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Differences From The Original 1996 Tomb Raider

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*** According to Wikipedia:


This is not a 1:1 remake of the original Tomb Raider (TR1). Crystal Dynamics has not only rebuilt the game from the ground up--improving on TR1's visuals--but they also added a good amount of new content; yet in the process, they removed a great deal of old locales from the original. Overall, the game is shorter and some of the puzzles have been simplified from the original 1996 version (although some have been improved). A sample of some of the changes, additions and removals from the game are:

Mountain Caves: A few rooms, such as the timed door room are removed; however, new to this version is controlling Lara in the opening sequence previously seen only in TR1's intro CG movie.

City of Vilcabamba: Many of the Caves and rooms at the start are removed. It is now quite linear and without some of the obstacles such as giant swinging blades and trap doors. The Bear Pool at the end of the original level has been replaced by some corridors and pits (the gold idol has also been removed).

Lost Valley: The Caves from City of Vilcabamba seem to have been moved here. The biggest change is that the T-Rex is now a boss who must be defeated to progress; you can no longer avoid the T-Rex by hiding in caverns. The Lost Valley itself is now a linear loop back to the waterfall, as opposed to being an exploration area where you find the cogs and backtrack to the waterfall in the original. The cogs themselves are now part of a huge, elaborate wooden mechanism in the main waterfall area. The shotgun is hidden in this version.

Tomb of Qualopec: The spike pits are deleted. The giant swinging blades missing from Vilcabamba make an appearance here instead. The battle with Larson is an 'event' battle rather than direct combat with guns. Most of the main four-way hallway's floor has crumbled away and now requires lining up tall columns and then jumping over them in order to access the tomb's other chambers.

St. Francis Folly: Gorillas and crocodiles do not appear in this level, unlike the original. Opening the first few doors requires memorizing patterns and then matching them by shooting lights on a giant mural. Thor is renamed Hephaestus, and Damocles takes much more effort to escape from the room besides just dodging falling swords. Neptune is now Poseidon and features a new water puzzle to solve. Atlas is relatively similar to the original.

The Coliseum: Probably the most drastically changed level in the game. Finding a way into the building is much more linear; no alligator pit to shimmy across, and the timed door puzzles have been removed. Also gone are the three corner rooms with their own individual puzzles, and the spiked pits are gone as well. Overall, the level is merely a fraction of TR1's Coliseum size, and it can be completed rather quickly.

Midas Palace: Besides the 3 puzzled rooms to receive the lead bars, the rest of the elements from the original have been combined in the main room. Removed is the Five Switches mechanism that opened various doors based on a symbol pattern. Midas is now in the middle of the palace instead of secluded in a hidden room, and you no longer traverse the upper perimeter on rooftops and columns to find one of the lead bars; the Aqueduct area is a simple shallow area on top of the main room. The new Fire Room is now more intricate and spectacular than just jumping across flame pillars. Overall, the layout of this level is much simpler now, although the far more intricate puzzles balance things somewhat.

Tomb of Tihocan: The 'Cistern' level has been merged with Tomb of Tihocan; however, the only aspect of TR1's Tomb of Tihocan that remains is the actual tomb with Pierre inside, and the fast water current. There are no rusty keys to find and no long narrow passageways to explore underwater. The main play area is one large room, and the levers to raise and lower the water level are out in the open, as opposed to being in a side room. The final passage takes you right to the tomb, bypassing the entire area that was the former Tomb of Tihocan level in TR1. The Centaurs in the tomb are also a boss, are much bigger than the originals, and they have the ability to turn Lara into stone. You also need to perform a "Adrenaline Dodge", as well as pull off both of their shields with grappling hook at the same time.

Temple of Khamoon: The first encounter with the mummified beasts features a cinematic sequence not seen before. The main gate area now has two Sphinx statues instead of one.

Obelisk of Khamoon: In TR1, this level begins with a room of moveable blocks that reveal more hidden rooms behind them. In TRA this sequence was moved to the end of the Temple of Khamoon as the final door-opening puzzle. This level has far more traps than were in the original level.

Sanctuary of the Scion: This level has a pair of new puzzles that involve raising giant columns immersed in water to open doors. The puzzle at the statues under the Sphinx is far more elaborate. Larson appears only in the cinematic sequence at the end of this level, replacing the Cowboy.

Natla's Mines: Boulders do not appear in this level, unlike in the original, in which they formed a vital part of the level. Also, Lara's battles with Natla's henchmen such as Larson and Kid are done via 'event' sequences rather than direct combat. The Cowboy is not on this level, replaced by Larson instead. Also, the TNT room and the area you fought kid in the original are gone.

The Great Pyramid: This is the former 'Atlantis' level, but again much shorter than TR1's Atlantis level. Most of the rooms and puzzles are gone and replaced with timed switches for scaling walls and climbing with your grappling hook. In TR1, this level was a collection of more than a dozen room-to-room puzzles with boulders, moveable blocks, switches, spiked pits and swimming. The shaft climb is done only once. The only puzzles that remain are the egg room, the encounter with Lara's Doppelganger and the final bridge room.

Final Conflict: There are no rolling boulders and spiked pits like there were in the original. The route taken is different - the original level had Lara return to the room with the Scion to destroy it. The water puzzle with the gates from the former Atlantis level makes an appearance here. The columns with fire have been removed. The game ends after your battle with Natla. There is no final escape from the room; it happens via cinematic sequence.

Other changes from TR1:

- Lara names Larson, indicating they met before, where as in the original this is not indicated. This change may be due to the events in the first section of Tomb Raider Chronicles.

- Lara cannot hold her breath as long, and the water sequences are far shorter.

- The "Walk" button still allows you to fall off cliffs. In TR1, you could not fall off a ledge even if you tried to force it while the walk button was held down.

- Lara's vertical jump is much shorter than it was in the first five Tomb Raider games.

- In TR1, the Atlantean enemies all appeared to be similar, with the same features from the torso upwards. This is changed in Tomb Raider Anniversary - the Atlantean Soldiers appear like skinned biped panthers; the winged Atlanteans appear to be mutated bat-like creatures; the Centaurs' appearance has also changed drastically, and now they charge at Lara and in the Tomb of Tihocan attempt to turn her into stone.

- The physical size of certain enemies has been scaled down - the rats are much smaller than they were in the original, as are the crawling Atlanteans and mummies. However, the centaurs in the Tomb of Tihocan level are bigger than the other centaurs, and slightly larger than the original centaurs.

- Qualopec is referred as to being Natla's brother by Tihocan during a cutscene.


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And also bats were greater than the original one

But yes The fun stuff will be back for underworld :D

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Wow this has been up for quite a while and I didn't even notice it... wow. I can't even remember TR1, as my dad played it when we got it in 1997. But some of the things I remember... slightly...

I got it then too (December) as Tomb Raider Gold (Unfinished Business).

I never did play "==The Croft Times== Level".

Favorite line:

Responding to Natala's rantings of her mutations.

"Kind of an evolution on steroids."

Wasn't Anniversary supposed to be a mix of TR1 and TR2?

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The timed door run is removed??

I thought the door at the end was timed when you pull those "levers" from up above and you have to get there in time??

Is there something im forgetting? i played TR1 but i cannot remember a timed door other than this in TRA.


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