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LCO NFL Fantalk 2008

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Talk about sore losers.


Now they want to sue the NFL to make the NFL to let me replay the end of the NFC game?

These are the same Saints that spent years trolling the Vikings over Bountygate,


but now they're acting like they're the only team to ever get screwed on a non-call.

Even last year against the Vikings, the Saints and their fans managed to find a non-call to blame the refs. 

They made up all these conspiracies that Roger Goodell instructed the refs to make sure they lose the 2011 divisional playoff to the 49ers. LOL a playoff game in which they had ZERO penalties.

If anything, the refs let them play and the Saints got away with a number of late hits on Alex Smith in that game.


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It's easy when you don't have several offensive linemen the same size as him and also depending on which offensive formation is being called at the time, a FB or HB, in your way trying to block you.


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