! lol But she only walks one way when she's up there! And she's a curtain climber expert!! :lol: she's just a bit lost when she's up there! :lol:
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Your kitty is so cute, BPanther! I'm gonna go steal her... :P

I used to have a Siamese cat who would climb up the curtains to rescue his stuffed sheep toy if we put it up on the curtain rail. He loved his stuffed sheep and he'd go rescue it from wherever we put it. Cutest cat ever!

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Hey BP...if your cat Rafa can climb up those curtains, maybe you should catch Rafa climbing down...would be interesting to see....

Nice pics by the way

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Cute kitty, Dark One :D

Wouldn't Rafa tear the curtains to pieces with her crawls.

You want to know how she gets back down, Shrensh?

She burrows all 10 of her kitty claws deep into the curtains and just slides down while cutting 10 lines in the fabric...


Hmmm... cats have claws on their front and back feet, so I reckon she could get 20 lines cut into the curtain...

More kittehs:



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Even more kitties! :D






OMG! They are so cute, the horsy and kitty!!!! WOOT :lol:

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