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Yeah first he said Peter Weller will be back and then Peter Weller will not be back so now no one knows if that project is still alive or not.

Same thing when he said in 2014 he was making an Alien 1979 universe sequel with Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn (Alien 5, tentative title:Alien: Awakening, direct sequel to Aliens and will scrap what happened in Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection ).

Then nothing happened and Ridley Scott stepped in and convince 20th Century Fox to let him do the prequels to Alien 1979, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant plus 2 more other Alien films are coming to bring them full circle to connect directly to Alien 1979.

I'd rather see the one with Sigourney Weaver than these Ridley Scott's prequels that makes no sense to me and I don't think they bring anything new to the Alien universe.

I also didn't care for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium which was a prop up for Obamacare disguised as a science fiction movie.

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This is stupid, I hope it's not the start of a new trend:



Reviews are not good:


I read some comments posted under several online articles and many of them said it just got repetitive or it didn't give them much choices or it's suppose to be 90 minutes long and they only got 60 minutes out of it once they played it.

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Der Hauptmann aka The Captain (2017)





The true story of "Willy Paul "Willi" Herold, also known as "the Executioner of Emsland", who was a German soldier in April 1945, two weeks before the end of World War II, while separated from his unit, came across an abandoned car containing the luggage of a Luftwaffe captain.

Herold put on this uniform and pretended to be the officer, gathering around him a number of equally lost soldiers who followed him and his orders without questions.

Herold and his group embarked on the murder of inmates at prison camps and unarmed non-combatants civilians."

source: WIKI

STUPID Nazis and their obsessive need to constantly play Follow The Leader !!

You see a guy who is barely 20 years old wearing a Captain uniform and you don't question his rank?

You just follow him and his orders implicitly even if those orders involve committing murder and other war crimes !!

So glad we got rid of their psychotic bunch!!


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4 movies I've seen in the past 2 weeks.


^^^ the 1956 original with Robert Wagner as a major creep that manipulate women; not the crappy 1991's remake with Sean Young and Matt Dillon.

Released in a time when girls who get pregnant out of wedlock were disowned by their fathers and shunned by society; the words pregnant and pregnancy was not allowed to be said in the movie nor in any of the film's advertisements.


^^^ This 1962 film is one of the first post nuclear war survival movies (with or without zombies).


^^^ while I was watching this, I kept getting the harrowing feeling this is Clint's final screen appearance - he is getting up there in age.

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Just saw this on TV when I was flipping through the channels.


Didn't even know they rebooted it.

The original 1999 series was great and it was cancelled after 3 season.

Can't believe Shiri Appleby who played Liz in it is 40 years old now.

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I have watched this trailer three times.

It just doesn't feel like a MIB movie.

Plus Will Smith is not in it.

He is what made the first three MIB movies work.

No Will Smith? No getting my money!

p.s. is Chris Hemsworth in everything now? Tired of seeing him everywhere!


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Bumblebee (2018)


8ace011097499084.jpg  207ab71097499114.jpg 


Another Transformers masterpiece by Michael Bay.

Unlike the Marvel and DC movies that are being forced down the throats of simple minded moronic movie audience every year with the single sole purpose to separate them  from their money, each new entry the same as the previous ones: a banale cacophony of repetitious senseless action set pieces barely glued together to form a movie with no beginnings and no ends;

Bumblebee is a beautiful movie about human compassion, tolerance toward another race, making personal sacrifices for the greater good of the many and the importance of family.

Hailee Steinfeld shines as the human heroine of this film who unselfishly risks her life to do what is right and just - for humanity and mankind - and guess what?

She doesn't possess any stupid, absurd, unrealistic comic books superpowers and she doesn't need them: her powers are her humaneness, her heart and her soul.


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Aquaman (2018)


ef8aff1102548034.jpg 8d33991102548044.jpg

a2b2c21102548064.jpg ae13411102548084.jpg 

Another megabudget, noisy, bloated, repetitious, protracted, gigantic CGI overload of a comic book based movie:

all visual with no substance !!

By the time the:

"You have to be King. But I don't want to be King. My home is on land. It's your destiny. Only you can unite the kingdoms. Save Atlantis"

speech and lecture were repeated for the gazillion times in the first hour of the film, I wanted to strangle someone and throw everything AND the kitchen sink at the screen.

:angry2: :rolleyes:


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Polar (2019 Netflix)




Was this a bloody and violent movie!!

Based on a Dark Horse Graphic Novel, it's sort of like a cross between 300, Sin City and Leon: The Professional.

Then there is the ending which I didn't see coming!!

I hope they will make a sequel!


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8 hours ago, Morph said:

I agree with your review of Aquaman! The visuals were great, and the actors were too...but the story leaves you on the one track loop.

There was too much CGI and going on the screen especially the underwater sequences showing Atlantis when they were driving around in her submarine and also at the end during the final battle, too much on the screen to take it all in.

Some of it looked like it wasn't fully cleaned up too - it didn't seem seamlessly blending in with the rest of the screen.

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So with a new Terminator movie due out in November, produced by James Cameron, the same guy who produced and directed the first 2 films, and being a direct sequel to the first 2 films and forgetting everything that happened in the 3 Terminator sequels after them, none of them made by Cameron, I decided to revisit the first 2 films and read up on their production history.

O J Simpson (Yes, that O J Simpson) was originally considered for the role of the Terminator.

In 1983 when the movie was still going through casting and pre-production, he was considered a big cultural icon.

But Cameron felt that Simpson would not be convincing as a killer.

Oh can you see the irony of it???

Did O J not getting the role of a cyborg killer made him decide to turn fantasy into reality?

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