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See what I mean?

Houston always shoot themselves in the foot.

This morning before they lost today's game, they were 2nd seed in the AFC in the Divisional Round playoffs with a week off between the end of the season and their playoff game plus home field advantage.

A win today would had given them the AFC South too.

The Patriots were 3rd seed in the playoffs in the AFC with a Wild Card round.

Houston was down 29-16 against the Eagles.

They came back from behind to lead it 30-29 and could had won it but a stupid play by one of their defensive player for roughing the passer gave the Eagles very crucial free 15 yards down the field to put them closer to winning FG range.

Now with this loss, they switch places with the Patriots and the Patriots get the2nd seed in the AFC in the Divisional Round playoffs with a week off between the end of the season and their playoff game plus home field advantage and Houston get the Wild Card round.

Then there is one more game next week the final week of the regular season, Houston at home vs. the Jaguars and Patriots at home vs. the Jets.

Houston must win that game.

The only team that can stop any Houston Professional sports team from ever winning a championship is always Houston.

I have been following them since 1978 since we arrived into the United States from Italy in 1977 and settled in Houston.


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The regular season is over.

2 weeks ago the Houston Texans had the divisional round and first round bye week and complete home field advantage all locked in and the New England Patriots had the wild card round.

Of course Houston being Houston, they've gone and shot themselves in the foot by losing to lesser teams and squandering their divisional round playoff spot.


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Any knowledgeable fan will realize that several coaches who bit the dust Monday were undone by injuries, Marvin Lewis, Adam Gase, Steve Wilks, and Marquand Manuel. Others were convenient scapegoats for dubious front offices. It does not seem that any grave injustices have been committed , but it is a little hard to tell in the cases of Vance Joseph and Steve Wilks.

Let's take them individually:

Arizona Cardinals Steve Wilks inherited a severely depleted roster in a division that features a powerhouse and a second playoff team. His starting QB was lost to injuries in week 3 forcing Josh Rosen into the fire with little to work with.

Atlanta Falcons Defensive Coordinator Marquand Manuel was undone by the loss of Keanu Neal and Deion Jones in week 2, follow by Ricardo Allen in week 4. Derrick Shelby was also lost in week 2 missed the next 4 games, and wound up on injured reserve for the last 5 weeks. Dan Quinn is to act as his own DC next year. Steve Sarkisian achieved notably disappointing results with the Falcons array of offensive talent over two seasons.

Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera fired 2 defensive assistants in December. It was a strange year with Cam Newton trying to play with a shoulder injury and questions about Norv Turner's offense. Rivera gets another year, but that seat must be awful hot.

Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis's squad was hit hard by injuries, but most observers felt that he ought to have been replaced many years ago. Few coaches are allowed to fail for 16 seasons.

Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson was let go at the mid-point. Hopefully, Baker Mayfield's subsequent heroics will prevent another stupid owner from giving him a third chance to mis-coach another team. In fact, it is hard to imagine him getting another offensive coordinator job after this debacle. 

The Denver Broncos won only 11 games in two seasons under Vance Joseph, but most observers felt that he had little chance to succeed with the rosters John Elway gave him.

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy was relieved after 12 games. Many felt he had stayed too long, but the vaunted Packers personnel folks haven't performed well in recent years either. McCarthy is believed to be the Jets first choice to replace Todd Bowles.

Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase was let go after another disappointing season, which seems harsh in that he was forced to start Jay Cutler, Brock Osweiler, and Matt Moore while Ryan Tannehill was injured. But Tannehill was only 5-6 when he did play. Gase is interviewing with the Cardinals.

The New York Jets sort of gave Todd Bowles 4 years to succeed. He didn't look too impressive, but neither did the rosters he was given to work with. They are still the Jets.

Tampa Bay coach Dirk Koetter started well but followed up with two losing seasons. Moreover Jameis Winston has failed to improve. 

Many believe that the Mike Tomlin era has run its course in Pittsburgh. Do they have their eye on an assistant with a playoff team? The Steelers have been very patient with coaches. So Tomlin may be safe.

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After an INT that went through Alshon Jeffery hands, looks like the Saints are moving to the Rams. 

20-14 going to Saints for the victory. 


Which will further solidify my prediction of Chief x Rams SB 53

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I can't believe the Rams came back to win it in OT and go to Super Bowl 53.

The game seemed lost for the Rams already in the first quarter when they went 2 series and out including getting intercepted but their defense held the Saints to only 6 points instead of giving up 14 points.

I won $$$$!!

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Damn New England!

KC could had won it if D. Ford didn't encroach on that interception at the end of the 4th quarter.

KC had a good run this year and their QB is still at the start of his career.

He may be the next Elway or Marino or Favre or Montana.

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