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Alison Carroll is the new Lara Croft at Pineapple Studios in London, England, 11 August 2008

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:smiley::smiley: It reminds me about AJ when the mailman just arrived and get shocked of her house is all over, and AJ come in and said that quote hehe! Really yes good idea Emily you are very smart and cute :D

Oh comon guys dont think like that, they always say the same, they said that Tomb Raider 3 is coming out by Karima Adebibe adn talks about Legend and now this? I cant trust that anymore!

hehe thanks Raider Man, made my day hehe :blush::lol:

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BPanther made a good point about her athletic skill and it got me thinking that if she used that skill in her photoshoots, then she'd have something a lot of other models don't have. She'd have a whole list of action shots, which are always my favorite! And now I saw the ones posted here and I am rather impressed. Karima could never do those kinds of moves, and I'm really starting to think that Alison has something going for her after all. I still think that the photographers have too much restriction on her though. Her hair almost looks plastic when it doesn't move, though the ponytail is nice. Her lips and eyebrows are still inadequate though. But other then that, she's growing on me.

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I used to think Karima was the less prettier of the bunch, now compared to Alison, Karima is actually pretty


Wow, I just found out about this! Anyway, I always thought Karima was pretty and she was good for Legend, but I was waiting someone with more of an edge for Underworld. Alison trying to hard (IMO) and she isn't ugly, but Karima was more like Lara. Oh, well. We'll see how it goes...



I just saw the video and I love the way she moves; she wasn't stiff, but she didn't flow like water (just like Lara). She looks much prettier when she's talking and moving, so you can't really judge her beauty based on photographs only. Karima and her and VERY different, so this'll be interesting.

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Karima's beautiful and perfect for Legend. I always loved her, but Alison is different and not in a bad way.

She is pretty, and she's got the moves, rather then just looking like Lara, she actually PORTRAYS Lara. She moves like her. Karima didn't quite seem to have the moves. I saw a video of Karima where she came swinging down on a rope and all, it was cool, but she seemed a bit stiff. They're both good but in different ways. Like all of the Lara models.

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