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Time for a screenshots thread, 'cause I love taking pictures.

Face to face with a panther




Dancing on a beam


Lara's hair does something strange


I love how this guy just sits here looking terribly bored until Lara comes along. I imagine it's been quite a while since he's had something interesting happen to him.


It looks like Lara's kicked this guy somewhere painful...


Tomb Raider FPS


Now for a bunch of random combat pictures...










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Great pictures, DPicossi, thanks for sharing :D

Some new ones of mine...

A close-up view of the giant octopus thing:


I love smashing baddies with Thor's Hammer!




Here's a few that I played with today. Wasn't sure how you made those thumbnails, so I just made a direct link. If this is not the way to do it then let me know.

You can post pictures as links, or put them directly in the thread, or you can upload them as attachments. It's up to you! I use a combination of url and img tags to do the thumbnails. You have to right-click on the thumbnail picture that Photobucket generates to get the URL of the thumbnail, and you have to put the code together yourself since Photobucket doesn't generate the code automatically.

I use the same sort of code that's used when you want to make text into a link, but instead of text I put the thumbnail URL in img tags. Like so:

[url=*the link to the full-sized picture*][img]*the link to the thumbnail picture*[/img][/url]

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LOL, you blasted that poor kitty cat. Can't say I've ever done that before :smiley:

I've gone through this level a few times and there really should not have been a tiger there. It was funny how the grenade stuck right on top of its head. I had one jump off the cliff the other day but I didn't get a capture.

Angle of Darkness gave me a lot of funny clips too.

I really love tigers by the way.

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This clip is at the Hallway Beyond The Helheim Portal. Stella says once you slide down the broken stairs that there is no turning back. I figured out a way to get back up the broken stairs.

Some of the Vikings can get back up after Lara but she can easily kick them back down. The Yeti's can't figure it out as shown in this clip.

Helheim clip.

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