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Legend Game Guide Overview

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This is just a general idea of what the game guide gives you. Some really good information here. I'll update this once I have the actual book in my hands. ;)


This is definitely one of the best laid out guide books I've seen. Giving the player control of how much information they gain from the walkthrought. If you just need a hint of where to go next, you can orient yourself to the map, thanks to great detailing of architecture. If you're totally lost, you can find you place on the map and with keys to the text, zoom in on the area you're having trouble with. Bravo!




Enemy Behavior and Targeting

Enemy behavior depends on how you approach. And from what I've read so far, it seems the enemy AI adapts somewhat, so no two enemies will react the same way. In previous TR's the enemy would look around the immediate area and if they didn't see Lara, went back to business. It seems now they will actively search the area for her. So be on your toes and find a really good hiding spot.


As for the targeting system, it's pretty self-explanitory. The only thing I see worth mentioning here is the Grapple indicator. Should come in handy, letting you know where it can be used to get across a gap and saving your backside.



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Prima Official Tomb Raider Legend Guide price?

I think $19.95 is too much for a walkthrough book.

Does anyone know if it went down?

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$20 is great! I remember I bought a pokemon guide book for $40! It was worth it but the price still shocks me so I think $20 for a Legend book is a steal.

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