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Playstation Official Magazine Uk Review TR: U. *Spoilers*

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Final Score: 8/10.

The magazine states that the gunfights are still rather rubbish, especially against enemies that "Stand around looking bored while you fill their guts with lead, then suddenly shout 'She's in range!' when you get close enough to bite their ears off." They state that the TR series needs to make it's shooting sections more Uncharted like (A PS3 game similar to Tomb Raider where he can hide behind cover and aim at enemies). They then go on to say that the shooting against non-human enemies is better stating that, "Not only is it more satisfying killing massive beasts that actually fight back, but it gives you an excuse to see Lara at her best--leaping around, flipping and roundhouse-kicking tigers in the face. Stay down, stripey!"

They praise the enormous locations Lara explores saying that the environments look "Detailed and vivid." with details such as "parrots fleeing as you approach; under the sea jellyfish hang in water like fancy lampshades."

The magazine praises the environments further saying "The game doesn't quite give you Assassin's Creed-style freedom to crawl all over the scenery, but the cleverly designed environments and Lara's flowing moves give you the impression that you can go anywhere and do anything. It's how exploration should feel.".

They say that Lara's Field assistance is "A welcome addition."

Another critique is the treasures you collect "From smashed pots. The only reward for all the bother of hunting out secret areas and risking your life is watching the total mount up in your inventory." (However, due to the absence of trophies on PS3, the 360 owners may find them more worthy of collection for achievements.)

Their final paragraph states that "Minor annoyances are forgivable, but the embarrasing show of AI inpetitude early on may be enough to prevent some people from ever getting to the really hardcore adventuring. But trust us, it's worth gritting your teeth and blasting your way through the blips. Running around robbing ancient artefacts, desecrating temples and cracking intense puzzles is just as satisying as ever, and feels like vinage Tomb Raider through and through."

The main improvement CD have to make according to this review is combat.

And, having this review, I think I now know what happens in the beginning and for those who'd like to find out, read on.


"Series regulars Natla and Amanda return, along with a murderous doppelganger who rocks a sl***y redhead look."

I shall have my own review after it's released.


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