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Tomb of Tihocan

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So, I drained all the water out so I could kill all the crocs. Now I'm at the very bottom with no boxes to put on the pressure plates and no way to get up to the other levels. I'm trying to use the advice that Stella has on her walkthrough on being in this predicament, but it doesn't seem to be working. I think it's because I'm on a Wii and there is a slight delay between jumps, so Lara is sliding down the incline before she gets high enough to grab the ledge. And to top it off I saved at a checkpoint at the bottom, so I can't go back. UGH! I'd appreciate any advice anyone may have. Really, really don't want to start over again. TIA :wacko:

Addendum: I think posting my problem on the board is my lucky charm. After repeated attempts to get out of there sheer determination and persistence prevailed. WHEW!

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