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Tombraider.com updated with Underworld Experience using game footage

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Check it out, Tombraider.com has been updated with a Tomb Raider: Underworld game which you can play to unlock content. "Playing" consists of pressing the arrow keys and spacebar at the right time to get points which unlock content depending on how many you manage to get. I am bad at pressing keys at the right time so I didn't get much :unsure:


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Wow.. this is really cool!

I've unlocked 6 screenshots so far! The only tiny thing i don't like is that you have to play again if you die :smiley: but if you do really well, the easier it gets to unlocks things!

Here are the first goodies:

1st - Kraken


2nd - Lara Croft Costume


3rd - Lara Croft Manor


4th - Lara Croft Mexico


5th - Thor


more soon


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It gives you minus 50 if you get it wrong regardless of how wrong you get it.

I got all 11...but you can cheat a bit :blink:..the 11th one I was expecting to be a bit more special since it's the last one but it's still nice to see, and it's a nice game!

The grapple bits were the hardest for me. I let it go straight to the edge of the bar once and then let it drop down before pressing space bar the second time it goes to green. That way gives you more time to prepare.

To cheat a bit you just

keep pressing the arrow button that's coming up like a mad person and you generally get about 99-100 points, which is 500 points altogether (2 with the Kraken, 3 with the bike sequence).


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