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Do you know how lucky we were?

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Core Design were going to make a remake for anniversary, they got 80% completed before they cut the idea and handed over to Crystal Dynamics. This is really old news but I never saw this discussed so i thought I would. Theres loads of trailers and things on youtube this is one short one.


if anyone hates Crystal Dynamics games, then feel ashamed

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If anyone hates CrystalD that's their own choice and opinion, but I personally believe CrystalD's version would have been the better version between them anyhow.

Core's looked nice, but they were just the same areas graphically re-vamped; nothing looked that new (A part from a giant spider attack and moves). With CrystalD's version, at least theoretically we were getting a new game based on an old one instead of just a remake. Plus we were able to play Anniversary on PC and PS2 initially, whereas only the PSP owners would have had the re-make with CD.


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