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54 minutes ago, Morph said:

Thanks James. I was a little upset by it, now I'm just disappointed in her and figure why should it bother me.

Have you and her kept in touch the last 20 years? Do you talk/text/email/online chat/communicate on a daily/weekly basis?

Maybe she wanted a small wedding?

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Yeah, we've kept in touch online, but both of us are busy. I haven't seen her in person in nearly eight years, because she lives quite far. I would have traveled for this though.

I'll still send her my congrats, but no point dwelling on it. 

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This is total Bull!!


Every student in every school that participated in the walk out should be suspended.

Every school administrator that allowed their schools' students to walk out of the classroom for participate in political protests should be fired.

This student did what he was supposed to do: go to school.

If your kids don't show up for school, the school will call you asking where he/she is because they lose $ for each day a warm body is not in class.

Here we have a case of a student that did go to school like he is supposed to and they still suspend him?

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So we moved into this new home at the end of October of last year and it's under warranty.

About late January I noticed one of the shower was not mixing correctly, water goes from hot to cold to very hot and to very cold.

I called the builder's warranty repair and they said someone will be out the following week, week of February 5th.

No one called or emailed me or Andrea.

I called them again and was told someone will contact us for any appointment and nothing.

That was mid February.

We come home today and there was a door hanger saying they came out today, no one was home, couldn't get into the house, and they had no email address or phone # to call me or call Andrea at.

Furthermore, we didn't know they were coming today after 3 months.

I just told them it's fixed. I had Andrea's Dad: Grandpa Bill, fix it back then. It was just a $10 shower deflector behind the shower control in the wall.

How stupid are people?

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Almost every day including a Saturday and a Sunday for 2 weeks now, I get a call between 5 pm to 7 pm from a phone # that has the same area code as my phone # and the same first 2 numbers of the exchange number as the one in my phone #.

I know these annoying do no good scamming lying robocallers and telemarketers have technology that can make any number show up on your caller ID, including your own phone # which they have done so many times before, in the hope that someone sees their own phone # or a phone # similar to their own on the caller ID, they will answer without thinking.

I don't answer any phone calls that do not show up on my caller ID as a name or business that's already saved in my contact list.

If they have something really important and legitimate to talk to me about, they will either leave a voice mail and call back or not leave a voice mail but call back again and next time, leave a voice mail.

The # is a different # each time and I have blocked it each time after first doing a GOOGLE search or BING search on it to see if anyone has received a call from the same # and then reported it online on many available websites to identify it as a telemarketer or as a legitimate business.

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THIS annoys me.
These 2 kids, 9 and 12, are out there working in the heat earning an honest buck.
You have kids that are in the same age range as them who are already in trouble with the law for committing crimes or even murdering someone.
This neighbor calls the Police on them because they accidentally cut the grass on her part of the yard and from my understanding after reading the article, it was only a sliver of grass?
Now her calling the police trying to get these kids harassed and possibly arrested has backfired on her - these kids are getting 150,000+ views on Facebook and people want them to cut their grass for them.
I will gladly give them $ to buy a new lawnmower - maybe even a riding one, a new edger, a new weed eater, and a blower.

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Here's another moron calling the Police on a child over nothing.

She owns a business selling cannabis legally in California.

Maybe she needs to stop using the stuff in her store's inventory!


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Went to Pappadeaux restaurant for lunch.

I ordered the Salmon Alexander with 7 oz salmon, which is not very big or thick, grilled with scallops and shrimp,

The salmon and the scallops were still rare as in pink!!


I told the waitress this is raw and she said it’s sushi grade seafood and they always cook it rare.

I said it’s not sushi. If I wanted sushi I’ll go get sushi. 

I don't want to get sick eating undercooked salmon and scallop.

She said you won't get sick.

Oh really? Are you sure? How do you know that for certain? Are you a DOCTOR?

So she suggested to take it to the kitchen and throw it back in the oven for 5 min.

I said is that how you do it?

She said yes! If the guests think their seafood is undercook we put it back in the oven and reheat it.

I said that’s not even the correct way, plus it goes against restaurant food safety, you are supposed to remake it from scratch.

So I made her take it back.

Then the manager came by and said we cook our seafood your choice of rare, medium or well.

I said: Oh really?

