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Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

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These are a few simple guidelines to follow here to avoid the spam issue and keep the forum interesting and entertaining to all. Things may be added at a later date, so check back occasionally.

1. Keep your posts to the topic of the thread. Don't interrupt them to say "hi" to a member, instead use the Private Message feature of the board. And try to make your posts more than one word, although sometimes that is all that's needed, don't make a habit of it, we want to hear your voice (well, read your messages).

2. Read what you have written before you post it. Make sure it makes sense and is readable enough. We all make those bad speelling meestakes once in a while ;).

3. Before you start a new thread, look to see if there is anything related to the issue already posted. You can also do a search of the forum for a specific topic. If your thread isn't there, get a discussion going (ask questions or for opinions). Just make sure that if it's a debate that everyone's opinion is to be respected.

4. Links to your TR sites are ok and also your forums but it can't be in a post. The link can be in your signature, in your forum profile. People will see it when you post. If you do post a thread it will be deleted without notice.

5. Anyone impersonating a mod or Tom in chat and using their names will be banned from this site for eternity without any hope of ever coming back. Your IP's are recorded and we know who you are.

6. Anything truly obscene or vulgar will be dealt with immediately and the author warned.

7. While the moderators are doing their jobs, if you feel a topic has been closed unfairly don't take a hissyfit. Speak to the moderator over Private Message and discuss it with them to find their reasons and explanations. See, talking always helps =).

8. This forum has got a warning system. This means that moderators can and will use it. You'll receive a Private Message or Email when you get a warning and you can see your warning system under your avatar. You can have 3 warnings in one day. After that, an admin can disable your posting ability or suspend your account. Be sure to follow the rules and instructions given and we won't need to do it.

9. Signatures are to be a maximum dimensions of 500 x 250 with a maximum size of 500kb. While there is no limit to the number of signature pictures, don't go too overboard. Lara will come and get you and hit you... a lot.

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I shouldn't have to do this, but since certain members can't seem to grasp it, I will make it very plain.

LCO will in no way tolerate anything regarding Nude Raider.

No links, pics, or mention of it will be allowed on the boards, period.

If any member is found posting such material, said member will be warned by the moderaters and their warning

level increased.

If they argue with the mods or try to make the issue public by posting arguements on the open board. They will be

suspended for one week.

If after that it is still a problem, termination of the members account will be considered.

I mean what I say here, No Tolerance

and I will not argue about it.

LCO is a family friendly site and we would very much like to keep it that way.

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