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XNA Lara 3D Tomb Raider Underworld Application by Dusan

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I am happy to announce we are able to provide an app by Dusan that allows you to easily dabble in 3D with all your Tomb Raider Underworld Characters

Dusan has placed his page for updates and information and how to's at Tomb Raider Forums here.

We will provide a backup of the media as it is updated such as core files and character files as needed from the link provided below.

Downloads Available from Lara Croft Online here

Thanks to Dusan for allowing us to provide a mirror and participate in this very cool fun program all will enjoy!

Hope to see your creations soon ;)


Mouse and keyboard controls:

left mouse drag ... rotate the camera

right mouse drag ... zoom the camera

left mouse click ... select a bone

Ctrl+left mouse click/drag ... position character in scene

(Shift+) arrow keys ... precise positioning of characters on the ground plane (two speeds)

Numpad1, 2 or 3 or Q, W, E AND left mouse drag ... rotate the bone around the X, Y or Z axis

To rotate a character, use the root ground bone.

You can choose the current camera target ("look at") from a drop-down list of predefined points of interest.

It's also possible to import and export characters' poses from/to files using the menu as well as load and save entire scenes.

Use the menu to set display/render options.

App you will need to run it from Microsoft include. Microsoft.net Framework and Microsoft XNA Framework

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Wow that Dusan sure updates frequently! Latest version is 2.8 update all data fies many characters updated and new additional ones and additional articles you can use as a new Rifle and Excalibur.

Use the LCO Link in the first post to get all the updates. PS: I made it really simple just extract the Core File 2.8 and dump all the data files into the folder and launch the EXE. Woo Hoo! :woho:

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Core Files Updated to 3.1 and additional Lara outfits file for the updated data file now at 133mb 3.1 needed to support new stuff.

If you've installed the Microsoft apps then just download the 3.1 core files and download the date files and copy them into the data folder in the 3.1 application.

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We're currently updated to version 4.8 and data files are all updated as well and up to a whopping 275mb download!

Lara bathing suit no gear has been added... replace all data files into version 4.8 data folder. Poses are also included.

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We are now updated to version 5.0 and data files at 288 mb new additions include a Yacht, Helicopter, Kraken, Jellyfish, Laptop

As before replace the files in your data folder with the 288mb files and all will be up to date with 5.0

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I haven't seen anyone posting any images even though people have been downloading the apps and data.

I couldn't say anything because I didn't post any yet either lol. So I decided to start a comic strip called Lara Croft and Friends.

Here is the first one and hopefully inspiration will lead to more for fun! Let's see what images you can make!


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