The waitress didn’t tell me that I had a choice when I ordered it and she didn’t ask me how I want it cooked.

It's not a steak!

I told her either remake it from scratch or I don't want it - I don't want something reheated in the oven.

She was not a good waitress.

When my entree came, brought over by a waiter, I checked it right away and it was raw.

My waitress never came by within 2 minutes of me receiving my entree to do a CHECK BACK.

CHECK BACK should always be within 2 minutes after the entrees have arrived at a table.

I sat there for a good 10-12 minutes waiting to see if she would come back and check on me and was only able to get hold of her when she dropped off the check at the table next to me.

She also came by asking if I want dessert and to drop off the check while I was still eating the entree that was remade from scratch.


She didn't indicate if she was comping the dessert or not, so I said no dessert.

I feel the manager should had reduced my bill or comped something.

Then the waitress hovered around waiting for me to pay AS IF I was going to skip out on her.



This is the same Pappadeaux I was at in April one evening.

I walked in and the hostess said 15 minutes wait.

There were about 60 people inside and outside waiting for a table.

After almost 15 minutes, I asked again.

Hostess said your table is coming.

So I go and sit outside and wait for a text to my phone while I do some work on my phone.

After about another 15 minutes I go inside to go use the restroom.

That's when I noticed the restaurant was 2/3 empty with 2/3 of the tables with no customers.

So I go back to the hostess stand and ask her what's going on? I see a lot of empty tables.

That's when she tells me the wait is almost an hour because they had 2 large parties, 60 people and 80 people and they were shorthanded.

The few servers they had were all busy waiting on those 2 large parties.

So I asked her did those 2 large parties just showed up or did they make group reservations ahead of time.

If it's the former, I can understand your predicament but you should had said something when I asked for a table and you said 15 minutes and you didn't mention the large parties and the lack of servers.

If it's the latter, then that's poor management. You already knew ahead of time you were expecting 2 large groups and you didn't schedule enough servers to pick up the slack.

The manager came up to the hostess stand and he couldn't answer my question.

Kept telling me it will be a few more minutes.

I went back outside and I called another Pappadeaux and they said no wait.

While I was on the phone with them, the hostess came outside and told me a table was ready for me.

I told her no, I am leaving.

Why did I leave? They were short handed. I can place an order and my food will probably sit at the pass until it gets cold before someone brings it to me.

Very poorly managed restaurant.

I sent an email to their corporate office.

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We had our TV in the living room on ESPN yesterday afternoon and this was on.

It's one of the most disgusting thing I'd ever seen in my life.

It's a wonder how their instestines do not explode and cause them to die from internal hemorrhaging.

Also this guy who won, like many of the other contestants there, are competitve eaters.

Hot Dog eating contest is not the only contest he has won and set records in.



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People are strange.

The animals (103 of them) were discovered while the authorities were serving an eviction notice.

The occupant or occupants couldn't pay rent but could pay for 103 animals, 100 of them exotic?

What were they planning to do with them animals once they were evicted? Walk down the street with most of those 103 animals in cages of all shapes and sizes and how were they planning to carry those cages and how far would they had gone with them? You can only carry maybe 4-6 of them cages, 3 in each hand, and walk so far before you are tired and your hands are dropping those 6 cages.

Priority, man! Priority!


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What a dumb butt!

Those lemons are still green!

They haven't had a chance to ripen on the trees yet.

Was he planning to make a few gallons of bitter lemonade?


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19 hours ago, Tom@LCO said:

Gives a new meaning to lemon law.

Tom is so silly!


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These hurricanes lately have been getting bigger and stronger.

Cat-4 and Cat-5.

I don't know if Global Warming has anything to do with it.

I hope it won't be another Harvey and Maria and Irma and Jose.



There are 2 more behind it:


Places like Puerto Rico and Dominica still haven't fully recovered and completely rebuilt after being struck last year's by four major Atlantic hurricanes:

Maria (8/17-9/3/2017, Cat-5) and Harvey (9/16-10/2/2017, Cat-4) and Irma (8/30-9/13/2017, Cat-5) and Jose (9/5-9/25/2017, Cat-5)

Now it's hurricane season again!!


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Check out this Weather Channel simulation on how different level of flood waters will affect you.


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