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Familiar Carvings

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I've always been interested in the textures,sculptures and wall-paintings what I could see in the Tomb Raider games.

I discovered some stunning mayan carvings,what can be found in the last Tomb Raider game,Underworld.

My first revelation:


(the skull carving on the ground,that's a relief from the Chichen Itza Great



Second finding:


(In the background,you can see the stone faces of Chaac on the wall-those are from Kabah )



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Don't be surprised if you find things that look exactly the same or similar, Crystal Dynamics went on location to Mayan places and photographed the areas so the Mayan surroundings in-game look authentic =).

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thats pretty cool

ive always been interested in mayan culture and stuff

it makes me pretty excited that the next tr is going there :D

i havent seen those pics yet, where did you get them?

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