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Eidos have not confirmed the logo to be official; however, it is a part of the official Tomb Raider: Underworld site http://www.tombraider.com/images/underworld_logo.jpg

I quite like the change. It's not 'in your face' unlike previous games. For instance Legend had the enormous letters with all these effects. It was slapped in your face really. Now this one you can sit back and marvel at. I would be quite interested to see what other title designs Eidos have. As I know they have quite a selection to choose from. Nevertheless, I can't say I would be upset to see this as the logo.

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Guest Fusion

I have this font I'll upload it later

EDIT: ok here is my link, (to my rapidshare folder)


It's called TrajanPro. Its the Anniversary font basically but from the looks of the logo its been brushed in photoshop to flicker

Here is a article from Microsoft, this will tell you how to add the font to your computer



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It's an okay logo but I always liked the old ones because when you saw them you instantly knew it was TR.

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i think its great

good logo!!!!

i like it better than the logo they started since the movie's

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