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Jedd the Jedi

Lara's Underworld outfits

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I was looking at some of the images and someone else said this a while ago, and I noticed taht YES her pony is much shorter than it is in Legend. I hope it is just because it is in motion and not literally shorter. I like her with longer hair.

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The movies gave me an idea about clothing with function (in "The Sims 2" fashion).

1: Bullet proof underclothes (full torso chainmail)

2: Fire retardant solution for black and red solid, and orange and yellow striped rubber outfits (protects wearer from electric sparks)

3: Aerodynamic diving clothes

4: Radioactive bee hive suits with grounded rubber boots

5: Spelunking garb (spiked boots or spiked shoes, GPS ankle bracelet, fanny pack (worn at front/side angle), tool-belt, cross waist band, and pith helmet)

6: Frogman deep sea diving outfit

7: All purpose camping outfit (many pockets) which is kind of a combination of her jungle and mountain climbing outfits and the above suggestions (player's choice of combo).

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I hope the catsuit and the camo outfits return!!!

I love those, i think legend outfit is pretty good too...also would be cool to see classic once again obviously

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Ok I got some more ideas:

1. First bring back the villian outfit skins for example: Amanda in Legend and Natla in Anniversary

2. I want another dress. I know since we are going "Underworld" the chances of another party scene or special occassion is slim to none but a dress should still be atleast unlockable. Also I want it to have high heels and loose hair.

3. I liked the Croft manor sports wear from TRA. Bring that back. That was one of my favs.

4. As I said before I want swimsuits that can be used outside the manor even if they are not going to be used in the story let them be still used in the game.

5. Wetsuit... Loved the one in TRA

6. I am starting to like the camlifloge (Yes I know it is spelled wrong) outfit from AOD and TRA.

7. Also I know it isn't clothing but the hairstyles. Let there be a choice between braid and pony and maybe even loose...?

8. Catsuit must make a return as should Anniversary classic

9. How about something more casual like jeans or maybe even something like a haulter top with short skirt and heels.

10. Snow suits like in TRL. I loved them all.

I am starting to ramble so I will stop... For now...

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You know what I thought would be good for every character (in other games as well), a clothing editor bonus disk.

This would be wallpaper swatches in a tabbed popup interface.

You can mix and match patterns with a framed closet space.

Each piece of the pattern and surrounding area has a color fill (no need for paint can, only multiple undo/redo), for an easier color picker (see "KiSS Dolls").

Leave it on "Custom Clone" (automatic default) for newbies.

Namco had the right idea with Soul Calibur 3 (combined with EA's The Sims 2), but there should be more to it.

Idea taken from teen girl programs.

Patterns and shapes can be entered individually or in groups.

PS2 disk has many textures, patterns, and colors.

More patterns can be downloaded onto PS3.

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