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WHOHOO!! I survived another Black Friday !!

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Well done on surviving! :lol:

I took one look at the news stories and decided to completely avoid all shops. I didn't even do the weekly food shop I usually do on a Friday because I was afraid that my local Tesco would be full of crazy people fighting each other over discount televisions :blink:

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Ah, Thanksgiving. An orgy of overeating, followed by a frenzy of mindless consumerism. Is there anything more American than that?

Now the dinner leftovers are (mostly) gone and the shopping numbers are in. What happened over the biggest retail weekend of the year? Some 140 million Americans shopped till they dropped — spending around $22 billion at brick-and-mortar stores, according to ShopperTrak. But the notion of a single day of sales collapsed, as stores served up discounts before Thanksgiving and extended store hours into the holiday and beyond.

This year, many people elected to let their fingers do the shopping, spending more online and on their phones than ever before. Internet and mobile sales accounted for another $9.6 billion, per Adobe’s 2014 Digital Index. In fact, shoppers spent more than $1.2 million online during the first minute of Black Friday, according to SumoCoupon, a clearinghouse for online deals and coupons.

Bargain hunting has now become as much of a Thanksgiving tradition as pilgrims, football, and the post-dinner nap. But we’ll let the numbers tell the story:

The Yahoo Index:
Thanksgiving Holiday Sales

Amount Americans spent online on Thanksgiving Day: $1.3 billion

Amount Americans spent on Thanksgiving dinner: $2.3 billion

Number of Americans shopping on Thanksgiving Day: 25.6 million

Number of turkeys eaten: 51 million



Peak Cyber Monday shoppers, per second: 8,365

Peak Thanksgiving photos shared on Instagram, per second: 226

Average calorie count of a turkey dinner with all the trimmings: 4,500

Social media mentions of Fitbit activity tracker over holiday: 100,000



Amount spent online on Cyber Monday, per second: $31,242

Average increase in the U.S. national debt, per second: $31,558

Average percentage of price discounts on Thanksgiving Day: 25.2

Average amount spent per online order: $149



Odds a person shopped via a smartphone or tablet: 1 in 5

Cyber Monday sales made via mobile devices: $419 million

Sales generated from social media referrals: $150 million

Number of tweets stamped with the #blackfriday hashtag: 278,000


(Black Fridays Silk)

Days Walmart’s “2014 Black Friday” sale lasted: 8

Percentage of Black Friday injuries that occur at Walmart: 66

People who’ve died in a Black Friday fracas since 2008: 7

Websites selling “I survived Black Friday” T-shirts: 7*

* At least.


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Didn't realize this had been a few years since the last time we survived Black Friday ,or maybe ,as it has been promoted to, "Black Thursday". I can already say "I survived it" as I was off today. For the 1st time in my 22 years at Wal-Mart, I am off Thanksgiving Day. By the time I go in tomorrow, the sales will be over. 

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Welcome back, Hardkore.

Lucky you!

I am going in tomorrow at 3 am and do my 21 hours shift as always as usual every year for the last 11 years.

Going back on Saturday morning at 7 am is going to be the tougher part.

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I am home.

Been up for 23 hours straight with my last sleep only about 5 hours.

Gonna shower, eat something, go to sleep and back up at 5 am to go back in at 7 am.

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It's almost November again!

Been doing this Black Friday madness weekend for 12 years now.

Also remember Saturday following Black Friday is back at work to get the stores open again at 7 am with only 4 hours sleep after the long 21 hours shift.

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I made it through another almost 21 hours Black Friday day !!

This is the 13th years I've done this !!

I haven't seen my family since about 6:30 pm on Thursday after we ate our Thanksgiving dinner.

I went to sleep and got up about 1:30 am and then went to work and have been there until I returned just now.

Now to eat, shower, and take a nap and back to it by 6:30 a.m. !!

The sheep masses want their materialistic consumer goods !!

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In related shopping and Walmart news:

People in the US are surprised at the reactions of these 3 UK women as they shop in a US Walmart for the FIRST TIME. 

They don't have fried chicken in England?

The girl holding the package of fried chicken is asking the other girl "what is that?" and the other girl says "chicken" and the former replies:

"I am going to be sick!!"



I am sure they have KFC there!

They had a crisis earlier this year where 3% of the 900 KFC restaurants in UK ran out of raw chicken to fry due to a supply chain problem.

Also there are Walmart in the UK, operating under ASDA, which the Arkansas company acquired for £6.7 billion in 1999.


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Not even bothered with Black Friday, but I did buy a couple of things on Cyber Monday. Got a 1TB SSD and a new headset. 50% and 70% discounts respectively. I'm a happy camper. haha

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