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" Whose job was it to attach the passenger to the glider? "

Obviously  the qualified pilot, the guy who is attached and wearing the green helmet. The other guy, the one hanging on for dear life was a paying customer.

This is a very serious mistake that the pilot made.

They have these tandem flights at  Stanwell Park where I used to fly my hang glider. One of my exgf wanted to try it, so I paid for a tandem flight for her, she said it was awesome and terrifying at first.

If you get change to tried it, you should. Remember to check he clips you in :)

Here are some youtubes of the world famous flying site.



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Play stupid games, Win stupid prizes:



A sideswipe 20 miles outside of Boston led to a crazy road rage incident that didn’t end until someone pulled out a gun. After a minor traffic accident, there was lots of arguing and 37-year-old Mark Fitzgerald apparently had enough. He tried to drive away but that’s when Richard Kamrowski, 65, jumped onto the hood of the white SUV. Fitzgerald then seemed to think the best thing to do was just to keep driving with the 65-year-old hanging onto his hood.

Fitzgerald drove “a very significant distance,” as police put it, at speeds as high as 70 miles per hour. Fitzgerald managed to make it around three miles down the Massachusetts Turnpike before other drivers on the road managed to stop him. But doing so was apparently not easy as a driver had to place his car in front of Fitzgerald’s SUV and another had to point a gun in order to get him to get out of the car.

Police ended up arresting both men. Fitzgerald was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, negligent operaton, and leaving the scene of a crash while Kamrowski was charged with disorderly conduct.

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I know.

I found out when I drove up to Newark from Houston in 1990 with a friend who was moving there - we were in a big U-Haul truck.

Stopped by a gas station and I got out to put gas in like I always do in Houston and along the entire drive up there.

The attendant ran out screaming at us like the world was ending and we were going to cause the pumps to explode.

We went through several states between NJ and Houston (Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennesse, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania) and NJ was the only one who had that stupid law.

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Westworld looking good without the Western setting. Tired of the Western setting. It was getting old. I hope they don't confuse us again with the constant jumping between the timelines. The only way I knew to tell that they were in a different time is by what Dolores was wearing.

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