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Updated now to: version 6.62

- the Dummy object now behaves just like any other object, which means it does appear in the rendered images and it is exported to OBJ files as well.

- fixed the problem with bone dots not positioned properly in some cases, now it works for all scales and all camera field-of-view values

- OBJ export uses the same coordinate system as OBJ import

- texture file names exported to MTL files don't include full paths

- item combo box in the Control window displays only the type of the correctly selected model instead of the full path (much shorter)

(No need to download the data files if you are up to date only the core files application)

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Now updated to version 7.1 Update: version 7.1

- new image quick-save command: dramatically speeds up the process of saving series of screen shots. Saving an image is now only a matter of pressing a single key: F5.

All images are saved into the folder "XNALara\images". When the first image is being saved, a dialog window will pop up, allowing the user to set image parameters. These settings will then be used for any subsequently saved images.

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New Version 7.3.1 Get the update from our XNA section under Core Files here.

Updates from 7.2 to 7.3.1 are:

Update: version 7.3.1

- a bug fix: movement transformations of bones were imported incorrectly when loading a scene. It's fixed now. Thanks to Phenyx who pointed out this bug to me.

Update: version 7.3

- new menu command Clone selected model: it will create a clone of the currently selected/active model; the clone will be created on the exactly same position as the original model (use Ctrl+click on the ground to place it somewhere else), with the same scale and pose applied to it

Update: version 7.2.5

Using the Scale textbox, scale of models can now be defined for axes X, Y and Z independently:

If only one scale value is provided, it is applied to all 3 axes:

Scale: 1.5

If three values are provided (separated by a space or a semicolon), they are applied to the corresponding axes:

Scale: -1 1 1

Scale: -1.0; 1.0; 1.0

This can be particularly useful for flipping a model along a particular axis using a negative scale (as in the example above).

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Updated to new version 7.5 Update your Core Files Here

Update: version 7.5

- Undo command: the shortcuts are Ctrl+Z and NumPad5

- it only works for bone transforms

Update: version 7.4

- four image post-processing filters/parameters implemented: Brightness, Gamma, Contrast, Saturation accessible through the menu Options > Post-processing parameters. They influence the whole image (in realtime) and can be used to tweak the rendered image or to create interesting visual effects.

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Updated to version 8.0.1

Update: version 8.0.1

- there is a new checkbox at the bottom of the Lighting parameters window called "force shaders v3.0"

- anyone experiencing problems when the 2nd light source is ON and the 3rd light source is OFF should check this checkbox

- the program will remember your settings (it is stored in the file XNALara.cfg)

Update: version 8.0

- XNALara now supports up to 3 independent light sources

- note that for all 3 lights to work, your graphic card must support vertex and pixel shaders v3.0

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Updated to version 8.2

Update: version 8.2

- two new global rendering options: menu Options > Enable light maps and Options > Enable bump maps

- (the bump map part was motivated by amaris' technical problems on his computer, the light map part I added for the sake of completeness)

- they are probably not directly useful for rendering as such but together with the existing Options > Display textures these three can serve as helpful "debugging" tools

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